Chapter 613 Mythic Token

On a lush green peak deep in the Great Mythic Mountain Range.

When the numerous disciples of the Cangxuan Sect arrived, the originally peaceful mountain turned into a buzzing hub of activity. Several glowing figures appeared on the mountain top, revealing themselves to be the rest of the Chosen currently led by Kong Sheng and Li Qingchan.

The many disciples quickly greeted them.

Li Qingchan’s eyes swept across the group as she gave a faint nod of approval. “Not bad. It’s a little surprising that you guys managed to reach this place without suffering many losses.”

She clearly understood how difficult it was for the chief disciples to lead their teams here. At times, it was not impossible for even an entire team to be wiped out.

All seven chief disciples were present, and although they had suffered some losses, it was already an almost perfect result.

“Compared to the Sacred Palace, our losses are nearly negligible.” Chu Qing gestured towards Li Qingchan and the others as he said, “Two of the Sacred Palace chief disciples were killed by Zhou Yuan, and I even got to see him smash the arm of the second strongest chief disciple into pulp when I went to receive the group earlier.”

Upon hearing this, Li Qingchan and the rest of the Chosen cast astonished gazes at Zhou Yuan.

“Jin Chanzi, however, was as shameless as usual and had actually tried to catch Zhou Yuan off guard with a sneaky attack. Fortunately, Zhou Yuan had managed to walk out unscathed by using one of his trump cards.”

The expressions of Li Qingchan and the others changed upon hearing his words. They clearly understood Jin Chanzi’s strength, and he was someone that even Chosen like them were rather wary of. Despite this, Zhou Yuan had succeeded in surviving Jin Chanzi’s sneak attack?

“He can withstand a blow from Jin Chanzi?” a voice filled with doubt rang out. Zhou Yuan raised his head and found that it was the Sword Cometh Peak Chosen, Zhao Zhu, who had spoken. There was a skeptical look plastered across Zhao Zhu's face, and his eyes were filled with scrutiny as he looked at Zhou Yuan.

Zhao Zhu had always looked down on Zhou Yuan, as he himself was after all a high and mighty Chosen. Zhou Yuan’s battle accomplishments might be impressive to the other disciples, but they were honestly not even noteworthy in his eyes.

If not for the restrictions due to his status as a Chosen, he would have easily crushed Zhou Yuan. The two of them were not on the same level after all.

However, things were now different if Zhou Yuan had indeed managed to withstand a blow from Jin Chanzi. Zhao Zhu had fought Jin Chanzi some time ago, but he had ultimately been defeated.

As such, Zhao Zhu clearly understood Jin Chanzi’s strength. Even he was not his match, so how could a mere Zhou Yuan have possibly survived a single strike from Jin Chanzi?

Although the other Chosen did not speak up, their eyes were clearly filled with doubt.

“With so many personal witnesses present, I won’t be able to lie about it even if I wanted to.” Chu Qing smiled in a carefree manner.

The other disciples nodded their heads in agreement.

Li Qingchan and the rest of the Chosen were truly shocked. Zhao Zhu opened his mouth several times, but was unable to utter a single word.


An earth-shaking roar suddenly thundered. Everyone soon saw a streak of light fly towards them and transform into a little beast as it descended from the sky.

The little creature immediately released a delightful noise when it saw Zhou Yuan, jumping straight into his head and messing up his hair.

Zhou Yuan’s face immediately turned black as he pulled it off. It was naturally Tuntun, whom he had not seen for a long time.

“Go away.” Zhou Yuan threw it away with distaste.

However, Tuntun pounced right back at him, its claws leaving several scratch marks on Zhou Yuan’s body. Fortunately, his flesh was now rather tough, and the bloody scratch marks swiftly recovered.

Somewhat complicated expressions rose in the eyes of Li Qingchan and the other Chosen at the sight of Tuntun play fighting Zhou Yuan. The Chosen from the various sects had fought several times already, and Tuntun had defeated quite a number of Chosen from the other sects. In fact, it now had quite the reputation.

Even Zhao Zhu no longer dared to provoke Tuntun, and thus he immediately chose to shut his mouth the moment it appeared. There was very little chance of him mocking or casting doubt on Zhou Yuan anymore.

Li Qingchan coughed softly and said, “Since all the disciples are here, go and settle down first while we discuss our subsequent plans.

“The seven chief disciples shall also take part.”


The Chosen and the chief disciples of the Cangxuan Sect were gathered in a bamboo house atop the mountain peak. This was essentially a gathering of the elites.

“You guys have just entered the Great Mythic Mountain Range and are likely unclear about the current situation here.” Li Qingchan looked towards Zhou Yuan and the other chief disciples. “The Great Mythic Mountain Range is one of the core regions in the depths of the Mythic Utopia. No one has managed to explore this place in the past, and we are very lucky to have the opportunity to do so.

“What we can ascertain for now is that there’s a gargantuan blessing hidden in the depths of the Great Mythic Mountain Range. Though we are currently unable to confirm how great the blessing is, we estimate that there may be the possibility of an eight-color Divine Establishing Treasure.”

Shock appeared on the faces of all the chief disciples. An eight-color Divine Establishing Treasure…wouldn’t obtaining one be equivalent to establishing an eight heavens Divine Dwelling when one advanced to the Divine Dwelling stage?

An eight heavens Divine Dwelling!

Even monsters like Jiang Taishen and Chu Qing would work hard towards such a goal. One could easily imagine how shocking such information was to the many chief disciples.

“Despite knowing about the blessing in the depths of the Great Mythic Mountain Range, we are currently facing a certain problem.

“The Great Mythic Mountain Range is an exceptionally mystical place, and the overly concentrated Genesis Qi has resulted in the formation of an enormous natural Genesis Rune boundary. A boundary of this scale is impossible to breach with the power of a single sect. Hence, the many sects have been forced into an alliance to attack the boundary.”

Zhou Yuan asked curiously, “How will we be attacking?”

Li Qingchan glanced at him and said, “There are numerous nodes in this super boundary which we have been eliminating. Through this process, we will eventually destroy the boundary, allowing the greatest blessing to emerge.

“These nodes have another name, treasure locations.”

Genesis Qi surged out with a wave of Li Qingchan’s hand, creating a giant map in front of the group on which numerous glowing dots could be seen.

Tang Muxin gulped repeatedly before she managed to shakily utter, “All of these dots are treasure locations?”

Li Qingchan nodded.

Zhou Yuan and the other chief disciples looked at each other. It had taken them nearly everything to discover a single treasure location in the outer regions, and now, there were hundreds—maybe even over a thousand—of such treasure locations. From this, one could see that the Great Mythic Mountain Range was the true core of the Mythic Utopia.

“Over this period, the various sects have already invaded roughly a dozen six-color treasure locations and even more lower tier ones.”

Tang Muxin and the other chief disciples turned numb as they stared dumbfounded at the glowing dots.

“Of course, fights are naturally unavoidable in the higher tier treasure locations. After all, everyone knows that the higher tier treasure locations will contain better Divine Establishing Treasures and higher quality Mythic Genesis essence.”

Li Qingchan slowly said, “However, as more and more of the nodes are attacked, we’ve gradually begun to discover a certain item that may currently be even more important than the Divine Establishing Treasures.”

“What is it?” asked Tang Muxin.

“When the greatest blessing emerges from the Great Mythic Mountain Range, it is likely that not everyone will be able to enter. One would need some sort of proof, or a key of sorts, to enter.

“We’ve been calling these items mythic tokens, and there’s a chance of finding them in some of the higher tier treasure locations. All of the sects are currently racking their brains in order to obtain more of these tokens.

“We’ve hypothesized that without these items, one would be stuck outside even when the greatest blessing appears.

“However, the tokens are rather rare and may not appear even in the six-color treasure locations. After working hard for so long, we’ve only managed to gather a handful.” Li Qingchan’s tone was rather regretful.

“Mythic token?” Tang Muxin and the others frowned, clearly unfamiliar with such an object.

In contrast, Zhou Yuan’s heart could not help but shake as he retrieved the seemingly broken mysterious object he had found in the six-color treasure location from his spatial bag.

“Senior sister Qingchan, I managed to come across this item previously…”

As Zhou Yuan’s voice rang out, Li Qingchan, Chu Qing and the others immediately looked over. When they saw the mysterious object in Zhou Yuan’s hand, astonishment flooded their faces.

He came to a sudden realization as he probed, “Is this the mythic token you’ve been talking about?”

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