Chapter 612 Plan

Outside the Great Mythic Mountain Range.

Woo woo!

Violent Genesis Qi gales wreaked havoc in the area, creating a giant, thick layer of wind that enveloped the mountain range. Compared to the outside, it was basically like living in two different worlds.

Zhou Yuan and the other Cangxuan Sect disciples were currently gathered on one of the mountain tops. Their faces revealed fear and alarm as they gazed upon the destructive Genesis Qi gales before them. They felt exceptionally tiny in the face of nature’s power.

Chu Qing’s gaze swept across the group as he said, “I will tear open a passage in the Genesis Qi gales later, so make sure to follow closely behind me. I’ll be protecting the group from the front, while junior sister Xiaoyao will cover the rear.”

In the face of the Genesis Qi gales, even Chu Qing wore a slightly grave expression. Even someone as strong as him could only tear open a small passageway, and it would definitely be a disaster if he was swept into it.

The sight of his expression naturally told the others about how dangerous it was, causing them to immediately nod a little more forcefully than usual.

Only those at the Chosen level were able to open a passageway into the Great Mythic Mountain Range. Anyone else, including the chief disciples of the various sects, did not dare to take even a single step in.

Chu Qing wasted no time upon seeing the others' acknowledgement. With a stomp of his foot, powerful Genesis Qi soared out from the top of his head and charged towards the thick gale barrier. It slowly tore open a small spot, creating a passageway several feet wide.


Chu Qing took the lead, neither rushed nor slow, as he entered the passageway. Genesis Qi enveloped them like a barrier, protecting the numerous disciples as they advanced.

Yaoyao was the last to enter, the Spirit between her brows vibrating as Spirit power spread out to stabilize the barrier.

Creak creak!

As the disciples followed, the surrounding gales violently slammed into the barrier, creating a piercing noise. Ripples rapidly spread through the barrier as it shook unsteadily, a sight that greatly alarmed the many disciples.

Zhou Yuan was accompanying Yaoyao at the very back of the group. He looked at the girl beside him. She seemed to have become even more indifferent in the time they had been apart. Zhou Yuan had usually been Yaoyao’s only conversation partner in the Cangxuan Sect. While they were apart, it was very likely that she had shown zero interest in interacting with Chu Qing and the others.

She must have been quite lonely over this period, right?

After all, it would honestly be rather difficult for her to accept someone else given her aloof nature.

This made Zhou Yuan’s heart hurt a little.

“What are you looking at?” Yaoyao’s indifferent eyes looked over.

Zhou Yuan smiled and said, “Are you still angry?”

Yaoyao shot him an annoyed look, and then her gorgeous face seemingly blossomed with life as she said, “Why should I be angry about your carelessness?”

When she was before Zhou Yuan, a change would occur to her usual indifferent self.

It was hard for her, however, to continue being angry when she saw Zhou Yuan awkwardly scratching his head. Hence, she changed the topic. “I’ve heard that you’ve been doing pretty well in the Mythic Utopia.”

Zhou Yuan chuckled. “It’s passable.”

Yaoyao glanced at him and gave a faint nod of agreement. “Yeah, Tuntun has already defeated four Chosen in the Great Mythic Mountain Range, causing all the Chosen of the various sects to become very wary of it. You’ll have to work harder in order to catch up.”

The smile on Zhou Yuan’s face immediately turned rigid.

By the side, Yaoyao’s red lips curled slightly. Come on, go ahead and wag your tail some more.

Zhou Yuan helplessly shook his head. He then said, “Speaking of Jin Chanzi, the murderous aura he aimed at me was very thick. If I’m not wrong, it is likely the will of the Sacred Palace's upper echelons.”

Yaoyao was taken aback. Her eyes narrowed slightly as she locked gazes with Zhou Yuan. They said at the same time, “Because of…Wu Huang?”

Zhou Yuan had killed Wu Huang's physical body in the Saint Remains Domain of the Cangmang Continent, whereas his Spirit had managed to escape and be saved by the Sacred Palace. Given the Sacred Palace’s resources, it should not be a difficult task to construct a new body for Wu Huang.

“I did not expect the Sacred Palace to go so far for him.” Zhou Yuan frowned. It was definitely not good news if the Sacred Palace was intending to interfere in the grudge between him and Wu Huang.

After all, both the Great Wu Empire and the Great Zhou Empire were insignificant existences in the Sacred Palace’s eyes.

Yaoyao pondered for a while before she softly said, “The Sacred Palace will not openly interfere. Otherwise, they would not have left things to the Chosen.

“The Sacred Palace and the Cangxuan Sect keep each other in check, and though the Sacred Palace is currently stronger, I believe they do not wish to engage in an all-out war with the Cangxuan Sect.”

Zhou Yuan nodded. With a deep breath, he said, “It’s been nearly two years since I have come to the Cangxuan Sect, and I’m thinking of finding a chance to return after we return from the Mythic Utopia.”

His father was squaring off against the Great Wu Empire with all of the Great Zhou Empire’s power to buy time for him, and it was likely that this time limit was fast approaching.

Father, Mother and the Great Zhou Empire were all waiting for his return.

Yaoyao fell silent then suddenly said, “However, it’s still impossible for you to match a Divine Dwelling stage expert…if you wish to return to finally resolve your grudge after this Mythic Utopia saga"—she lifted her pretty face and looked towards the deeper regions—"then you'll need to grasp the greatest blessing at this place's deepest depths"

“What exactly is hidden there?” asked Zhou Yuan.

Yaoyao slowly said, “I don’t know yet. There’s a naturally formed super boundary in the Great Mythic Mountain Range that the many sects are currently advancing into in order to destroy the boundary core. However, from how even six-color treasure locations are situated on its fringe, what lies deep inside should be extraordinary.”

Waves of curiosity rose within Zhou Yuan’s heart. Sure enough, the true blessings lay in the depths of the Mythic Utopia, making the outer regions appear rather barren in comparison.

However, for the sake of returning to the Great Zhou Empire after this was over, he had to try his luck and do everything possible to obtain the greatest blessing in the deepest depths of the Great Mythic Mountain Range.

Zhou Yuan pursed his lips as his fingers clenched tightly.

Wait for me, Father, Mother...

It will not be long now. When I return, I will take back everything that King Wu had stolen away from us!

While various emotions churned in Zhou Yuan’s heart, gasps of shock and cries of surprise suddenly sounded from the numerous Cangxuan Sect disciples in front of them.

Zhou Yuan raised his head and looked to the front. The devastating gales had begun to recede, and after several breaths, they exited the gales and landed on a mountain peak.

The world around them seemed to become clear at this moment.

Endless rows of majestic mountains stood before them, giving off mysterious and grand auras as they rose into the clouds. No one could know how ancient they were.

Zhou Yuan took in a deep breath as desire and excitement appeared in his eyes.

They had finally arrived at the deepest region of the Mythic Utopia. However, Zhou Yuan also understood that the true struggle would begin now.

In comparison, the fights they had previously experienced were merely appetisers.

To successfully initiate his return plan, Zhou Yuan would give his all no matter how formidable the opponents he encountered.

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