Chapter 611 Blessing of the Great Mythic Mountain Range

As the Sacred Palace side left, the tense atmosphere over the destroyed villa slowly began to relax.

The various factions breathed a sigh of relief. Although they had missed out on a battle between Chu Qing and Jiang Taishen, they understood that the most important matter at hand for the various sects was the greatest blessing hidden in the depths of the Great Mythic Mountain Range.

If the strongest factions, the Sacred Palace and the Cangxuan Sect, were to fight, it would undoubtedly affect the overall situation.

Hence, both sides backing down in the end was the best outcome. 

When Chu Qing, Yaoyao and Zhou Yuan landed, Tang Muxin and the other Cangxuan Sect disciples swiftly ran forward to meet them.

“Are you alright junior brother Zhou Yuan?” Tang Muxin’s voice was filled with concern as she looked towards Zhou Yuan.

Zhou Yuan smiled and waved his hand.

“Junior brother Zhou Yuan has really boosted our morale this time.” Tang Muxin was grinning widely.

The other chief disciples nodded in agreement; even Baili Che, who was usually at loggerheads with Zhou Yuan, fell silent. The strength Zhou Yuan had displayed had indeed far surpassed their own.

Regardless of whether it was the devastating blow unleashed upon Zhao Jing or how he had later walked away practically unscathed from Jin Chanzi’s sneak attack, Zhou Yuan's feats showed that he was already ahead of them.

If they were to duel again now, Baili Che knew that he was far from Zhou Yuan’s match.

Chu Qing yawned and said, “As someone who became the chief disciple of Saint Genesis Peak in less than two years, junior brother Zhou Yuan is naturally not as simple as you guys think. 

“Only you guys who aren’t discerning enough dare to provoke him.”

At Chu Qing’s words, Tang Muxin and the other chief disciples involuntarily looked towards Baili Che. His face was an ugly mix of green and white. It was after all the Sword Cometh Peak that had been the most opposed to Zhou Yuan.

Amidst the awkward atmosphere, Zhou Yuan coughed softly then smiled and said, “Senior brother Chu Qing flatters me too much. How can anyone know my true worth better than myself?”

Chu Qing chuckled. He said, “Are you really planning on butting heads with Jin Chanzi?”

He could tell that Zhou Yuan had not been putting up a tough act earlier and that he was serious about taking down Jin Chanzi. Moreover, given Zhou Yuan’s character, there was no way he would willingly let the matter go for no good reason.

Zhou Yuan’s expression remained unchanged as he nodded faintly and said, “I could feel that he really wanted to kill me. Since that is the case, I can’t possibly sit still and wait for death, right? If there is a chance, I will naturally clash with him for real.”

Although he had never met Jin Chanzi before, Zhou Yuan had felt an inconcealable killing intent from Jin Chanze's earlier attack. He knew that although Jin Chanzi had failed this time, he would surely wait for his next chance.

Since that was the case, Zhou Yuan could only respond in turn.

The expressions of Tang Muxin and the others changed slightly; they had clearly not expected Zhou Yuan to have such courage that he would even set his sights on Jin Chanzi. One must know that he was the fifth ranker on the Chosen List!

Jin Chanzi was someone who could match even the likes of Kong Sheng and Li Qingchan from their Cangxuan Sect.

Chu Qing could not help but stroke his clean bald head as he said, “Don’t be rash, Jin Chanzi is no easy foe. If you truly want to finish him off, we’ll find an opportunity to encircle and kill him with a few of the other Chosen from our sect.”

These words immediately drew everyone's attention.

Tang Muxin muttered, “Senior brother Chu Qing, you usually give off such a lazy aura. I never imagined that you would be so devious.”

Chu Qing chuckled and said, “Although I am a little lazy, it doesn’t mean that I’m an idiot. In addition, I’m sure that if given the chance, Jiang Taishen will also kill the Chosen of our Cangxuan Sect without any hesitation.”

Zhou Yuan could not help but laugh. Though senior brother Chu Qing seemed lethargic and whiny most of the time, he could see more clearly than everyone else. This was not odd, however. Only a fool would underestimate the person who had managed to become the leader of the Cangxuan Sect Chosen.

“That will naturally be best if the chance presents itself. If not, I will think of another way.” Zhou Yuan chuckled. He was not overly stubborn. If he could borrow another’s power to reach his goal, there was naturally no need to rashly put his life at risk.

Like Chu Qing had said, Jin Chanzi was indeed exceptionally powerful.

Although Zhou Yuan currently had many trump cards in his arsenal, it would be rather dangerous for him to attempt killing Jin Chanzi. If he could find some opportunity to ascend to the eighth layer, his chances would become much better.

While they were talking, Yaoyao suddenly lifted her head and looked towards a certain direction where the groups from the other factions were gathering. She saw several familiar figures amongst them.

Yaoyao pulled Zhou Yuan, causing him to cast his gaze over as well. Happiness soon appeared on his face when he found a few particular figures.

“Qingyu, Li Chunjun, Ning Zhan, Zhen Xu…”

The companions that had come to the Shengzhou Continent together had finally met again.

In the distance, Zuoqiu Qingyu presented Zhou Yuan an enchanting smile as she pointed to the disciples gathered behind her. She then pointed at the mysterious mountain range far away.

Yaoyao’s red lips parted slightly as she said, “She says there’s no need to meet for now. There will likely be a chance for us to gather after entering the Great Mythic Mountain Range.”

Zhou Yuan smiled at them and nodded.

With her message delivered, Zuoqiu Qingyu placed her hands behind her back as she skipped back to the Hundred Flowers Fairy Palace's side. Li Chunjun, with his eyes wrapped in a black cloth, stared at Zhou Yuan for a short moment before patting the giant sword on his back.

Ning Zhan punched his fists together, his face filled with battle lust. Zhen Xu coughed softly twice, casting one final glance at Zhou Yuan before silently turning around to leave.

As Zhou Yuan watched them leave, he softly said, “It seems they’ve had varying experiences in their respective sects.”

Yaoyao said, “Every sect has its own rules, and things will naturally be different. Humans will always adapt to their environment.”

Zhou Yuan exhaled and said, “I hope that regardless of what happens, they will still be the same companions that had walked out of the Cangmang Continent with us.”

He soon shook his head as he cast out the complicated feelings in his heart.

At this moment, Chu Qing said, “We should also get ready.” 

Zhou Yuan nodded, and he could not help but ask, “Senior brother Chu Qing, is the Great Mythic Mountain Range our final destination?”

Chu Qing chuckled before replying, “The Great Mythic Mountain Range is already one of the deepest areas in the Mythic Utopia. If I’m not wrong, it should be our final destination.”

“What’s hidden in the Great Mythic Mountain Range? A treasure location? We previously encountered a six-color treasure location.”

“A six-color treasure location, huh? You guys are pretty lucky to have found one in the outer regions.” Chu Qing laughed as he made a six sign with his hand.

“However, a total of sixteen six-color treasure locations have already appeared in the Great Mythic Mountain Range.”


Tang Muxin and the others immediately gasped beside them. Even Zhou Yuan was somewhat stupefied. It had been extremely lucky of them to have stumbled upon a six-color treasure location, but sixteen had already appeared in the Great Mythic Mountain Range?!

What the heck was this!

Chu Qing patted Zhou Yuan’s shoulders and said in a mysterious voice, “No need to be surprised. If our guess is correct, these six-color treasure locations are merely the appetisers. A great blessing surpassing our imagination should be hidden somewhere deep in the Great Mythic Mountain Range…

“In fact, this blessing will very likely surpass the greatest rewards from all the previous openings of the Mythic Utopia…”

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