Chapter 610 Defused

In the town, countless gazes were cast towards the destroyed ruins of the manor. A different atmosphere took over the place when Jiang Taishen and Chu Qing appeared.

To think that the first and second rankers on the Chosen List were facing off.

Nothing more needed to be said about Jiang Taishen’s reputation in the Shengzhou Continent, which was built by the peerless battle accomplishments he had personally racked up.

Although Chu Qing had fewer battle accomplishments, he was still also a very well-known figure. Practically everyone in the Shengzhou Continent knew that the leader of the Cangxuan Sect Chosen was famously lazy…his first reaction to any trouble that came knocking at this door was to hastily run away instead of resolving it.

Of course, though he was infamous for being lazy, no one doubted Chu Qing’s strength.

He and Jiang Taishen had fought before, and although Jiang Taishen had ultimately emerged the victor, Chu Qing had managed to escape unscathed. In other words, Jiang Taishen had failed to put Chu Qing at his mercy.

From this, one could see just how strong Chu Qing was.

Countless people were naturally looking forward to seeing what would happen when the two most outstanding members amongst the younger generation of Cangxuan Heaven clashed.

Amidst the ruins of the manor.

Jiang Taishen’s long and narrow eyes turned into a line as he smiled slightly and gazed at Chu Qing, giving off a seemingly friendly feeling.

“Chu Qing, it’s truly rare to see you voluntarily pick a fight.”

Chu Qing stroked his handsome face as he covertly cast a glance at Yaoyao. He had no choice but to take action because she would definitely not give him peace if he instead chose to not act.

Moreover, though he was indeed very lazy, as the leader of the Cangxuan Sect Chosen, he could not possibly sit still and watch Jiang Taishen attempt to deal with Yaoyao.

“Jiang Taishen, follow me if you want to fight.” Chu Qing sighed.

Jiang Taishen smiled and said, “I honestly do want to fight you again, but now is not the time…Chu Qing, the Chosen of the various sects are currently trying to open up a path into the deeper areas of the Great Mythic Mountain Range, and the situation will only turn chaotic if we were to fight. If that were to happen, it will become more difficult to attain the greatest blessing hidden in the deepest area of the Great Mythic Mountain Range.

“As such, I suggest that both of us take a step back today and forge a temporary truce. How does that sound to you?

“After all, if you do want to fight, I believe the Sacred Palace will more than satisfy all of you when the time is right," said Jiang Taishen in a meaningful manner.

Chu Qing beamed and said, “The best outcome is for you guys to admit defeat."

Jiang Taishen shook his head. “I’m not admitting defeat, but suggesting we both take a step back on this matter.”

Chu Qing nonchalantly said, “Same thing.”

The corners of Jiang Taishen’s lips twitched slightly. Chu Qing was becoming increasingly proficient at his annoying provocations.

Chu Qing turned his head, looking towards Yaoyao as he revealed a kindly smile. “Junior sister Xiaoyao, see? They’ve already admitted defeat, let’s forgive them this once.”

Yaoyao swept an indifferent glance at him. “And if I say no?”

Chu Qing thumped his chest and declared, “If you say no, we’ll fight!”

“Then fight,” said Yaoyao.

Chu Qing’s expression froze for a moment before a bitter look rose on his face. All the factions had come to a temporary agreement to first overcome the Great Mythic Mountain Range, and had thus called a truce between the many Chosen. Anyone who broke it would likely draw the wrath of the majority.

While Chu Qing was at his wits end, Zhou Yuan appeared beside Yaoyao. Gazing at her, he said, “Let’s drop this matter for now.”

Yaoyao flatly said, “Give me a reason.”

Zhou Yuan raised his head and looked towards the golden haired Jin Chanzi as a chilling light flashed in his eyes.

Jin Chanzi also sensed his gaze, and he returned it with a look of nonchalance. The corners of his mouth rose, and he made no effort to conceal the disdain in his eyes. He clearly did not take Zhou Yuan seriously at all.

Zhou Yuan slowly answered, “Because I will deal with him.”

He did not hide his words, allowing Jiang Taishen and Jin Chanzi to hear them as well.

Jiang Taishen continued to smile faintly, while Jin Chanzi could not help but softly chuckle. A playful smile hung from the corners of his lips as he shook his head and muttered to himself, “What an ignorant fool.”

Everyone else who heard Zhou Yuan’s words inwardly shook their heads, clearly taking it as Zhou Yuan trying to act tough in an attempt to regain some face. None of them could take his words seriously.

In contrast, there was only seriousness in Yaoyao’s bright eyes as she stared straight at Zhou Yuan. The frost on her face slowly receded. She gave a faint nod and said, “You do have some backbone.”

She naturally understood that Zhou Yuan would only be able to grow if she let him personally deal with his enemies. When she had arrived earlier, however, she had just so happened to catch sight of Jin Chanzi launching a sneak attack against Zhou Yuan, causing her heart to surge with killing intent and rage. As such, she had attacked Jin Chanzi without the slightest shred of hesitation.

Yaoyao glanced at Jin Chanzi before withdrawing her gaze. She softly said, “Then you shall be the one to take his life.”

Upon seeing Yaoyao finally back down, Chu Qing breathed a heavy sigh of relief before giving a thumbs-up to Zhou Yuan. He was likely the only one in the Cangxuan Sect who could at least restrain Yaoyao slightly.

Chu Qing was unafraid of the Sacred Palace, but it was indeed not the time for them to clash.

“Jiang Taishen, go ahead and leave.”

Chu Qing turned back and looked towards Jiang Taishen and the rest. For a brief moment Chu Qing was silent. He then lowered his gaze slightly and said, “However, there’s something I should caution you about first. Although the Sacred Palace is strong, don’t underestimate the Cangxuan Sect too much.”

Jiang Taishen softly chuckled and said, “The Cangxuan Sect was after all the former overlord of Cangxuan Heaven. How could the Sacred Palace possibly dare to underestimate you guys.” 

However, he placed a little extra emphasis on ‘former’.

Jiang Taishen’s eyes then turned towards Zhou Yuan as he said with interest, “So you are Zhou Yuan. You’re quite interesting…however, if this is all you are, what right do you have to hold our sect master’s attention?”

Only he and Jin Chanzi could hear his final few words.

Zhou Yuan frowned a little under Jiang Taishen’s gaze. He could feel that Jiang Taishen seemed to be looking at him as if sizing-up prey.

Jiang Taishen quickly withdrew his gaze, however, and cast a glance at the nearby Sacred Palace chief disciples and normal disciples. He said nothing as he turned around and left the town.

He had no intention of going over to ask them about their losses. Since they were not strong enough, they were better off dead so as to not waste the Sacred Palace's cultivation resources.

Jin Chanzi followed. As he left, his golden vertical pupils paused on Zhou Yuan for a moment as he offhandedly said, “You were lucky this time. But you’ll likely not have the same luck if we meet again.”

Zhou Yuan met his gaze and slowly said, “The next time we meet, it may be time for someone else to replace your fifth rank spot on the Chosen List."

Jin Chanzi could not help but laugh. He glanced at Zhou Yuan once more with disdain, Genesis Qi rising from beneath his feet. As he left, an icy chuckle echoed in his wake.

“Delusional ramblings from a fool.

“I’ll be waiting to watch you humiliate yourself.”

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