Chapter 61 Yin Yang Qi Dwelling

In a certain spacious carriage.

Su Youwei’s eyes were tightly shut, her back straight, while her legs crossed together in a lotus position. Faint rumbling sounds could be heard as the surrounding Genesis Qi converged towards her and poured into her body.

The rumbling sounds were due to the vibration of her eight channels, a precursor to the opening of a Qi Dwelling.

There was both nervousness and curiosity on Zhou Yuan’s face as he stared at her. This was the first time he would see someone establish a Qi Dwelling.

While the swirling Genesis Qi caused Su Youwei’s clothes to flap, Zhou Yuan lowered his gaze. He could sense streams of Genesis Qi swiftly gathering towards her lower abdomen area. 

The Qi Dwelling was one of the mysteries of the human body, seemingly present yet not and difficult to detect. Only when all eight meridian channels were unblocked would one be able to call out to the Qi Dwelling and open it, connecting it to the rest of the channels in the body.

More and more Genesis Qi converged at Su Youwei’s lower abdomen area. Moments later, a very faint bubbling sound was heard.

It was as if a tiny hole had appeared and all of the Genesis Qi was sucked into it.

At the same time, Zhou Yuan suddenly saw a cyan light appear at Su Youwei’s lower abdomen, clearly visible even through her clothes.

“A cyan Qi Dwelling?”

Zhou Yuan’s eyes flashed. Due to the varying circumstances of each individual, the Qi Dwelling opened was generally classified into four different tiers. 

The first was the most ordinary and common colorless Qi Dwelling.

Second, the cyan Qi Dwelling, third, the purple Qi Dwelling and finally the golden Qi dwelling.

A higher tier Qi Dwelling was tougher and could store more Genesis Qi. Everyone knew that the Qi Dwelling was a vessel to store Genesis Qi and would constantly expand through cultivation.

Starting with a higher tier Qi Dwelling would undoubtedly be advantageous. In fights with those of the same cultivation level, not only would one’s Genesis Qi would be stronger, more Genesis Qi would also allow one to last longer in battle. 

Yaoyao corrected, “It is not cyan... “ 

Zhou Yuan was a little stunned. He concentrated and sure enough, he saw a tiny purple dot emerge as the cyan light grew deeper and deeper. Purple light gradually engulfed the cyan light.

“A purple Qi Dwelling!”

Zhou Yuan’s face filled with emotion. Based on his knowledge, a cyan Qi Dwelling meant that one was pretty outstanding, while the even rarer purple Qi Dwelling was an indication of the most talented geniuses of crazy potential.

“I never imagined that Su Youwei’s innate talent would be so great.” Zhou Yuan sighed. Although he could tell from her cultivation speed that she was very talented, he never expected that she would actually open a purple Qi Dwelling.

The purple light intensified more and more before gradually fading away after some time.

Su Youwei’s tightly shut eyes opened at this moment, shooting out rays of Genesis Qi light. Her skin gleamed like jade as a feeling of pressure slowly unfurled from her body.

The Qi Nourishing stage!

“Is this the Qi Nourishing stage? It is indeed something.” Zhou Yuan clicked his tongue in amazement. Su Youwei’s aura was several times stronger than before, and even he felt a little pressured.

According to his estimate, without the Gold Ape Moves the Mountain Rune, he would not be able gain any advantage in a fight against Su Youwei.

“Congratulations. Not only have you reached the Qi Nourishing stage, you have even opened a purple Qi Dwelling.” Zhou Yuan grinned.

Su Youwei’s pretty face was overflowing with joy. However, she frowned slightly a moment later and said in a somewhat hesitant manner, “My Qi Dwelling feels a little strange.”

Zhou Yuan and Yaoyao were stunned, unable to understand what her words meant.

Su Youwei was also a little puzzled as she elaborated, “I do not know why but my Qi Dwelling feels as if it has been divided into two sections.”

Zhou Yuan was completely lost. “Aren’t Qi Dwellings one complete body? What do you mean divided into two?”

Yaoyao pondered for sometime before she suddenly approached Su Youwei, casting a backward glance at Zhou Yuan as she said, “Turn around.”

Zhou Yuan was utterly confused but still turned around under Yaoyao’s watching eyes.

Upon seeing Zhou Yuan turn, Yaoyao then said to Su Youwei in a soft voice, “Let me take a look.”

Only after seeing Su Youwei nod did Yaoyao stretch out a hand and gently pull aside Su Youwei’s clothes, revealing a tiny flat waist. The fair stomach was flat and supple to the touch, not even the slightest trace of excess fat could be seen.

Su Youwei blushed a little. She now understood why Yaoyao had asked Zhou Yuan to turn around.

Yaoyao shut her eyes as she gently touched Su Youwei’s small stomach, her Spirit senses reaching out.

A long while later, Yaoyao opened her eyes and withdrew her finger. A trace of surprise could be seen on her face.

Yaoyao slowly said, “Your Qi Dwelling is indeed split into two parts.”

“What’s going on?” Zhou Yuan turned around and asked in a rather worried voice, “Did something go wrong?”

Yaoyao mulled for quite some time before she answered, “Nothing is wrong. If my guess is correct, her Qi Dwelling is likely the legendary Yin Yang Qi Dwelling.”

She had faintly sensed a Yin Yang Genesis Root in Su Youwei’s body when helping the latter inscribe the Genesis Gathering Rune previously. It was a rather unique Genesis Root.

Therefore, the strange development today was likely related to the Yin Yang Genesis Root.

“Yin Yang Qi Dwelling?” Zhou Yuan and Su Youwei looked at each other, they had obviously never heard of such a thing.

“Relax, a Yin Yang Qi Dwelling is not a bad thing but instead very advantageous.” Yaoyao waved her hand as if shooing away their worries.


“Yes, its greatest advantage is that she is able to practice two different Qi cultivation methods at the same time.” Yaoyao lifted a snoring Tuntun into her arms, gently stroking it as a faint smile emerged on her lips.

“Two different Qi cultivation methods?” Zhou Yuan and Su Youwei were taken aback. Did this not mean that there would be two different kinds of Genesis Qi in the Qi Dwelling at the same time? Would the two different Qis not clash?

“If it was a normal Qi Dwelling, it would indeed only be capable of containing one type of Genesis Qi.” Yaoyao nodded as she spoke. “But it is different for her. The Yin Yang Qi Dwelling is somewhat akin to having two Qi Dwellings. Thus, it is able to accommodate two Genesis Qi without them clashing.”

“However, you need to practice a Yin and a Yang attribute Qi cultivation method in future and absolutely must not practice dual Yin or dual Yang attribute Qi cultivation methods. Or else, your Yin Yang Qi Dwelling will be unable to maintain balance, ultimately resulting in the destruction of the Qi Dwelling.”

Su Youwei’s expression changed slightly.

“Moreover, there cannot be too huge of a gap in the grade of Yin and Yang Qi cultivation methods or equilibrium will be broken.” 

Yaoyao’s expression turned stern as she continued, “Although the Yin Yang Qi Dwelling is powerful, there are numerous restrictions. Of course, if you are one day able to break the partition in the Qi Dwelling and allow Yin and Yang to blend, you will definitely become an apex-like existence in this world.”

Su Youwei blinked in a somewhat uneasy manner and looked at Zhou Yuan.

Zhou Yuan’s face was full of happiness. He quickly retrieved a jade strip from his clothes and said, “Yang nature Qi Genesis method? It just so happens that the royal clan’s Flame-Thunder mantra is of the Yang attribute.”

“Your highness, only those of the royal clan can learn this!” Su Youwei was startled. She had naturally heard of the royal clan’s Flame-Thunder mantra. It was a Qi cultivation method that allowed one to generate grade 4 Genesis Qi, and its value far exceeded the Heavenly Luo Hand from before.

“It’s only grade 4 Genesis Qi.” Zhou Yuan forced the jade strip into Su Youwei’s hands. “Truthfully speaking, its grade is a little unsatisfactory. Don’t worry though, I may not have the capability now, but I will let you change to a better one in future.”

In response to Zhou Yuan’s overbearingness, Su Youwei could only bite her red lips as her slender fingers tightened around the jade strip. She ultimately did not reject as she gave Zhou Yuan a deep look with bright eyes that flickered with a little moisture, a sight that tugged a little at one’s heart.

“Since he gave you a Yang attribute Qi cultivation method, I will provide a matching Yin attribute Qi cultivation method.” Yaoyao smiled upon seeing this and retrieved a jade strip from the Universe Bag at her hip before offering it to Su Youwei. A cold aura emanated from the jade strip.

“This is the Niflheim sutra and can cultivate grade 4 Niflheim Qi.”

Su Youwei hesitated for a moment and looked towards Zhou Yuan. Only after a nod from the latter did she receive the jade strip and gratefully said, “Thank you big sis Yaoyao!”

Yaoyao offhandedly replied, “It is only a grade 4 Qi cultivation method. When you grow stronger in future, you should try to find better Yin and Yang Qi cultivation methods.”

“However, you must remember that balance is key. If balance is broken, Yin and Yang will fall into chaos and you will suffer the consequences.”

Su Youwei forcefully nodded. “I will remember big sis Yaoyao.”

Zhou Yuan enjoyed the sight of the two pretty girls from the side. One was elegant and pretty while the other was exquisite and aloof. It was like watching the moon and stars dance in the sky, a naturally relaxing sight.

However, before he could admire any further, Yaoyao’s bright eyes swept towards him.

“Have you mastered the Gold Ape Moves the Mountain Rune yet?”

A crestfallen Zhou Yuan could only turn his head around upon hearing this and continue studying the rune.

Su Youwei could not help but cover her mouth to muffle her laughter when she saw Zhou Yuan’s deflated look, while the corners of Yaoyao’s lips turned slightly upwards. The two gorgeous faces made the inside of the carriage substantially brighter.

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