Chapter 609 Spirit Flame

A wisp of invisible flame was burning in Yaoyao’s beautiful hand. It gave forth no earth shattering power, but when it appeared, even Jin Chanzi had a sudden change of expression, and his eyes flickered with fear. 

It was because the invisible flame was the flame of spirit—the Spirit Flame.

It was a mysterious flame formed from Spirit power. Generally speaking, if one wanted to refine a Spirit Flame, one’s spirit must have at least reached the third level of the Transformation Stage!   

The Spirit Transformation Stage exceeded the acme of perfection and could rival the Divine Dwelling Stage.

Although the Spirit Flame in Yaoyao’s hand was just a wisp and was perhaps not considered a true Spirit Flame, its power was still extremely terrifying.

The Spirit Flame would not wound the bodies of those it struck, but if it touched the spirit, it would incinerate it, leaving an empty shell of a body. 

Moreover, the Spirit Flame was formless and colourless. And, adding to its mysteriousness and strangeness, it was impossible to detect its existence unless one used all of one's strength to perceive it.  

In the face of an opponent possessing a Spirit Flame, no one would dare to underestimate the Spirit Flame. They would instead concentrate all their attention on their opponent because, with the slightest of carelessness, the Spirit Flame could quietly invade their body and directly incinerate their spirit.  

Therefore, the birth of the Spirit Flame could be said to be a great weapon for those cultivating the spirit.   

It was because of this that Jin Chanzi was incredibly shocked and terrified when he detected a Spirit Flame in Yaoyao’s hand. After all, it showed that Yaoyao’s Spirit state was infinitely close to the Transformation Stage.

Based on Spirit level alone, nobody among the younger generation of their Sacred Palace had been able to achieve this stage. 


Jin Chanzi took a deep breath and finally believed that Yaoyao really wanted him to die here. 

And all this was for a chief disciple?

“Mad woman!” Jin Chanzi couldn't help but scold in his heart. 


Yaoyao, however, paid no attention to his thoughts. When the wisp of Spirit Flame took shape in her palm, her slender finger flicked forward, and the invisible Spirit Flame suddenly sped out.

The speed was too fast to describe, and adding on its formless and colourless appearance, it was almost impossible to detect its trajectory. 

But Jin Chanzi’s pupils rapidly shrank as he swiftly retreated without the slightest hesitation. He flung his sleeves, and a gush of Genesis Qi swept out to form a defensive barrier in front of his body. 

Pu! Pu!   

But when that wisp Spirit Flame swept across it, a tiny hole suddenly appeared. The light barrier still existed, but the wisp of Spirit Flame had pierced right through, aiming for Jin Chanzi.  

Once the Spirit Flame struck out, it would never stop unless it exhausted the Spirit power within it. 

The Spirit Flame swiftly chased after Jin Chanzi's rapidly retreating figure. 

When countless gazes witnessed this scene, their expressions flashed with shock and horror, and when their gazes shifted to the maiden on the peak of the pagoda, a look of fear inevitably came over their faces. 

No one had thought that the cyan-clothed maiden could make the Sacred Palace Chosen who was ranked fifth on the Chosen List repeatedly retreat.  

Such power was enough to make one speechless.    

Above the flattened manor, Jin Chanzi was constantly retreating, but he soon found that the Spirit Flame was getting faster and faster and that it was impossible for him to evade. 

Jin Chanzi’s brows furrowed, and a fierce look came into his golden eyes.     

He knew he couldn’t continue to dodge, and since that was the case, he could only forcibly withstand the Spirit Flame.    

If he were to take on the Spirit Flame with his physical body, the inside of his body would become a battlefield, and layer upon layer of Genesis Qi would try to obstruct and annihilate the Spirit Flame. Although he would still suffer and it might even damage his spirit, facing it with his body was still better than having to dodge constantly.  

Having made up his mind, Jin Chanzi immediately halted, his golden slit eyes staring at the invisible flame that was violently speeding over. He clenched his teeth and activated the Genesis Qi in his body, ready to forcibly withstand the attack.


The invisible flame swept over and was no more than one metre away from Jin Chanzi.

Just as the wisp of flame was about to pounce onto Jin Chanzi’s body, however, a slender palm suddenly stretched out of thin air and caught the wisp.

And as soon as the Spirit Flame made contact, it directly penetrated the skin with a flash.

Jin Chanzi was slightly startled. He looked up to see a figure standing beside him. It was a handsome man with a head of white hair. He had two wisps of hair hanging down over his cheeks, and they were each strung through a blood-red bead. Both beads were glowing with a faint luster. 


The moment the white-haired man appeared, clamour immediately broke out in the manor, and all eyes stared at him with respectful awe. 

This image they were all too familiar with.   

The number one on the Chosens List, Jiang Taishen!  

Nobody had expected a person like him to show up!    

And under the countless respectful gazes, Jiang Taishen narrowed his eyes, his handsome face slightly twitching. The color of his two blood-red beads grew increasingly vibrant. 

Evidently, he had drawn the Spirit Flame into his body, and a fierce battle had broken out inside him. 

It was a few minutes later when he let out a long sigh, and his eyes sprang open. Looking at Yaoyao on the peak of the pagoda, he said, “What a powerful Spirit Flame, it indeed deserves its reputation.”

He had actually neutralised the Spirit Flame in his body!     

Yaoyao looked indifferently at Jiang Taishen with her beautiful eyes, and her expression didn’t change much because of his sudden appearance. 

Jiang Taishen smiled. “Friend of the Cangxuan Sect, let’s leave today’s matter at this. What do you say?”     

Yaoyao answered indifferently, “When he attacked before, he didn't seem to think about stopping.”

Jiang Taishen smiled. “If this friend still wants to fight, then I will try your Spirit Flame in his place.”

Staring at Yaoyao, his white hair gently fluttered in the breeze, and a terrifying force slowly spread forth from his body.

Suddenly, a somewhat relaxed and lazy voice sounded out: “Jiang Taishen, although I am lazy, I won’t let you bully the people of my Cangxuan Sect.” 

A figure appeared in front of Yaoyao, his bald and smooth head gleaming in the light.

When numerous gazes fell on his figure, exclamations broke out around the manor.

It was Chu Qing of the Cangxuan Sect, ranked second on the Chosen List!  


The sounds of piercing wind echoed out repeatedly as numerous imposing shadows landed all around the manor one after another.    

The Chosen of each sect had arrived. 

They all stared at the centre of the manor at the most dazzling of people. After all, even amongst the many Chosens, those few people were top existences.    

Under countless fearful and respectful gazes, Chu Qing rubbed his head. He looked at Jiang Taishen opposite him and grinned, revealing his fine white teeth and a very bright smile.  

“Jiang Taishen, if you want to fight, I'll accompany you.”

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