Chapter 608 Yaoyao Appears

“You...want him dead?”  

When the icy, bone-chilling voice came out from the red lips of the remarkably beautiful maiden standing on the peak of the stone pagoda, the temperature of the whole manor seemed to suddenly plummet. 

That chilling intent was enough to make countless people tremble. They turned to look at the beautiful figure with their eyes wide open with terror.   

“Who is it?”    

“From the pattern on her sleeves, she should be someone from the Cangxuan Sect, but I have never heard anybody dare to speak to Jin Chanzi like that. She must be a Chosen of the Cangxuan Sect, but I haven't heard that there was such a person among the seven great Chosen of the Cangxuan Sect. Moreover, among them, only Li Qingchan is a woman, and she is also remarkably beautiful. But that’s not her.”

A murmur of voices discussed the identity of the woman, but many people were filled with puzzlement. After all, Yaoyao had not entered the Chosen List of the Cangxuan Sect, so many people were unfamiliar with her.


Although other people were unfamiliar with her, Zuoqiu Qingyu wasn't, and she leapt to her feet on the pavilion. Her beautiful eyes stared at the elegant and beautiful woman on the peak of the pagoda.  

One of the chief disciples of the Hundred Flowers Fairy Palace couldn't help but ask, “Qingyu, who is she?” 

The shock the cyan-robed maiden brought with her appearance was not small. Although not everyone could detect an incredibly strong fluctuation of Genesis Qi from her, the dangerous aura her body emitted wasn't considered weak when compared to Jin Chanzi's.

“Her name is Yaoyao, and she’s also from the Cangmang Continent. She has a very good relationship with Zhou Yuan,” Zuoqiu Qingyu replied.   

“She’s also from the Cangmang Continent?” The chief disciple of the Hundred Flowers Fairy Palace was taken aback. “What about her strength?”

Zuoqiu Qingyu explained, “Yaoyao is incredibly mysterious, and I don't know her true strength, but she is the strongest among us. Even Zhou Yuan is not as strong as her.

“That Jin Chanzi has run out of luck now.” 

Chief disciple Liu Fu of the Heavenly Ghost Sect interjected, “Are you joking? Jin Chanzi is ranked in the top five of the Chosen List, and there are only a few Chosen who can defeat him.”   

Zuoqiu Qingyu, however, simply gave him a sidelong glance and did not care about his opinion at all.

“I'd like to see what she could do to make Jin Chanzi’s luck run out.”

“Yaoyao?” When Zhou Yuan saw her familiar figure, he was also taken aback for a moment, but then his face lit up in a wide smile, and he hurriedly waved to her enthusiastically.

But Yaoyao just swept a glance over him and withdrew her gaze, upsetting Zhou Yuan a bit. 

He knew that Yaoyao had witnessed the scene of Jin Chanzi sneakily attacking him and that she was now displeased with him for being too careless.

Ignoring Zhou Yuan, Yaoyao shifted her cold eyes onto Jin Chanzi.  

Jin Chanzi also focused his attention on Yaoyao. He recognised her because he had previously fought against the Chosen from the Cangxuan Sect and knew that Yaoyao was new to the sect. 

It was just that Yaoyao rarely fought; however, the mysterious little beast that followed her was extremely fierce, and his fighting strength was not inferior in any respect to that of a Chosen.

“So it’s a Chosen from the Cangxuan Sect. You came so quickly, but since you have arrived, it seems that I won’t have a chance to teach that boy a lesson. The matter ends here today.” Jin Chanzi smiled. 

With that, he strode over to the Sacred Palace’s side.    

His body, however, had only just moved when a sudden gush of invisible Spirit power whizzed towards him.

Cyan Genesis Qi came whistling out of Jin Chanzi’s body, forming a halo around his body to forcibly suppress the invisible Spirit power. His body trembled ever so slightly.

“Who says the matter is over today?” Yaoyao shot him a piercingly cold glare. 

Jin Chanzi also stared back at Yaoyao with his golden eyes, sneering, “Oh? Don’t tell me you still want to fight me? The various sect Chosen are all trying to conquer the Great Mythic Mountain Range. We are at peace with one another, do you want to break this harmony? You want to make all parties fight again and miss this great opportunity?”

Yaoyao frowned. “That opportunity, what does it have to do with me? And what does it have to do with me if you don’t get it?”

Jin Chanzi stared at her blankly. He was known to have an unpredictable temper and to do whatever he wanted. However, he did not expect the shockingly beautiful maiden in front of him to act with so little restraint that even the greatest opportunity in Mythic Utopia seemed to weigh nothing in her eyes.

“What do you want to do?” Jin Chanzi uttered coldly. 

“I said, since you want him dead, then you will die first.” Yaoyao dropped her gaze, but a gush of Spirit power erupted from between her beautiful brows. 


The entire manner shook violently, and countless people gazed with fear at the ground quaking and splitting apart. Countless boulders rose into the air, as if wrapped together by a gigantic hand, and formed a tremendous, round sphere. 

Its shadow shrouded half the manor.


It hurled downward, its surface covered with Spirit power. Even the air boomed with the sounds of explosion. 

Jin Chanzi’s pupils shrank, and he acted right away. He clapped his hands together, sending out cyan Genesis Qi. It directly transformed into a huge palm as it soared into the air.   

“Hand of million poison!”  

Around the Genesis Qi palm, poisonous qi rose with a pungent odour. 


The two forces fiercely collided, causing the entire manor to shake violently as if the sky was collapsing. The shock waves struck the manor and instantly flattened everything.  

Countless figures were miserably blasted away, landing everywhere.

They gazed in horror at the centre of the collision. 

There, the beautiful cyan-clothed maiden was still standing on the peak of the pagoda, and in the distance, Jin Chanzi’s body was reeling backwards from the impact, his face slightly gloomy. 

In the corner of his eye, there was even a trace of blood. 

“Such strong Spirit power!” Jin Chanzi said gloomily. Although he had shattered the giant sphere, the Spirit power it contained had still relentlessly bombarded him to the point his mind throbbed in pain. If he hadn’t neutralised the impact with Genesis Qi quickly enough, even his spirit would have been wiped out by his opponent’s Spirit power. 

This scene drew gasps of astonishment from the crowd around the manor. No one had thought that Jin Chanzi would be the one at a disadvantage.

The cyan-clothed maiden was that terrifying.  

Zuoqiu Qingyu couldn’t help but click her tongue in amazement. She then took a glance at Liu Fu of the Heavenly Ghost Sect and smiled. “What do you think?” 

Liu Fu’s face was utterly pale as he stared at Yaoyao in shocked horror. He gave Zuoqiu Qingyu an embarrassed smile, and he dared not utter another word. 

Even Jin Chanzi couldn’t deal with her, so a grasshopper like him shouldn’t think about leaping about, or he would be easily crushed to death. Given his understanding of the Chosen of the Heavenly Ghost Sect, they absolutely would not avenge him.   

In the flattened manor, Jin Chanzi stared at Yaoyao and said in a cold voice, “Have you played enough yet?”   

“Play?” Yaoyao said lightly, “Do you think I'm playing with you?  

“I just said that since you want him to die, then you have to die here today!” 

When her voice fell, boundless Spirit power accumulated between her eyebrows until, finally, it formed an almost invisible flame. The flame gently floated down and landed in her beautiful hand. 

That invisible flame seemed extremely thin and weak, but when Jin Chanzi laid eyes on it, his expression abruptly changed and his vertical pupils shrank to the size of a needle tip.  

“Spirit Flame?”    

His voice rang out with horror. 

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