Chapter 607 Want Him Dead

Huge cracks tore the manor apart. Right now, the tense atmosphere in the manor had long been transformed into a deathly silence. All the chief disciples stared in shocked horror, holding their breaths in fear.

Who would have thought Jin Chanzi would attack all of a sudden...

Generally, according to the rules of the various clans, Chosen would only act against other Chosen. Rarely would a Chosen attack a chief disciple because that would be an unfair battle and a dishonorable victory even if they won.

But right now, not only had Jin Chanzi attacked, he had done so without warning...

With such a thunderous attack, any one of the chief disciples here would most likely be killed in seconds. 

On a nearby pavilion.   

Zuoqiu Qingyu sprang up, her charming face deathly pale. By the window, Li Chunjun's and Ning Zhang’s faces also grew overcast. On the Heavenly Ghost Sect’s side, Zhen Xu’s expression remained unchanged, but he couldn’t help but clench his fists inside his sleeves. 

This sudden scene had shocked everyone present.

Even the chief disciples of the other four sects that were present also had faces of shock and fear. Jin Chanzi had not held back at all with his attack. 

If it had been them, they would have had no chance of surviving. 

To think the Chosen ranked third in the Sacred Palace would perform such an unscrupulous move and ignore the rules entirely.

In the square, Tang Muxin and others were also dumbfounded. It was only after several seconds that they finally recovered from the shock and witnessed the huge crack next to them. 

They trembled all over. It was from both anger and fear. 

If that blow had been directed at them, they would not have survived.

“Jin, how dare you!” Tang Muxin’s jade-like finger pointed at Jin Chanzi. Her voice was trembling, and her eyes were red. “You broke the rules, the Chosen from my Cangxuan Sect will not let you get away with this!”  

Jin Chanzi gave an indifferent smile. “The damage has already been done. If your Cangxuan Sect wants to come, then my Sacred Palace will welcome you.

“Also, I do not believe that the Chosen from your Cangxuan Sect will want to fight my Sacred Palace just because of a chief disciple.”   

Jin Chanzi threw a glance at the collapsed building in the distance. His master had said that he did not care whether Zhou Yuan was dead or alive. In that case, it should suffice if he just brought back Zhou Yuan's body.   

“Zhou Yuan is not the same as the others! Even if the other Chosen take the situation into consideration and don't do anything, someone will never let you go!” Tang Muxin said through gritted teeth. 

She was naturally referring to Yaoyao.   

Tang Muxin did not know how the other Chosen would react, but there was one thing that she was clear about, and that was that once Yaoyao found out about this, she would not care at all about the overall situation.

She would undoubtedly make Jin Chanzi die!   

And there was also Tuntun!    

Jin Chanzi simply smiled without saying anything. Evidently, he did not attach any importance to Tang Muxin’s words. 

Tang Muxin drew a deep breath and hurriedly turned to the rubble that had buried Zhou Yuan. She had to ensure that Zhou Yuan was still alive. Otherwise, if Yaoyao were to find out, she would no doubt flip the world upside down.

At this time, the other chief disciples also reacted and followed after her figure. 

Jin Chanzi smiled at this scene and had no intention of stopping them. He was very confident in his previous attack because he had not held back. Given Zhou Yuan’s strength, it was impossible for him to have survived. 

“Zhou Yuan!”   

Tang Muxin and the others came to the rubble. Activating their Genesis Qi, they lifted boulder after boulder.   

And just when Tang Muxin and the others were anxiously preparing for the rescue, a voice suddenly rang out, “Stop calling...”  


They froze, staring at the rubble in front of them in disbelief. Was there a problem with their ears?    

“It seems to be Zhou Yuan’s voice?” Jin Zhang said hesitantly.  

They exchanged glances of disbelief. They were well aware of how powerful Jin Chanzi’s attack was and that his attack had struck Zhou Yuan directly. Even if his physical body was stronger than that of others, it was still impossible for him to have withstood such a strike.


While they stood bewildered, a boulder shot up from the rubble, and a figure covered in dust and dirt slowly stood up.

Tang Muxin and the others stared dumbstruck at the figure, their minds going blank.

They could see very clearly that, although the figure looked a little dusty, he was basically unscathed.  

Zhou Yuan was completely unharmed after Jin Chanzi’s attack?

Not only they were stunned. Cries of surprise rang out one after another in the originally silent manor, and all eyes focused on the figure standing on top of the rubble. 

“How is that possible!?”   

In the pavilion, the chief disciples of the four sects also couldn’t help but exclaim in surprise.

From Jin Chanzi’s attitude, it was obvious that he hadn't held back. So why was that figure still alive? 


Zuoqiu Qingyu’s heart finally relaxed a little, and she sat back down. Clutching her chest with her little hand, she clenched her teeth and said, “This guy really did scare me.”  

But soon, she also cast a surprised gaze on the figure in the distance. She was similarly puzzled as to why Zhou Yuan was still alive.

Under countless astonished gazes, Zhou Yuan gently dusted his body. He lifted his head and looked at Jin Chanzi in the distance with a smile. “Bastard with vertical pupils, your Sacred Palace only taught you to do this?”

In the distance, Huo Tian and the others were just as shocked to see that Zhou Yuan had survived.    

Jin Chanzi was evidently taken aback, and the smile soon faded from his lips as he fixed his golden eyes on Zhou Yuan. He said indifferently, “You’re still alive. Your life is really tough.”

Zhou Yuan twisted his neck, his expression indifferent. However, there was anger accumulating in his eyes.

He glanced down at his palm where drops of yellow liquid were slowly dripping onto the ground and vanishing without a trace.

That was the Dragon Saliva True Water that he had obtained from the Genesis reservoir ceremony.

It was an object with a strong defensive ability powerful enough to withstand a full-force attack from a Chosen.

In truth, Zhou Yuan also had not expected that Jin Chanzi would attack all of a sudden. It was in that critical moment that he had activated the Dragon Saliva True Water. Thanks to this, he had managed to successfully escape the calamity.

If it were not for the Dragon Saliva True Water, even if he had survived, he would most likely have been severely wounded.

In the distance, Jin Chanzi’s golden eyes could be seen blinking gently as he remarked, “But you are indeed interesting. No wonder you caught the attention of the above. 

“Although I don't know why you could have escaped unscathed, I believe it's not your own ability. If I’m not mistaken, you have a protective treasure on you. Am I right?

“That kind of thing should have a limit, shouldn't it?   

“So even if it could save you once, can it save you twice, or even ten times?”  

Jin Chanzi smiled as a stream of astonishing jade-green Genesis Qi slowly rose from his body. An oppressive Genesis Qi pressure swept across the manor, causing a look of fear to cross the faces of all the chief disciples present.    

Jin Chanzi’s voice was filled with boundless killing intent. It was evident that the failure of his previous attack had infuriated him, so now he intended to really attack.

Zhou Yuan naturally felt the dangerous aura emitting from Jin Chanzi as well as the bone-piercing coldness flashing through Jin Chanzi's eyes. But he was not afraid. Jin Chanzi was indeed strong, but it wouldn’t be easy to kill Zhou Yuan if he was on guard.

“You’re not going to run away?” Jin Chanzi couldn’t help smiling when he saw that Zhou Yuan was still standing where he was. “In that case, go die.” He strode forward and was about to strike. 

The moment he stepped out, however, his body was suddenly frozen to the spot. He sensed an extremely dangerous wave of energy, one that made his skin immediately tighten.

He slowly lifted his head, looking toward a nearby stone pagoda. It was as if he was watching a great enemy descend. 

There, a remarkably stunning maiden dressed in a cyan robe stood against the wind. Her graceful body and beautiful face were dazzling, but her clear eyes were fixed on Jin Chanzi, devoid of emotion. 

Her red lips slightly opened, and an icy, bone-chilling voice slowly came out.

“You, you want him to die?”   

There was a subtle, almost imperceptible anger in her voice...   

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