Chapter 606 Jin Chanzi

Beyond the majestic and unimaginable mountain ranges, there were violent Genesis Qi winds. They formed a layer of wind that protected the mountains. Even the chief disciples of the various sects could not break it apart. Only the combined force of the Chosen from various sects could tear open a passageway. 

Swoosh! Swoosh!   

At this moment, the many extraordinary shadows that broke out from the layer of wind were the Chosen who were exploring the mountain ranges.   

The reason they had come out was evidently to welcome the various sect disciples. 

The whole city stirred as countless blazing eyes watched the shadows skim across the skies. Within the manor, the disciples from each sect were just as excited; they all knew that the majestic ancient mountain range in front of them was one of Mythic Utopia's true core areas. 

As long as they could enter, the harvests they could obtain would certainly be incomparable.  

The welcoming from the Chosen was a necessary condition for them to enter.

The appearance of each sects' Chosen also quelled the confrontation between the Cangxuan Sect and the Sacred Palace. The disciples of both sides still stared fiercely at one another, but the Genesis Qi surging from their bodies had slightly curbed. 

Zhou Yuan also lifted his head to look at the shadows flying out from the wind layer. A slight smile curved up on his lips. I wonder if Yaoyao will come...we haven’t seen each other for over a month. I miss her a little. 

And of course, there is also Tuntun.   

Under countless hopeful gazes, a shadow, at the fastest speed possible and with an astonishing imposing aura, directly appeared above the manor. The figure slowly landed.    

As eyes gathered on that shadow, several people had an abrupt change of expression. Fear was surfacing in their eyes.

The person who had appeared was dressed in a white robe and was tall and slender. He was like a deity descending upon the world, especially so with his golden hair glistening under the sun.   

Most frightening, his eyes were also glowing with a golden color and were vertically slit. His stare was enough to send a chill down one’s spine.   

Zhou Yuan's eyes were similarly fixed on him, his face turning solemn. Evidently, he was able to perceive a dangerous aura emitting from him. He turned to Tang Muxin and the others only to see a look of fear cross their faces.  

“Who is he?” Zhou Yuan asked.    

Tang Muxin took a deep breath and answered, “Jin Chanzi of the Sacred Palace, ranked fifth on the Chosen List of Cangxuan Heaven, and ranked in the top three amongst the Sacred Palace’s Chosen. His strength is extremely terrifying.”    

Zhou Yuan focused his eyes on Jin Chanzi, evidently not expecting Jin Chanzi to be so powerful.

He could feel that when Jin Chanzi had appeared, the boiling atmosphere in the manor had become much colder. The countless gazes coming from all directions flickered with fear. 

The fact that Jin Chanzi’s appearance could deter all forces showed that he had a well-earned reputation for being fierce. 

Huo Tian and the others also saw Jin Chanzi arrive, but their expressions were that of excitement mingled with some unease. They knew that the performance of the Sacred Palace chief disciples wasn’t particularly good this time.    

Especially now, Zhao Jing was still lying on the courtyard.

And they all knew that Jin Chanzi always stopped at nothing to do what he wanted. He most likely would be enraged if he knew that they had performed so badly.  

As their excited and anxious eyes regarded the happenings around them, the beam of light in the sky also recognised the people from the Sacred Palace and landed in front of them. His golden eyes scanned the crowd and eventually fell on the disciples of the Cangxuan Sect who were not too far away, including Zhao Jing who was collapsed on the courtyard.    

“What happened?” Jin Chanzi asked indifferently.   

The Sacred Palace's chief disciples were all as silent as winter cicadas.    

Hou Tian summoned up the courage to step forward and report everything. 

After he finished speaking, he lifted his head to take a glance at Jin Chanzi, who still remained expressionless. 

Jin Chanzi just looked at him as he slowly said, “You mean, two chief disciples from my Sacred Palace were killed by the same chief disciple of the Cangxuan Sect...

“And Zhao Jing was also wounded by that same person?”     

Huo Tian nodded with difficulty.   

Jin Chanzi stared at him awhile then suddenly smiled. “You chief disciples are really so capable. My Sacred Palace has suppressed the Cangxuan Sect for many years, but you intend to completely ruin the face of my Sacred Palace?” 

Huo Tian and other chief disciples did not dare to retort.  

Jin Chanzi shook his head, saying indifferently, “Ning Mo and Fan Yao are both so incompetent. It’s also good that they are dead, lest they waste my Sacred Palace’s training resources. I’m a little surprised with Zhao Jing, but since he’s also a loser he will be punished according to the rules of the sect when he returns to the Sacred Palace. 

“At that time, you will also suffer for your actions.” He swept his eyes over Huo Tian and the others.

They did not dare to argue.   

“Bring that fool back. Don't embarrass the Sacred Palace here,” Huo Tian hurriedly commanded his disciples. 

Jin Chanzi studied Zhao Jing's broken arm and asked curiously, “Which Cangxuan Sect chief disciple has this ability?”

Huo Tian hesitated for a moment before he answered, “He is said to be the new chief disciple of the Saint Genesis Peak, Zhou Yuan. I haven’t heard of his name before.” 

“Zhou Yuan?” Jin Chanzi’s pupils seemed to flicker slightly as the corners of his lips slowly lifted into a strange arc. He muttered, “This is really interesting.”    

Huo Tian did not understand the meaning of his words, but he did not question further.  

Jin Chanzi strode forward two steps. His golden eyes shifted onto the Cangxuan Sect’s side. Smiling, he asked, “Which one of you is Zhou Yuan?” 

Zhou Yuan took a look at Jin Chanzi then strode forward. 

Jin Chanzi looked at Zhou Yuan with great interest, studying him closely. A moment later, a trace of disappointment emerged in his eyes. This was the target of their mission? The one the sect master of their Sacred Palace had warned them about?  

He seemed pretty ordinary. Just what about him had caught the sect master's attention? 

“You’re the one who had killed two Sacred Palace chief disciples and had broken Zhao Jing's arm?” Jin Chanzi asked with an unconcerned attitude. 

Tang Muxin spoke out: “If you don’t feel comfortable, wait for the Chosen from my Cangxuan Sect to come. As a Chosen, you do not have to involve yourself in the affairs of chief disciples, right?”

Her eyes met Jin Chanzi’s with cautiousness. She had reminded him that, given his identity as a Chosen, if he chose to become involved in the fights between chief disciples, it would somewhat lower his status according to the unspoken rules.

Jin Chanzi simply smiled. He ignored Tang Muxin and just stared at Zhou Yuan.   

Zhou Yuan was also looking directly at him. He had no intention to evade his gaze, and there was not the slightest of fear in his eyes, unlike in the others'. “The way the Sacred Palace acts is too domineering. Since your distinguished self is one of the Chosen, you should exercise a little more restraint.”   

Everybody’s heart jumped to their throat. Zhou Yuan was too bold to dare say such words in front of Jin Chanzi.

Jin Chanzi was taken aback before bursting out in laughter. 

Tang Muxin and the others raised their guard.     

Jin Chanzi smiled. “Rest assured, I am also a Chosen of the Sacred Palace. How can I lower myself to deal with a nobody? Wouldn’t I be laughed at?” 

It was only then that Tang Muxin’s body relaxed a little. She seemed to ignore the ridicule and mockery present in Jin Chanzi’s words. After all, given Jin Chanzi's status and power, who would dare to do anything against him?    

Jin Chanzi ran his eyes across Tang Muxin and the others, the corners of his lips lifting up into a strange curve. 

“But, then again, what is face? Would I, Jin Chanzi, care about such things?” A chilling laughter slowly rang out. 

Then, under countless frightened gazes, Jin Chanzi abruptly flung his sleeve. All of a sudden, a torrent of incredibly berserk jade-green Genesis Qi came roaring out. 


The torrent of Genesis Qi split the courtyard in two where it passed. Zhou Yuan could not dodge in time, so then, in a thunderous manner under countless horrified gazes, it fiercely struck him. 


It blasted Zhou Yuan's figure thousands of metres away as if he had suffered a heavy blow. His body tore down countless walls, stone pavilions and everything else in the way.   


His body eventually slammed into a building, which then collapsed and buried him.

The whole manor went deathly still. 

Countless people stared at the smiling Jin Chanzi in frozen disbelief, not expecting that this Chosen, who was ranked third in the Sacred Palace, would have such an unpredictable temper. He did not even take into consideration his identity when he had unexpectedly attacked Zhou Yuan. 

His move should have killed that chief disciple from the Cangxuan Sect, right?

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