Chapter 605 The Chosen Appear!


When Zhao Jing’s strong body collapsed to the ground, a deep noise echoed. The whole courtyard seemed to tremble. Of course, something else was trembling with it: the hearts of the countless onlookers.

All eyes were filled with intense astonishment as they looked at Zhao Jing whose right arm had exploded with blood. It was unknown whether he was still alive. 

On the pavilion.   

The Heavenly Ghost Sect’s chief disciple Liu Fu, who was originally holding a tea cup with both hands and leisurely waiting for the Cangxuan Sect to be humiliated, was frozen with terror. The shock and fear in his eyes burst forth, unable to be concealed. 


The cup in his hand cracked and shattered under his grip. 

He swallowed a mouthful of saliva and, with great difficulty, muttered, “How could this be...” 

But nobody in the pavilion was in the mood to laugh at him; they all bore the same expressions of shock.

When Zhao Jing's right arm exploded in a fountain of blood after Zhou Yuan brushed by him, it had created a scene that was truly too unexpected.

No one would have thought that Zhao Jing, who had been occupying the upper hand all the while, would be completely defeated by Zhou Yuan in that very moment.

Zhao Jing was not a nobody but the chief disciple ranked second in Sacred Palace! 

Among all the chief disciples of the Cangxuan Heaven, he could be said to be ranked in the top five!   

Every chief disciple cast a complex gaze at the young figure from the Cangxuan Sect. Compared to the other chief disciples, Zhou Yuan, the chief disciple of the Saint Genesis Peak, seemed to rank last amongst the seven chief disciples of the Cangxuan Sect. This was true whether it was in reputation or seniority. 

This was also the reason that the chief disciples of the other sects did not attach much importance to him. Even if they had previously heard about Zhou Yuan's accomplishment, they still regarded him with skepticism. 

But at this moment, when the cruel reality was placed in front of them, they had to put away that irreverent state of mind, which was then replaced with graveness and fear.

The youngest chief disciple of the Cangxuan Sect had proved everything with his own strength. 

The female chief disciple of the Hundred Flowers Fairy Palace breathed a long sigh of relief before she turned to Zuoqiu Qingyu and said, “Qingyu, your friend really is too fearsome.”

He was indeed too fearsome. In the most direct and straightforward manner possible, he caused Zhao Jing’s arm to explode. 

Zuoqiu Qingyu blinked her alluring peach blossom eyes. The impact she felt at this moment was no less than that of the others. Although she had confidence in Zhou Yuan, she only thought he would be evenly matched with Zhao Jing. 

But as evident from that one scene, Zhou Yuan had nearly killed Zhao Jing.

“That guy became much stronger compared to the last time we saw each other!” she muttered in her mind. Her beautiful eyes then shifted to chief disciple Liu Fu of the Heavenly Ghost Sect. “Well, I believe no one doubts Zhou Yuan now, right?” 

Liu Fu silently bowed his head and cleaned up the water stains the shattered cup had covered his body with. He looked a little embarrassed, and he did not dare answer Zuoqiu Qingyu. He too was shocked by Zhou Yuan's fierceness and didn't want to bring trouble to himself.

Right now, it was better to talk less.

Zuoqiu Qingyu felt great when she saw Liu Fu's expression, and she no longer paid any attention to him. Her beautiful eyes shifted to the courtyard and onto the slender figure that had captured the attention of countless people. 

At the window, Li Chunjun and Ning Zhan were also staring fixedly below with extremely grave expressions. 

“Such a strong punch," Ning Zhan said then slowly added, “His physical body has been cultivated to an extremely high level. Even Zhao Jing cannot match up to him.”

Their North Sea Dragon Subduing Hall also had physical cultivation techniques. But even amongst the numerous chief disciples of the North Sea Dragon Subduing Hall, there wasn’t anyone who could reach Zhou Yuan's level. 

Perhaps, only within the Chosen could someone who could reach such a level be found.

Although Li Chunjun was blind, he had still felt the collision between two astonishing forces. The stronger one should have belonged to Zhou Yuan.

“That punch...” Li Chunjun estimated his strength in his mind then slowly said, “He is walking ahead of us again.”   

Ning Zhang scratched his head, saying helplessly, “He really is abnormal. I thought I could avenge my previous humiliation. But from the looks of it, I can’t defeat him even if we fought again.” 

Li Chunjun’s lips trembled into a smile as he gently caressed the heavy sword on his back. “It’s good to have a goal in front of you. He will give me motivation to chase after him.

“Do you know...I think of him whenever I can't hold on anymore while training in the sword prison?”

Ning Zhang was silent for a moment. He responded, “Although you’ve become blind, you still shouldn’t lower your standards like that, right?” 


A sharp sword qi shot out from Li Chunjun’s finger. Shaped like a crescent moon, it aimed directly for Ning Zhang.

Ning Zhang chuckled mischievously. Genesis Qi surged in the palm of his hand, forming a yellow dragon head that swallowed the sword qi in one mouthful. The Genesis Qi shook violently before gradually calming down. 

“I was just kidding.” 


On the courtyard.

Tang Muxin, Baili Che and the others similarly stared at Zhao Jing who had slowly collapsed to the ground. It was only after a good while that their looks of disbelief darted over to Zhou Yuan. 

“Junior brother Zhou Yuan, your strength has grown once again!” Tang Muxin drew a deep breath and couldn’t help but sigh.

Moments ago, they were still puzzled by Zhou Yuan's choice to confront Zhao Jing. But at this moment, their confusion had completely dissolved...the extremely fierce and violent Zhao Jing in their eyes was nothing but a paper tiger in Zhou Yuan's eyes. 

The other chief disciples also wore somewhat complicated expressions, particularly so for Baili Che. He had scolded and called Zhou Yuan an idiot moments ago, but now he knew that Zhou Yuan wasn’t stupid. Instead, he was the one with poor vision.

The present Zhou Yuan was much stronger compared to the last time they had met. 

So even if Baili Che was unwilling to admit it, he also knew that Zhou Yuan had already surpassed him…

Zhou Yuan looked at Tang Muxin and the others with a smile. He said with a cupped fist salute, “Luckily I didn’t lose, otherwise our Cangxuan Sect would have lost face.”

“We made an error of judgment yet again,” the chief disciple of the Thunder Prison Peak, Xie Yan, said slowly. 

“Since this matter started because of me, I naturally should be the one to put an end to it. I didn’t mean to steal senior brother Xie Yan’s limelight.” Zhou Yuan laughed.  

Xie Yan, who was always serious in speech and manner, shook his head as the corners of his lips moved ever so slightly. 

“Be careful, that Huo Tian might go crazy,” Tang Muxin suddenly reminded them.

Zhou Yuan turned and looked in the direction of the Sacred Palace not too far away. Their chief disciples had also gradually recovered from the shock of Zhao Jing’s collapse.

Hou Tian’s face had become terrifyingly gloomy. He slowly raised his head, and his cold eyes locked onto Zhou Yuan. His chilling voice rang throughout the manor. “Good, really good. You really are the chief disciple of the Cangxuan Sect’s Saint Genesis Peak!    

“I really made an error of judgment. So you are the one who hid the deepest...  

“Since your Cangxuan Sect is so powerful, then let my Sacred Palace learn from you today!”    

As soon as his voice sounded, all the Sacred Palace chief disciples as well as their sect's normal disciples erupted with Genesis Qi. Their sinister eyes were locked on to the Cangxuan Sect’s side.

Upon seeing this, Zhou Yuan’s expression was so calm that there wasn't even the slightest disturbance on his face. “If you want to fight, then my Cangxuan Sect will keep you company till the end.” 

He held out his palm and waved it gently.    


At the same time, in the area behind the disciples of the Sacred Palace, there were streaks of Genesis Qi shooting skywards one after another. Hundreds of figures swept past. The person in the lead was namely Jin Zhang.

The seven chief disciples of the Cangxuan Sect also gathered together.    

The team that appeared behind them made the Sacred Palace slightly restless. Huo Tian’s face also grew increasingly unsightly, and he stared at Zhou Yuan. They had originally occupied an absolute advantage, but now it all changed. 

The situation was growing increasingly embarrassing for them.   

The strength of both sides was in a well-balanced state. But once a battle broke out, there would inevitably be disastrous losses. If that were to happen, only a third party would benefit.

Under the countless watchful gazes of everyone in the manor, although the two sides were facing each other, no one was willing to really provoke a dispute. All of a sudden, the atmosphere in the manor turned awkward. But it did not last long.


A loud noise resounded through the air, attracting everyone's attention.

In the distant mountains, countless gusts of violent Genesis Qi dipper wind were tearing several cracks and gaps from which numerous powerful and imposing shadows burst forth. 

The crowd in the manor was stirred up the moment the shadows appeared.

“The Chosen from the various sects are coming out!”

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