Chapter 603 Thirty Percent Power

Countless eyes were fixed on the square, and when Zhou Yuan slowly lifted the brush's sharp tip and pointed to Huo Tian and Zhao Jing from afar, the atmosphere instantly grew cold and tense. 

Huo Tian narrowed his eyes at Zhou Yuan then immediately smiled. “You’re that Zhou Yuan who had used unscrupulous tricks to kill Fan Yao?”


In the face of Huo Tian’s vicious slander, Zhou Yuan had no intention of explaining anything. At a time like this, what he needed to do was not to explain but to defeat the Sacred Palace chief disciples once again in front of everybody. At that time, Huo Tian's vicious slander would naturally become a joke. 

So, he just looked at the two calmly and again slowly repeated, “Which one of you wants to face me? Or are you both coming together?”


The manor burst into an uproar, and looks of astonishment crossed many faces. Although they were unaware of Zhou Yuan’s ability, his arrogance was typical of the arrogance of youth.

Huo Tian chuckled but did not respond again. He continued to stare at Zhou Yuan with his increasingly icy cold eyes. Soon, he nodded to Zhao Jing, saying indifferently, “The youngsters do not know the immensity of the sky. We should teach him a little lesson, and remember to crush his chin, hands and feet.

“Since he damaged the reputation of my Sacred Palace, he naturally has to pay the price.”

Zhao Jing’s lips curved in an evil grin as he slowly strode forward, his every step causing the ground beneath his feet to crack and tremble. The surface of his skin glowed with a bright radiance, and it was obvious that he had cultivated his physical body.

He stood sloppily in front of Zhou Yuan, a fierce glint flickering in his eyes, and slowly folded in his fingers to make a fist. “Boy, if you had hidden like a mouse, I could have spared your life. Unfortunately, it’s too late to regret it now.”


As his voice faded, his body gradually expanded, and black light covered his skin. As each muscle vibrated, a tremendous strength burst forth, producing a loud boom in the air.

Many gazes turned solemn when they sensed an oppressive force slowly being released that enveloped the whole courtyard.  

Zhao Jing was from the Underground Sacred Hall of the Sacred Palace, which, like the Hongya Peak of the Cangxuan Sect, mainly focused on cultivating the physical body. His physical body was extremely strong, able to move mountains and crush cities.

At this moment, Zhao Jing was like a ferocious ape.    

And standing in front of him, Zhou Yuan gave off an ordinary and mediocre feeling, as if Zhao Jing could destroy Zhou Yuan with one punch.

Countless gazes were gathered in the courtyard, fixed on the two figures standing opposite each other.

Even the sound of the wind seemed to have stopped.     


The silence only lasted a few seconds. A violent imposing force erupted from Zhao Jing’s body. His face twisted into a fierce expression while he set his foot forward, causing the ground below to crack.

His figure burst out like a bullet, his speed so quick he created loud booming sound waves as he passed.

With his hand tightly clenched, he slammed his fist out with so much force that even the air trembled slightly.   

Looking at the figure shooting out, Zhou Yuan’s body grew fainter and blurred before he drifted back. He flicked his sleeve and sent a torrent of Genesis Qi roaring out.


Zhao Jing’s fist struck, directly exploding the torrent of Genesis Qi.

A grin spread across his face as he looked at Zhou Yuan, who had chosen to dodge in the end. With the stamp of his foot, his speed instantly rose dramatically. He left behind a trace of his shadow as he reappeared behind Zhou Yuan amidst gasps of astonishment. 


He grinned evilly as his fist blasted out, directly aiming for Zhou Yuan's head.  

Zhou Yuan darted a glance behind him and, clenching his hand into a fist, threw out a punch. As he punched out, his skin flashed with a jade colour, and a silvery light bloomed within his bones. 


The two fists met head on, causing a violent force to erupt and the ground to rumble and crack. The destructive power of the collision was too terrifying. 

All eyes on the courtyard were filled with astonishment because they saw that the two figures were not moving!

For Zhao Jing, they were not surprised. After all, he was incredibly strong, and his physical body had been cultivated to an extremely fierce and tough state. But what surprised them was that Zhou Yuan had successfully withstood Zhao Jing’s attack. 

“Interesting, it turns out that you've also cultivated your physical body.” Zhao Jing studied the jade light blooming across Zhou Yuan’s body, and he was slightly surprised. But soon the fierce look in his eyes grew even more intense. “Good, I tore off an arm of your Hongya Peak chief disciple. I would like to see how long you can persevere?!”


When his voice died away, the black light flowing around his body grew darker. The next moment, his two fists blasted out like a rainstorm, transforming into countless fists. Each one contained an extremely terrifying power.


The fists rumbled and roared, leaving deep marks across the ground. 

Such an offensive made all the experts feel their hair standing on end.

Numerous fist shadows rapidly enlarged in front of Zhou Yuan’s eyes, but he stayed calm and composed. The jade light surrounding his body intensified, and the silvery light from within his bones shot out, twisting and twining with the jade light. 

He thrust out his palm, which similarly transformed into countless palm shadows. However, it was not as violent and frantic as Zhao Jing’s fists, and it instead radiated an understated calm.

Boom! Boom!

As they drew closer, the fists and palms collided and sent out shock wave upon shock wave, causing the air to shake violently.   

Countless eyes were fixed on the duel between the two. From the momentum, it appeared that Zhao Jing occupied the absolute upper hand. His offensive was like a torrential rain or a massive wave.

And Zhou Yuan was a little boat in the middle of a stormy sea, in danger of capsizing any moment. But what surprised everybody was that Zhou Yuan was able to resolve each danger at every critical moment.

From what they had observed, however, they were able to feel that Zhou Yuan was indeed pretty strong. Since he could withstand Zhao Jing for such a long period of time, it was perhaps possible for him to have killed Fan Yao. 


It was another fierce collision.    

Zhou Yuan and Zhao Jing were both sent reeling back. 

Huo Tian’s face darkened. “Zhao Jing, stop playing around!”  

What he needed was for Zhao Jing to completely crush Zhou Yuan, not weigh how much strength Zhou Yuan actually had.

Zhao Jing twisted his neck and grinned. “That boy's physical body is not bad. It is rare to meet someone who can withstand my attacks.”

But he also knew that now wasn’t the time to test Zhou Yuan’s strength. He cast a fierce glance at Zhou Yuan and said, “Boy, just now I did not even use 60% of my strength.”

Zhou Yuan laughed, “I was just thinking why it was so soft like a woman's fist.”  

A wave of killing intent flashed across Zhao Jing’s eyes as he clasped his hands together. The next moment, a current of black air crept out from his flesh and blood, and his skin began to take on a black, iron-like color. His palms became large, and his black nails grew piercingly sharp.

His already tall body expanded again, growing to the size of a ten metre giant.  


He lifted his head and roared skywards, banging his fists against his chest and making clattering noises that resembled metal striking metal. 

A terrifying fiendish aura spread out from within his body. 

At the back, Tang Muxin and the others all had a change of expression. Chief disciple Chen Ze of the Hongya Peak wore a solemn expression. “This is the Ape Demon technique of the Sacred Palace! It's incredibly powerful! That Zhao Jing is going all out.”

Tang Muxin and others revealed a trace of worry in their eyes upon hearing this. 

Zhou Yuan looked at the ape-like Zhao Jing, but there was not the slightest nervousness on his face. Zhao Jing was indeed strong, and if he hadn’t made a breakthrough to the golden blood stage, it might have taken some effort to defeat him.

But unfortunately there was no if.    

Zhou Yuan drew a deep breath, closed his eyes slightly, and muttered, “But do you know that I only used 30% of my power?”

The drop of golden blood in Zhou Yuan’s heart started to vibrate slightly.

Countless golden veins branched through his body, fusing with his flesh and blood.

The moment Zhou Yuan's eyes sprang open, there was golden light glowing within them.

“Next, I will let you see the true physical power of the Cangxuan Sect.”  

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