Chapter 602 Appear

In the courtyard, an ancient mottled black brush was inserted into the ground, and a young figure was standing atop its tip.

That figure was tall and slender, with a face like the deep sea, unmoving and calm, but his appearance directly ignited the people in the manor. 

All forces broke out into clamour.

“Is that the Zhou Yuan who had killed two of the Sacred Palace's chief disciples?!”  

“From what I hear, he should be!” 

“The main perpetrator finally showed up!” 

“Interesting, he could have just appeared. But to think he dared to provoke Zhao Jing of the Sacred Palace?” 

“There is going to be a good show to watch today!”  

Countless voices rang from various corners and directions within the manor. Immediately, they were followed by numerous figures tearing through the sky and landing all around the courtyard. 

They had originally planned to observe the confrontation between the Cangxuan Sect and the Sacred Palace in secret. But now that Zhou Yuan had appeared, they knew that today’s situation would become increasingly exciting. Naturally, they wanted to get closer to watch the show.

In any case, Zhou Yuan’s appearance had stirred up the crowd within the manor.

And on the top floor of the pavilion near the courtyard. 

Zhou Yuan's appearance similarly shocked the people from the four great sects, and an uproar was spreading out in all directions like a tide.

“I have already said earlier that if Zhou Yuan was here, he would show up.” As Zuoqiu Qingyu smiled faintly, her alluring eyes swept over chief disciple Liu Fu of the Heavenly Ghost Sect.

On the Sword Seeker Sect’s side, the Blind Sword also sprang up and came to the window. Although he couldn’t see, his perception was greater and more sensitive than that of ordinary people. He peered out the window in the direction of the courtyard.

He could clearly feel the familiar Genesis Qi fluctuating. 

“Zhou Yuan.” A flicker of emotion passed across Li Chunjun’s always-expressionless face. “You have become very strong.”  

Ning Zhan of the North Sea Dragon Subduing Hall also came over, punching his fists together while his eyes fixed on the figure below. “I would like to fight that guy again.” His eyes were filled with a blazing battle intent. 

Zhen Xu didn’t move, but the intimidating coldness that always flickered in his eyes seemed to have dampened quietly. 

The Heavenly Ghost Sect had incredibly strict rules, but at the same time, there were many that schemed and fought against each other within the sect. The slightest carelessness could result in one being ruthlessly trampled upon. In less than two years, Zhen Xu had fought many people. His actions were known to be cruel and vicious. 

This was also the reason why Zhen Xu had become increasingly somber over the past two years.

It was just that when he saw that figure, the biting coldness in his eyes faded slightly. Compared to the icy cold Heavenly Ghost Sect, his encounter with Zhou Yuan in the Saint Remains Domain had left a very different feeling in his gloomy cold heart.

At the very least, he could feel a kind of trust from Zhou Yuan. This was unlike the Heavenly Ghost Sect where everyone had a different face.

The Heavenly Ghost Sect chief disciple Liu Fu peered down at the figure in the courtyard, then immediately glanced at Zuoqiu Qingyu and said, “He is indeed courageous, but he's too young and crazy. Since he has appeared in such a situation, the Sacred Palace will definitely not let him go free.” 

The other chief disciples present also nodded slightly. Zhou Yuan had killed two chief disciples from the Sacred Palace, which meant the Sacred Palace would definitely not show him any mercy since he had now appeared.


The female chief disciple of the Hundred Flowers Fairy Palace also scrunched her brows together in a frown. She looked at Zuoqiu Qingyu and sighed, “He really shouldn’t have come. The Sacred Palace will not let him leave.”  

“You don't know him well enough. Since he has shown up, it means he's not afraid of the Sacred Palace,” Zuoqiu Qingyu said calmly.

The female chief disciple shook her head. “Since he could kill Fan Yao, he is indeed strong, but Zhao Jing is much stronger than Fan Yao!” 

The ten chief disciple positions were achieved through many fights. Since Zhao Jing could suppress Fan Yao for so many years, his strength was naturally self-evident. 

Perhaps the Sacred Palace was eagerly waiting for Zhou Yuan to appear. They wanted Zhao Jing to ruthlessly defeat Zhou Yuan to restore the face that the Sacred Palace had lost. 

Zuoqiu Qingyu did not say much, but her peach blossom eyes were focused on the slender figure below. He had never let her down before. 

Although she knew Zhao Jing had to be very strong, she still had confidence in Zhou Yuan.  

“Zhou Yuan?!”    

Tang Muxin and the others on the square were also shocked by Zhou Yuan’s appearance. It was evident that his appearance was unexpected.

“Zhou Yuan, you have come, but why don’t you let chief disciple Xie Yan try first?” Tang Muxin said. Although she knew that Zhou Yuan wasn’t weak, Xie Yan was much more stable.  

Zhou Yuan first gave a cupped fist salute and then turned to Xie Yan, saying, “Senior brother Xie Yan isn’t weak, but I don’t think he will have much of an advantage against the enemies.” 

Xie Yan was taken aback, but he did not refute; he also felt the same.    

“Zhou Yuan, stop putting on an act!” Baili Che couldn’t help sneering, “Stop trying to show off at a time like this. If you lose, all of us will lose face!” 

Zhou Yuan simply smiled. He turned to Tang Muxin and said, “Senior sister Tang, since this matter started because of me, I should be the one to end it.”

Tang Muxin’s eyes met his. His eyes were serious, and they revealed no sign that he was trying to show off, so she nodded firmly and said, “If you have the confidence, then we will leave it to you.”

“Senior sister Tang.” Baili Che frowned. 

Tang Muxin waved her hand dismissively to stop Baili Che from saying anything more. 

Upon seeing this, Zhou Yuan gave a cupped fist salute to Tang Muxin. 

Xie Yan slowly stepped back.  

So, under countless gazes, Zhou Yuan's figure slowly landed on the ground. Grasping the mottled black brush, he gently shook his hand, causing the ground to crack and move. 

The black brush swept in one direction, and the snowy white hair on its tip gradually gathered, forming a flower-like tip that was incomparably sharp and glowing. 

Zhou Yuan pointed the tip of the brush towards the ground, and he lifted his head to face the mass of Sacred Palace disciples opposite him. His eyes fell on Huo Tian and Zhao Jing.

The two were staring back at him with deep, and perhaps ferocious, gazes.

Their gazes, however, did not intimidate him. He instead gave a faint smile and calmly brought the tip of the brush up to point straight at them. 

“I’m Zhou Yuan of the Cangxuan Sect.”    

“Which of the chief disciples from the Sacred Palace are going to face me?”  

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