Chapter 601 Huo Tian, Zhao Jing

On the vast courtyard, two sets of people stood opposite each other. The atmosphere was tense and hostile.

Tang Muxin stood at the forefront of the crowd, her face icy cold, her eyes fixed on the opposite side. In front of the numerous disciples from the Sacred Palace, there were two figures standing with their hands clasped behind their backs.

The one of the left was clothed in white. He had a long and slender body and radiated an aura of elegance. His lips were thin, and when he smiled, he exuded sharpness. 

He was the leader of the ten chief disciples from the Sacred Palace—the Heavenly Sacred Hall chief disciple Huo Tian.   

And beside Huo Tian, there was a tall and burly man. He was clad in black and had a stern look on his face. His eyes flickered with a fierce glint, making him look like a terrifying ape. 

He was ranked second among the ten Sacred Palace chief disciples and was the chief disciple of the Underground Sacred Hall. His name was Zhao Jing.   

It was him who had torn off the arm of chief disciple Chen Ze of the Cangxuan Sect’s Hongya Peak. At this moment, there was still blood dripping down from his fingers. 

“Tang Muxin, your Cangxuan Sect’s Zhou Yuan has killed two chief disciples from my Sacred Palace. If you don't hand him over today, my Sacred Palace will not leave it at that,” Huo Tian warned.  

“Hmph, I’m surprised you still have the face to say that. The fact that the chief disciples of your Sacred Palace were killed by Zhou Yuan means that they were not good enough.” Tang Muxin's beautiful eyes were biting cold with a hint of anger. “If you really want to fight, my Cangxuan Sect will accompany you. The Sacred Palace is considered to be a well-respected sect, yet you launched a sneak attack. It really is despicable.”

It had still been peaceful when the two waves of people had met earlier, but Zhao Jing of the Sacred Palace had suddenly acted, and Chen Ze of the Hongya Peak had to defend in a hurry, causing his arm to be torn off. 

Zhao Jing grinned, revealing his white teeth. “It is said that the Hongya Peak focuses on physical training and that it is famous among the Cangxuan Heaven. However, after today I have realised that it is nothing special. Compared with our Sacred Palace, it is much inferior.” 

Beside Tang Muxin, Hongy Peak chief disciple Chen Ze was deathly pale, and his right arm was in a twisted position. But when he heard Zhao Jing insult his Hongya Peak, his eyes suddenly turned red, and he snapped, “Do you dare to compete against me again?!” 

Zhao Jing crossed his arms and shot him a sideways glance. “If you want to die, then I can certainly fulfill your request.” 

Chen Ze was so infuriated that he tried to charge forward, but Tang Muxin stopped him.  

“Don’t be impulsive,” Tang Muxin reminded.  

Huo Tian tucked one hand behind his back and said calmly, “If the two chief disciples from our Sacred Palace were really defeated in Zhou Yuan's hands, then we will naturally have nothing to say.

“But according to the news we received, Zhou Yuan used a lot of despicable tricks and had secretly attacked by taking advantage of a temporary cooperation. Fan Yao was not on guard, so that boy’s sneak attack had succeeded. 

“Zhao Jing was only doing what that boy had done to us.  

“But, what makes you think that a new disciple who has just joined the Cangxuan Sect for less than two years is capable of defeating the third chief disciple of my Sacred Palace?!” 

There were countless eyes watching, so when they heard Huo Tian, they were sure to begin whispering to one another. If Zhou Yuan had really launched a sneak attack during an alliance, then that was indeed despicable. 

Tang Muxin’s and Su Yao’s faces darkened. Huo Tian was really vicious to want to inscribe such an evil reputation onto Zhou Yuan. If this evil reputation was found to be true, then who would dare to cooperate with Zhou Yuan in the future? 

“Zhou Yuan is outstanding in my Cangxuan Sect. He does not need to use such methods to kill a chief disciple from your Sacred Palace.” Tang Muxin sneered. 

Huo Tian chuckled. “If so, then tell the boy to come out and show us in person.”

“Zhou Yuan hasn’t arrived yet. If you really want to see, you will have a chance in the future.”    

Huo Tian shook his head, sighing, “It seems that this person not only uses unscrupulous tricks, but he is also a coward.” 

He turned to Chen Ze and said, “Chief disciple Chen Ze, I think you should direct the hatred for your broken arm on that Zhou Yuan instead.” 

Huo Tian was intending to drive a wedge between them, but Chen Ze simply looked at Zhao Jing with an icy cold stare, ignoring his words.    

“It seems that you really don't want to hand over that boy.” Huo Tian sighed, but his eyes turned sinister. “Now that the matter has come to this point, someone has to give me an explanation for the death of two Sacred Palace chief disciples.” 

“If you don't want to get other disciples involved, then both sides can send someone out to settle things here today.” 

Huo Tian nodded at Zhao Jing, who slowly strode forward, grinning. “Which chief disciple of your Cangxuan Sect dares to come forward to try?”

Tang Muxin's pretty face turned cold, and she was about to step forward.    

“Haha, chief disciple Tang Muxin, you and I are both chief disciples of our two sects. If you want to take action, then I have no choice but to accompany you. The only thing is that we have exchanged moves before, and you seem inferior.” Huo Tian grinned.  

Among the five chief disciples of the Cangxuan Sect, Tang Muxin was the strongest. No one else was a match for Zhao Jing. 

Moreover, the Sacred Palace's purpose this time was to step on the Cangxuan Sect fiercely in front of the other forces; otherwise, there would be no way for them to explain themselves when the Chosen come.

Tang Muxin's icy face grew colder and colder. She knew that Huo Tian had come prepared. 

“I'll do it.” The eyes of the Sword Cometh Peak’s chief disciple Baile Che were biting cold. The other party had already trampled on their door. If they did not fight back, the Cangxuan Sect would no doubt lose face.  

Although there were grudges between Baile Che and Zhou Yuan, they both represented the Cangxuan Sect and were thus bound together for good or ill.

Any hatred and grudge could be dealt with later when they return to the sect.   

Chief disciple Xie Yan of the Thunder Prison Peak said suddenly, “That Zhao Jing is second only to Huo Tian among the ten chief disciples of the Sacred Palace. His strength mustn’t be underestimated. I have a slightly stronger source of Genesis Qi than you, second only to senior sister Tang Muxin. Let me deal with that Huo Tian.”  

“Are you confident?” Snow Lotus Peak’s Su Yao asked.

Xie Yan was silent for a moment before he answered, shaking his head, “That Zhao Jing is very dangerous. He is ranked second amongst the chief disciples of the Sacred Palace.” 

The others also knitted their brows in a frown. The situation at the moment was clearly that the Sacred Palace wanted to force the chief disciples to fight. Otherwise, they would directly go to war. At that time, the damage would definitely soar. 

But the trouble now was that Zhao Jing was too tyrannical. Even Xie Yan didn't have much confidence in winning, and if Xie Yan were to lose the battle, it would be detrimental to the Cangxuan Sect's reputation.    

This was the explanation that the Sacred Palace wanted.   

It was easy to deduce that in this duel, the opponents would attack without regard for the lives of others.

It would be an extremely dangerous battle.    

“Then let me try.” Xie Yan waved his hand, slowly stepping forward. 

Zhao Jing narrowed his eyes at Xie Yan. He mocked, “It turns out that Xie Yan, the chief disciple of the Thunder Prison Peak, is going to play with me?”

Xie Yan didn't say anything, but there was a thunderous Genesis Qi rising slowly within his body.   

Zhao Jing’s lips twisted in a ruthless smile as his fingers folded in a fist. A terrifying imposing manner emitted from his body. 

Between heaven and earth, countless gazes were cast onto this scene.    

The Cangxuan Sect and the Sacred Palace evidently chose this method to resolve some of the grievances and grudges between them. However, from the looks of it, chief disciple Xie Yan of the Cangxuan Sect seemed to be at a disadvantage. 

Under countless watchful gazes, Xie Yan stepped forward, Genesis Qi rumbling out.   

However, just as his Genesis Qi was about to explode, there was a sudden gust of wind howling in the sky. A beam of black light fell from the sky, landing heavily on the courtyard.

When the smoke and dust dissipated, only an ancient black brush that was inserted into the ground could be seen.    

On top of the black brush stood a slender figure, and a calm voice resounded through the manor.

“Since this is happening because of me, I have to ask senior brother Xie Yan to let me play. There is no need for my senior brother to personally deal with such a stupid thing.” 

At this moment, throughout the manor, countless gazes gathered on the slender figure standing on the black brush.

Then, countless exclamations of shock burst forth.   

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