Chapter 600 Watched by All Parties

West of the city. 

A huge manor stood tall and proud. Although newly built, it was grand and imposing. Only highly ranked factions within Cangxuan Heaven were permitted to enter this place.

Here was where Cangxuan Heaven's young elites had gathered, and at this moment, they all had their eyes fixed on the manor's courtyard. 

Undercurrents were surging; two great forces were standing opposite each other.    

Cangxuan Sect.   

Sacred Palace.   

Five figures stood at the front of Cangxuan Sect's side. They were namely Cangxuan Sect's five chief disciples, and behind them were many of their fellow elite disciples, whose faces were filled with anger as they stared at the people opposite them.

The eight figures across from them stood with their hands clasped behind their back, all exuding a fierce and violent imposing aura. The numerous Sacred Palace disciples behind the eight also gazed at the Cangxuan Sect with ridicule.

The atmosphere between the two sides was so tense and hostile that the slightest of disagreement could very likely cause an extremely violent fight to break out. 

Of course, the other forces would be glad to see such a battle. They knew that only when the two tigers fought would they, the wolves, have an opportunity to act. 

In a place like the Mythic Utopia, even a great sect would be surrounded by a pack of wolves the moment it revealed a single opening. 

Not far from the courtyard, a towering pavilion stood tall and upright. At its top, several gazes observed everything happening in the courtyard.

“Haha, the scale of this isn’t small at all. If a fight really did break out, it would be magnificent. The Cangxuan Sect is going to suffer,” a bone-chilling voice rang out from inside the pavilion. 

The person who had spoken was a man wearing a black robe embroidered with a fierce ghost face pattern. His face was thin as if he were a skeleton.    

He was Liu Fu, a chief disciple from one of the six greatest sects of Cangxuan Heaven, the Heavenly Ghost Sect.

From his words and tone alone, he seemed to bear ill intent towards the Cangxuan Sect. He had previously fought against Cangxuan Sect chief disciple Tang Muxin and was ultimately defeated. Therefore, he was more than glad to witness the Cangxuan Sect being taught a lesson.    

Behind him were numerous disciples from the Heavenly Ghost Sect and among them was a familiar face. Unexpectedly, it was Zhen Xu. 

After the Saint Remains Domain, he had joined the Heavenly Ghost Sect.  

He was still extremely pale and still had the same soft and handsome face as before, but the Genesis Qi rippling around his body was colder and stranger than before.   

His line of sight was also on the courtyard below. He swept his gaze across the Cangxuan Sect’s side, but was unable to find the familiar figure he was looking for. 

He then withdrew his gaze and turned to face the other side of the pavilion. Not only were the chief disciples of his Heavenly Ghost Sect present; those from the Hundred Flowers Fairy Palace, the Sword Seeker Sect and the North Sea Dragon Subduing Hall were also in attendance.    

Surprising him slightly, he saw some familiar faces amongst the crowd.

On the Hundred Flowers Fairy Palace’s side was Zuoqiu Qingyu. She was clothed in a black dress, as beautiful and alluring as she had been.

On the Sword Seeker Sect’s side, there was a young man whose eyes were wrapped with a black cloth. He stood there, carrying a blunt sword on his back. Although he was silent, the sharp sword Qi radiating from his body was terrifying. He was Li Chunjun the Blind Sword.

And on the North Sea Dragon Subduing Hall’s side was a young man with bare arms who was wielding a red-and-gold staff. He was Ning Zhan.  

The six people who had come to the Shengzhou continent together and joined the six great sects were all present except for Zhou Yuan and Luluo.    

They simply nodded when they met each other’s gazes, but they did not exchange greetings. 

“Even if the Cangxuan Sect is going to suffer, the Sacred Palace most likely won't fare much better,” a woman's voice sounded. She was one of the chief disciples from the Hundred Flowers Fairy Palace. From her voice one could tell she bore malice towards the Sacred Palace. Her group had also received a letter from Tang Xiaoyan notifying them that the Sacred Palace had attacked their Hundred Flowers Fairy Palace. 

Liu Fu curled his lips and said, “I heard that a Cangxuan Sect chief disciple named Zhou Yuan had killed two chief disciples from the Sacred Palace? How true is this rumour? I have never even heard of the name Zhou Yuan before.” 

On the Hundred Flowers Fairy Palace’s side, Zuoqiu Qingyu raised her long, beautiful brows. She slowly lifted her head to say, “The gentleman of the Heavenly Ghost Sect is wrong. The disciples of our Hundred Flowers Fairy Palace witnessed Zhou Yuan kill the Sacred Palace's third ranked chief disciple.”    

Although she wasn’t a chief disciple, as a personal disciple of the Hundred Flowers Fairy Palace's sect master, her status was not considered low within the Hundred Flowers Fairy Palace. Thus, she did not fear Liu Fu in the slightest. 


Liu Fu gave a slight smile. “Is that so? Seems like he has some strength, but he stirred up some trouble and made others suffer because of him. It seems that Zhou Yuan isn’t that impressive. He must have used some underhanded method or shameful tactic to win. It was nothing but a lucky victory.”  

He swept his eyes over the courtyard not far away and remarked, “With eight chief disciples from the Sacred Palace gathered, they seem to be unwilling to let the matter go. Perhaps Zhou Yuan already knows, and that’s why he does not dare to show himself today. 

“I really pity the other chief disciples from the Cangxuan Sect, especially Chen Ze of the Hongya Peak, whose arm was ripped off.” 

The disciples of the other sects also nodded slightly in agreement. They were not familiar with Zhou Yuan; however, from their perspective, it was indeed wrong that Zhou Yuan’s fellow disciples had to suffer because of the trouble he had caused. 

The most important thing was that Zhou Yuan, who had started everything, had still not shown up. It was inevitable for others to think that he was afraid of the power of the eight chief disciples from the Sacred Palace.    

“Zhou Yuan is the number one person of our generation in the Cangmang continent. He is not the kind of person Liu Fu says he is. According to my understanding, if he knows about this, he will definitely come,” a voice suddenly sounded.

Many gazes shifted to the young man with a black cloth wrapped around his eyes on the Sword Seeker Sect’s side. 

Having been refuted three or four times, Liu Fu acted a bit irritated. Face dark, he stared at the chief disciple from the Sword Seeker Sect and asked, “When did the disciples of the Sword Seeker Sect become so unruly?” 

The chief disciple chuckled, “Junior brother Li is not a chief disciple, but he is the first non-Chosen of our Sword Seeker Sect in a hundred years that has been allowed to practice the sword in the sword prison, so chief disciple Liu Fu shouldn’t think of him as an ordinary disciple.”

Liu Fu's expression abruptly changed. He naturally knew that only the Chosen could enter the Sword Seeker Sect's sword prison. It was a place filled with fierce and sharp sword Qi—so sharp that it reached the bone. It was unbearable for chief disciples, but the blind man in front of him could practice in such a place? 

“The Cangmang continent is a remote and desolate place, but there are still some talents.” Liu Fu's eyes were icy cold. When he glanced at Zhen Xu's expressionless face, hatred filled his heart. It was because Zhen Xu was also from the Cangmang continent and was now thought of highly in the Heavenly Ghost Sect.  

Hearing the sarcasm in his voice, Zuoqiu Qingyu and Ning Zhan both looked at him coldly.    

But Liu Fu didn't care; he just snorted and shifted his attention to the courtyard. “Hmph, I really want to see if the remarkable person you talked about dares to show himself today. 


The corner of his lips curved in a ruminative smile. He thought, even if that Zhou Yuan dares to show up, there is no way he can escape unscathed. So this, for Zhou Yuan, is a hopeless situation.   

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