Chapter 598 Rushing Towards the Deeper Regions

White jade like roots curled together in the shape of a ball while a mysterious light spilled out from the cracks between them.

Zhou Yuan gazed in amazement at the roots of the jade tree before Spirit power began streaming out from between his brows. The Spirit power quickly cut off the root ball from the tree and brought it to him.

Zhou Yuan manipulated the Spirit power with his five slender fingers, pulling apart root after root as he began to slowly unwrap the root ball.

Zhou Yuan and Luluo cast over their curious and cautious gazes.

“This is…”

With the root ball now cracked open, they found a palm-sized object. It had a very bizarre appearance, seemingly resembling a crude tablet missing half its body.

The material was also very unusual and was neither metal nor wood. Overall, it seemed quite ordinary.

However, Zhou Yuan and Luluo knew that the item was not as simple as it seemed because it had been hidden in a far too extraordinary place.

More importantly, after they had removed the tablet-like object, the jade tree had gradually begun to dim and wither as if its life source had been removed.

Luluo could not help but ask, “What is it?”

Zhou Yuan grasped the broken tablet-like object. It felt extremely heavy in his hand, but his eyes were filled with bewilderment because he did not feel any special power from it.

It was obviously not a Divine Establishing Treasure.

“I’m not sure.” Zhou Yuan handed it to Luluo.

Eyes filled with curiosity, Luluo also held it and began to play around with it. In the end, she passed it back to Zhou Yuan and said, “Although we do not know what function it has, it should not be an ordinary item. You should hold on to it first. Who knows, you may somehow discover its use in the future.”

Zhou Yuan was somewhat hesitant. Although they knew basically nothing about the tablet, there was no way it was an ordinary item. Luluo's act of so casually handing it over to him made him feel as if he was taking advantage of her.

“Don’t think too much. Although it may perhaps be an extraordinary item, I did get Little Ling.” Luluo patted her sleeve as she grinned.

For Luluo, obtaining a special variant three-headed Spirit Ghost Python was her biggest reward.

“I’ll take advantage of you this time, then.” Zhou Yuan was not overly stubborn in this aspect, and he soon let out a carefree chuckle. If there was a chance in the future, he would make it up to her.

Luluo nodded, clearly not minding it at all.

Zhou Yuan carefully kept the mysterious tablet-like object before looking towards the gradually dimming and withering jade tree. “There should be nothing more now. Let’s leave this place.”

Luluo naturally nodded in a satisfied manner. She had not only obtained a six-color Divine Establishing Treasure but also a three-headed Spirit Ghost Python. This was an almost unimaginable boost to her power.

The two did not linger any further, and they quickly returned to the bottom of the six-color lake through the spatial crack.

The crack slowly began to recover after they walked out, ultimately fading away. It was at this moment that Zhou Yuan seemingly felt the spatial domain silently disappear into the void.

He gently caressed the spatial bag at his hip. He had a certain feeling that the most important item in the small spatial domain had not been the two six-color fruits, but that mysterious broken tablet-like object.

There was, however, currently no way for him to ascertain this.


Two figures broke out from the surface of the water and landed on a vantage point nearby.

Night still held the sleeping land in her silent embrace.

Luluo stretched her back in satisfaction before extending a small hand towards Zhou Yuan. Smiling, she said, “It was a good collaboration.”

Zhou Yuan chuckled as he shook her hand.

“Let’s part ways here. I need to catch up to my Cangxuan Sect team, and I believe you have to do the same, right?” Zhou Yuan smiled.

Luluo stuck out her tongue. “I found an excuse to slip away, so I’ll have to rush back as soon as possible.”

Zhou Yuan nodded. “Take care on your journey back.”

Luluo waved at him and said, “We’ll meet again in the deeper regions!”

As her voice rang out, Little Frost released a sharp cry as it transformed into its giant ice-blue form. With a single leap, she nimbly landed on the giant bird’s back.


Little Frost’s cry echoed as it shot into the air with a jerk of its wings. A streak of blue zipped across the horizon and disappeared in the blink of an eye.

Zhou Yuan watched Luluo leave. He was not the least bit worried about her safety, especially since she now had the three-headed Spirit Ghost Python at her side. Given her current strength, even a chief disciple would find it very difficult to take advantage of her.

“I can finally head towards the deeper regions without worry.”

Zhou Yuan sighed deeply before he cast his gaze into the distance. The deeper regions of the Mythic Utopia was where the various Chosen would vie with each other. It was also the true core and most marvelous zone in the Mythic Utopia.

It was unimaginable for a six-color treasure location to appear in the outer regions. In contrast, though it would be rare, it was very likely that several had already been uncovered in the deeper regions.

“I wonder how Yaoyao and Tuntun are doing…," he mumbled to himself before chuckling. Given Yaoyao’s strength, she would effortlessly thrive even in a place where Chosen were as numerous as the clouds. 

Zhou Yuan cast away such thoughts as golden Genesis Qi appeared beneath his feet and lifted him into the air. He soon turned into a flash of gold and swiftly zipped away into the distance.


A day later.

Zhou Yuan finally caught up to the team that had intentionally slowed their pace. Upon seeing him return unharmed, Jin Zhang, Gu Hongyi and the rest breathed a small sigh of relief.

Although they were curious about why Zhou Yuan had left the group, they wisely chose to not probe him for information. Everyone had their secrets, and prying too deeply would only make them appear unreasonable. 

As such, the team returned to their usual travelling speed.

They naturally encountered several factions as they travelled. However, each faction backed away as if they had encountered a ferocious tiger or wolf upon seeing that Zhou Yuan was leading this Cangxuan Sect team.

Zhou Yuan’s accomplishment of killing Fan Yao from the Sacred Palace had evidently spread, resulting in the other teams becoming aware of him, an extremely formidable chief disciple from the Cangxuan Sect’s Saint Genesis Peak.

Armed with this intimidating reputation, Zhou Yuan and the team’s progress was exceedingly smooth, and nearly no one dared to challenge them.

With how peaceful things were, Zhou Yuan began to devote time towards cultivating the little Mythic Saint Body. Every evening, numerous disciples were treated to the sight of him retrieving and jumping into a giant wooden vat. Suppressed grunts and hisses of pain would then begin to play, sounds that made the scalps of several individuals turn numb.

Inside these wooden vats was the golden water Zhou Yuan had found in the spatial domain on the lake bed.

As the group gradually approached the Mythic Utopia's deeper regions, they began to encounter increasingly stronger teams. Hence, Zhou Yuan did not dare to relax, and used every second he could to raise his strength.

He needed to push his little Mythic Saint Body to the golden blood stage before they reached the deeper regions!

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