Chapter 597 Secret Treasure at the Bottom of the Lake

Two jade baby-like fruits quietly hung from the top of the ancient jade tree. A six-color halo swirled around them, making them both a mysterious and attention-grabbing sight.

Below, Zhou Yuan and Luluo were stunned by the sight of the two fruits, and could not make even a sound for a long time.


However, Zhou Yuan eventually returned to his senses and exhaled deeply, before he said, “I’ve been saying that although there are quite a few treasures in the six color lake, they don’t seem to match up to its namesake. It turns out that the real treasure is here.”

Luluo forcefully nodded her head, her large watery eyes filled with desire. Though she had received a rather substantial share from the Hundred Flowers Fairy Palace, it had just barely allowed her to condense a four-color Divine Establishing Treasure.

This was obviously still a long way from Luluo’s aim.

However, there was no way for her to request for more. The leaders of their team was Tang Xiaoyan and Zhao Ru after all, and though Luluo was a personal disciple of the palace master, her current strength and experience was still insufficient to justify her taking the lion’s share.

This was also the biggest motivation for Luluo to leave the team and search for opportunities alone.

Zhou Yuan’s gaze turned towards Luluo as he grinned. “One each?”

Luluo happily nodded. If it were anyone else, she would have already begun to scheme against the other person the moment she saw the six-color Divine Establishing Treasure.

Anyone would understand the value of a six-color Divine Establishing Treasure after all, and no one would complain about having too many...

Even after obtaining one, a second one would be required to climb to an even higher level!

Despite this, Luluo clearly had a lot of trust in Zhou Yuan, as they were after all companions that had fought back to back before. Moreover, as a beast heart communicator, Luluo possessed an amazing talent for reading the hearts of other individuals.

Zhou Yuan chuckled upon seeing this. With a wave of his sleeve, a stream of golden Genesis Qi shot out. The Genesis Qi headed straight for the top of the tree, and plucked the two glowing jade baby-like fruits.

The process was exceedingly smooth, and there was basically zero obstruction. The Spirit Ghost Python should have been the guardian beast, but did not give them any problems since it was currently subdued by Luluo.

Genesis Qi descended as Zhou Yuan extended his hand to catch the two gem-like fruits.

Zhou Yuan clearly felt the pure energy surging within the fruits the moment they touched his hand, causing the five-color Divine Establishing Treasure in his Qi Dwelling to begin shaking violently with unmatched desire.

Zhou Yuan calmed the desire in his heart as he passed one of the fruits to Luluo.

Luluo anxiously reached out to accept it, as she jumped a little in excitement. She forcefully rubbed the fruit against her face, a satisfied look glowing on her adorable face.

She finally returned to her senses a few moments later and said in the sweetest of voices, “Thanks Zhou Yuan!”

Zhou Yuan smiled and waved his hand, indicating that it was nothing. He kept the six-color Divine Establishing Treasure, and began slowly walking towards the golden pool, where the jade tree was growing from.

The water in the pool appeared rather viscous, and the Spirit Ghost Python was currently soaking within, as its body trembled continuously. However, Zhou Yuan could sense that its injuries seemed to be recovering at a rather rapid rate.

The golden pool evidently possessed some magical properties.

“What is it?” Luluo also walked forward, gazing at the golden pool, before squatting down and gingerly reaching out a slender finger to touch the water.


However, her finger swiftly withdrew a split second later, as a pained look filled her face. Her fingertip had turned a raw red.

She cried out in pain, “Oww!”

A look of contemplation rose on Zhou Yuan’s face, before he also extended a finger and slowly reached into the golden pool. He immediately felt an intense pain surge from his finger the moment he entered, as if he had stuck his finger into magma.

However, Zhou Yuan did not immediately pull back, because the pain was still within a bearable limit.

He maintained this posture for several minutes, before joy suddenly surged out in his pupils. He had discovered that although it was very painful, the golden pool water had an unimaginable tempering effect on his body.

“It’s even stronger than the fire and water dragon tempering stage back in Saint Genesis Peak!” Zhou Yuan’s heart trembled with elation. His little Mythic Saint Body had been stuck at the second silver bone stage till now, ultimately unable to ascend to the third golden blood stage.

The cultivation of the physical body was extremely tough, and without some kind of miraculous resource, the only option was to slowly strengthen the body little by little.

Although Zhou Yuan had no objections towards steady growth, he would naturally welcome a method that would help him progress without hurting his foundations.

The water and fire dragon tempering stage for example, and the golden pool before him.

After personally the earlier testing, Zhou Yuan believed that his little Mythic Saint Body would very likely reach the long awaited golden blood stage with the power of the golden pool.

When that happened, he would be able to suppress all the other chief disciples in Cangxuan Heaven with pure physical power alone!

Luluo anxiously asked after seeing that Zhou Yuan had stuck his hand into the frightening golden pool for some time, “Zhou Yuan, are you alright?” 

Zhou Yuan grinned and shook his head, not hiding anything as he explained, “This golden water is a great treasure, and has an almost magical effect on external cultivation. Since we’re here, we should not give up on the chance to collect it.”

Luluo shook her head upon hearing this. “Take it if you want. I have no interest in external cultivation.”

External cultivation was always accompanied by tremendous pain, and every ascension of the body would be accompanied by an unbearable pain. Luluo only wanted to be together with her cute Genesis Beasts, and had no intention of torturing herself.

Zhou Yuan laughed dryly, before retrieving ten giant wooden vats from his spatial bag with a wave of his sleeve. Each vat stood taller than a regular person.

His Spirit began to vibrate as Spirit power spread to move the golden water into the wooden vats.

Hss hss!

However, the Spirit Ghost Python suddenly released a series of angry hisses at this moment, its snake eyes staring at Zhou Yuan as its body bristled threateningly.

Luluo hurriedly walked forward when she saw this, and began to converse with the Spirit Ghost Python. Moments later, she turned her head and embarrassedly said, “Zhou Yuan, can you give some of the water to little Ling? It usually depends on this water for its daily cultivation.”

Zhou Yuan was struck by a flash of understanding. No wonder the Spirit Ghost Python was so powerful, and had even managed to escape after being gravely injured. So it had been using the water here to temper its physical body.

“No problem. You have a share of everything here anyways.” Zhou Yuan nodded. Even half of the golden water should be enough to push his little Mythic Saint Body to the golden blood stage.

Luluo looked towards the ten big vats, and extended three fingers, before withdrawing one as she said, “Then… then give us two vats.”

“You guys can have three.” Zhou Yuan chuckled before turning towards the Spirit Ghost Python. “Shouldn’t you be stepping aside?”

The Spirit Ghost Python hissed twice, some reluctance in its eyes as he gazed longingly at the golden water.

“Come back little Ling. You’re leaving with me anyways, so there is no point in leaving it here.” Urged Luluo.

Only after hearing this did the Spirit Ghost Python turn into a shadow that darted back into Luluo’s sleeve.

With no one left obstructing him, Zhou Yuan immediately proceeded to send out his Spirit power once more. The water was lifted by invisible Spirit power and poured into the wooden vats.

When all ten giant vats were full, the golden pool was nearly drained, revealing the roots of the jade tree.

A satisfied look arose in Zhou Yuan’s eyes as he looked at the ten full vats of golden water. Soon after, he kept seven of them, while handing the remaining three to Luluo.

“We should have cleaned out all the treasures here, right?” Zhou Yuan stretched his back.

By the side, Luluo’s pupils looked towards the bottom of the pool as she suddenly pulled Zhou Yuan’s sleeve and said, “What is that?”

Zhou Yuan was taken aback. He followed her gaze and found the roots of the tree curling together, forming a circular bundle.

At this current moment, a mysterious glow seemed to spill out from the cracks of the bundled roots.

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