Chapter 596 Spatial Domain at the Bottom of the Lake

At the bottom of the six color lake.

Zhou Yuan arrived at the location where he had first discovered the mysterious spatial undulations. Luluo followed behind him, her large eyes curiously scanning the surroundings. Although the Spirit Ghost Python had told her about it, she had never been here in person before.

“There are unusual spatial undulations in the area. If my guess is correct, there should be a small spatial domain here.” Zhou Yuan pointed towards a certain spot on the lake bed.

Luluo followed his finger, but did not find anything out of the ordinary, leaving her innocently blinking her large eyes.

However, Zhou Yuan did not expect much from her. He approached the spot and tried to feel the spatial domain for a moment, as he frowned and said, “I don’t really have a method for entering, and will likely have to brute force a path open.”

He clenched his hand as he spoke, and the Heavenly Yuan Brush appeared, before rapidly expanding.

Powerful golden Genesis Qi rose from within Zhou Yuan’s body, and gradually enveloped the brush. The brush vibrated as it released a cry, causing giant waves to rise on the surface of the lake.

A sharp look appeared in Zhou Yuan’s eyes. In the next moment, surging Genesis Qi accompanied the brush as it thrust forward. A jade glow emerged on Zhou Yuan’s skin, while silver blossomed in his bones, signs that he was bringing out all of his power.


Water exploded as a black blur flashed past.

The brush ultimately landed on the spot where the spatial undulations originated, pausing for a brief moment, before raw power flooded out.


Giant waves churned as a muffled rumble exploded at the bottom of the lake.

However, a shockwave erupted from the spot a split second later, the powerful force slamming into Zhou Yuan’s body and sending him hurtling through the water.

Moments later, a somewhat dirty Zhou Yuan returned, the blood in his body churning as he remarked, “The spatial domain is too solid.”

He had fortunately anticipated such an outcome and made appropriate precautions, or he would have been injured by the earlier shockwave.

A bitter look rose on Luluo’s face as she asked, “Then what can we do?”

The secret was right in front of their eyes, but they were unable to enter. This was truly quite frustrating.

At this moment, the small black snake crawled out from Luluo’s sleeve and wrapped around her arm. Its body rose as it hissed at Zhou Yuan.

“What is it saying?” Zhou Yuan looked towards Luluo.

Luluo somewhat embarrassedly said, “It’s saying that you’re an idiot for using brute force.”

The corners of Zhou Yuan’s mouth twitched as it sent a vicious glare at the Spirit Ghost Python. There seemed to be a mocking look in its snake-like eyes, evidently planning on using this fact to release some of the frustration from earlier.

“Then do you have any method of getting in?” Zhou Yuan cast a glance at the Spirit Ghost Python. He knew that a Genesis Beast at its level was able to think for itself and understood human speech.

However, the Spirit Ghost Python was clearly ignoring Zhou Yuan.

Zhou Yuan gave Luluo a look, causing the latter to reach out a small hand to stroke the Spirit Ghost Python’s head as she said, “Little Ling, you have to tell me if you know.”

The Spirit Ghost Python’s tongue darted in and out of its mouth, before hissing again a brief moment later.

Luluo’s large eyes immediately brightened. “It says that this small spatial domain is very stable, and impossible to break open through forceful means. However, it has the ability to slip in, and when it does, there will be a brief moment of instability that you can make use of to tear open a crack at the weakest point.”

Zhou Yuan fell silent as he began to contemplate. This method could work, but the difficulty lay in finding the weakest point in the spatial domain. It would basically be impossible for an ordinary person, but it should not be too much of an issue for someone like himself, because the Decoder Saint Rune was perfect for this very situation.

“We’ll give it a try.” Zhou Yuan did not intend to waste anymore time. Although almost no one would come to the six color lake at this time, if some busybody accidentally discovered them, things would surely become very troublesome once word of it spread.

“Go little Ling.” Instructed Luluo.

The Spirit Ghost Python acknowledged, before darting forth, transforming into a shadow as it headed straight for the source of the spatial undulations. Its body seemed to begin melting, the spatial undulations gradually intensifying as it slowly entered little by little.

The stable spatial domain began to ripple somewhat as the Spirit Ghost Python entered.

Upon seeing this, Luluo hurriedly urged, “Zhou Yuan!” 

Zhou Yuan did not respond, though a Saint Rune began swirling in the depths of his pupils. The spatial undulations grew clear, as if they were ripples on the surface of water.

Some changes were occuring in the originally stable spatial domain at this moment.

Zhou Yuan’s gaze was akin to a hawk’s, as he tightly gripped the Heavenly Yuan Brush. With a jerk of his hand, several golden brush shadows shot forth, hitting the center of the few ripples at practically the same time.

His actions were not forceful, but instead rather effortless in nature.

When the brush shadows landed, however, Luluo was surprised and happy to see the space in front of them begin to ripple violently. A black crack slowly began to spread, ultimately forming a foot long spatial crack.

“You’re really amazing Zhou Yuan!” Luluo could not help but praise out loud. She was a discerning person, and could naturally see how stunning Zhou Yuan’s earlier actions were.

Zhou Yuan chuckled, before he looked towards the squirming spatial crack with a sliver of desire and said, “Let’s go and have a look. I wonder what treasures are there inside.”

Luluo forcefully nodded in agreement, as her eyes glowed.

Zhou Yuan took the lead and stepped into the spatial crack. However, he remained vigilant, the Genesis Qi in his body surging as golden light blossomed from his body, ready to respond at any moment.

When he stepped into the crack, the scenery before his eyes began to change, the sound of water fading as his foot touched solid ground.

The world around him had changed.

Zhou Yuan’s gaze swept across the area. It was not a large space, and there wasn’t much to look at inside. Hence, his eyes soon focused on a certain spot to the front.

A foot wide golden pool lay there, while a jade tree rose from within it. The tree gave off a clean glow, and had no leaves or branches. Zhou Yuan and Luluo’s gazes immediately focused on the top of the tree.

Two extremely life-like jade baby-like fruits were hanging there.

As they gazed at the fruits, Zhou Yuan and Luluo’s mouths could not help but slowly widen...

They could clearly see a six color halo around the jade baby-like fruits.

The two sucked in a deep breath of cool air, before they turned to look at each other, finding the shock and mad joy in each other’s eyes.

These were two six-color Divine Establishing Treasures!

This was likely the true reward of this treasure location.

The six color lake on the outside had merely appeared due to the Qi that leaked out from this spatial domain… and Zhou Yuan was glad that he had not missed it in the end.

The blessing had ultimately been firmly grasped in his hand

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