Chapter 595 Luluo’s Ability


Beside the six color lake.

The three-headed Spirit Ghost Python hissed as its ice-cold snake eyes locked on the black shadow on the mountain top. It suddenly shot forth a split second later, as a jet of black Genesis Qi blasted out from its mouth.

On the mountain top, Zhou Yuan’s expression turned a little grave. He had previously experienced the three-headed Spirit Ghost Python’s strength after all.

His figure etherealized as it rapidly retreated like a phantom, avoiding the torrent of Genesis Qi.


The mountain top was shattered by the black Genesis Qi breath attack.

The Spirit Ghost Python hissed again, hatred seemingly surging in the eyes that were tightly glued to Zhou Yuan’s figure. It appeared to have recognized him as the ring leader that had gravely injured it previously.

“So it is you.” Zhou Yuan also sensed this as he frowned. This Spirit Ghost Python really was the same one they had fought against previously.

However, the python seemed to be much weaker than before, and its body had shrunk substantially. If Zhou Yuan’s guess was correct, although it had somehow managed to escape with its life, its strength had been affected as a result.

But this did not decrease Zhou Yuan’s wariness, because there were still two python shadows present at the Spirit Ghost Python’s side. Once they fused with the main body, its strength would surely increase.


A piercing hiss sounded, as the python charged forward once more.

Zhou Yuan continued to back away, towering ancient trees falling one after another as python and human danced in the forest.

Zhou Yuan’s eyes were ice-cold as the Earth Saint Rune began to emerge on his palm, evidently planning on finding an opportunity to completely destroy the Spirit Ghost Python.

However, when the silhouette in the distance saw that the battle seemed to be in a stalemate, a glowing blue figure suddenly shot out from its wide black robe, and rapidly transformed into a blue ice bird.

At the ice bird’s appearance, the surrounding temperature swiftly fell.

“Little Frost, go help finish him off!” A voice sounded from under the black robe.


The ice bird cried out and shot forward with a jerk of its wings, intending to join the fight.

However, a look of confusion appeared in Zhou Yuan’s eyes when the ice bird appeared. His immediately looked towards the black robed silhouette beside the lake and blurted out, “You, you’re Luluo?!”

Wasn’t this the little bird that always followed at Luluo’s side?

The black robed figure seemed to turn rigid for a moment, before she finally recognized Zhou Yuan’s voice. A doubtful voice immediately sounded from under the black robe, “Zhou… Zhou Yuan?”

The voice had returned to its lovely and sweet-sounding tone.

She pulled back the black robe as she spoke, revealing her long green hair, and her adorable little face. Who else could it be but Luluo?

Her small face was currently filled with shock as she stared at the black silhouette in the distance.

Zhou Yuan’s figure appeared on a boulder, moonlight spilling onto his body as he stared at Luluo with an odd look on his face. He clearly had not expected the suspicious person to be her.


The Spirit Ghost Python hissed, ready to unleash another attack.

Luluo hurriedly shouted when she saw this, “Little Ling, return!”

The Spirit Ghost Python instantly stopped, seemingly somewhat unwilling to follow her order as it roared at Zhou Yuan. In the end, it transformed into a black blur that rapidly shrunk and shot back into Luluo’s sleeve.

The giant ice blue bird also began to shrink, taking on its familiar little bird appearance as it landed on Luluo’s shoulder.

After keeping the two beasts, Luluo blinked her large eyes as she looked at Zhou Yuan and mumbled, “Zhou Yuan… you… why are you here?”

Zhou Yuan’s figure moved and appeared beside her, his gaze carefully observing her as he said, “I’m the one who wants to ask why you’re here.”

“Plus, what’s the deal with that Spirit Ghost Python?” He looked towards Luluo’s sleeve. How had this little lass subdued the Spirit Ghost Python without any of them noticing?

Luluo’s eyes swirled in thought for a moment, before she grinned and said, “Although you guys defeated it earlier, it was smart enough to know that it would not win, and thus cast aside its body and secretly hid itself.”

“But I managed to secretly find it, don’t you remember my ability?”

A thoughtful look rose on Zhou Yuan’s face. “Beast heart communicator.”

In the Cangmang Continent, Zhou Yuan had found out that Luluo possessed the ability to communicate the thoughts and feelings of Genesis Beasts. This was a beast heart communicator.

Luluo nodded. “That’s how I found it, and then little Ling obediently decided to follow me.”

Zhou Yuan was somewhat speechless at how easy she had described it to be. They had previously invested a tremendous amount of thought and effort in order to deal with the Spirit Ghost Python, while Luluo had subdued it so easily.

Though the Spirit Ghost Python had weakened substantially, it was still more than a match for any ordinary chief disciple. In fact, the fusion with its python shadows together with Luluo’s beast heart communication would enable them to put up a fight even against a Chosen.

Zhou Yuan could not help but sigh. It was likely that even Tang Xiaoyan was unaware that the strongest amongst their team was not herself, but this seemingly harmless green-haired girl.

Zhou Yuan slowly asked, “Didn’t your Hundred Flowers Fairy Palace team leave? Why did you come back?”

Luluo avoided his gaze for a moment, before quickly recalling something as she puffed up her chest and asked, “Why did you return?”

Zhou Yuan stared at Luluo in surprise. “It seems that you also know of the secret at the lake bottom?”

Luluo’s eyes immediately widened as she stared at  Zhou Yuan in astonishment. “You… you… how did you know?!”

Zhou Yuan made a little ‘tch’ sound, before he could not help but sigh. Looks like his guess was correct. He had originally believed himself to be the only person aware of the secret at the bottom of the lake, but it appeared that he had underestimated the others far too much.

However, the problem now was whether Luluo had come alone or was she representing the Hundred Flowers Fairy Palce?

Zhou Yuan’s gaze turned towards the forest behind them and asked, “Where are the other Hundred Flowers Fairy Palace disciples?”

Luluo mumbled, “This is a secret I found on my own, why should I tell them about it?”

Zhou Yuan breathed a small sigh of relief when he heard this. Thankfully the Hundred Flowers Fairy Palace did not know, or things would become far more complicated. However, he also recalled that though the girl before him appeared naive and innocent, only suffering awaited anyone who believed her to be a clueless little girl.

Luluo stuck her small hands onto her tiny waist, seemingly seething a little as she stared at Zhou Yuan and said, “You still haven’t told me why you know about the secret.”

Zhou Yuan shot her sulky glance as he finally answered, “I detected it while I was investigating the lake.”

“You on the other hand, how did you find out?”

Zhou Yuan had a stomach full of questions. He had relied on the Decoder Saint Rune to find the secret at the bottom of the lake, so how had Luluo discovered it? Given her cultivation, it was impossible for her senses to be so keen.

Luluo raised her clean little face as she said in a pleased manner, “Little Ling told me about it.”

“I see.” Zhou Yuan was struck by a flash of understanding. The Spirit Ghost Python had been the guardian of this place, and it was not impossible for it to be aware of the secret at the bottom of the lake.

Zhou Yuan sighed as he looked at Luluo with a complicated expression.

Luluo hurriedly hugged her shoulders when she saw this and timidly said, “Zhou Yuan, you won’t kill me to silence me, right?”

Zhou Yuan glared at her as his appearance suddenly turned sinister.

However, Luluo was not frightened, but instead burst into laughter.

Zhou Yuan could only drop the act upon seeing this, before he sulkily said, “Forget it, it’s fate that you also manage to discover the secret. We’ll work together and split the treasures fifty-fifty, okay?"

If it was anyone else, he would have resorted to other measures, but Luluo was a companion he trusted, and he did not mind giving in this time.

A smile immediately appeared on Luluo’s face. She skipped forward and hugged Zhou Yuan’s arm, as her smiling voice sounded by the lakeside, “Zhou Yuan’s the best!”

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