Chapter 594 Secretly Returning

The clamor on the six color lake lasted for six days.

Over these six days, the Cangxuan Sect and Hundred Flowers Fairy Palace disciples harvested the Mythic Genesis essence in the lake without rest, as if not knowing the meaning of tiredness.

Under such monumental efforts, the color of the lake slowly began to fade on the sixth day, as the water ultimately transformed back to a normal clear look, making it no different from ordinary water.


Beside the six color lake.

The disciples from the two sects stood by the lakeside, regretful looks on their faces as they gazed at the now clear lake waters. They were clearly still somewhat unfulfilled, desiring to stay and harvest Mythic Genesis essence here forever.

Unfortunately, this was merely wishful thinking...

“Chief disciple Zhou Yuan.”

Tang Xiaoyan led a group of female disciples over, and cast her gaze towards Zhou Yuan with a slight smile. “Now that we’re done harvesting the six color lake, we shall be departing towards the deeper areas of the Mythic Utopia to unite with our Chosens.”

“It was mostly thanks to chief disciple Zhou Yuan this time, and this is a debt that our Hundred Flowers Fairy Palace will remember.”

She bowed towards Zhou Yuan. If not for him, the Hundred Flowers Fairy Palace would have suffered substantial losses in the struggle for the six color lake.

Zhou Yuan smiled and said, “Since we choose to work together, I will naturally give my all.”

Tang Xiaoyan pursed her lips as she smiled faintly and said, “Chief disciple Zhou Yuan, although you are currently a chief disciple, I have an unexplainable feeling that you may not be suppressed by the Chosens in the deeper areas of the Mythic Utopia.”

Although many may not believe such words, Tang Xiaoyan intuition told her that the young man before her eyes was not as simple as he appeared.

“It’s nice that someone thinks so highly of me.” Zhou Yuan embarrassedly scratched his head, as he responded with a warm smile.

The two leaders exchanged a few more pleasantries, before Zhou Yuan’s gaze turned towards Luluo. The young lady displayed a wide grin, before she waved her small hand and said, “Zhou Yuan, let’s meet again in the deeper regions of the Mythic Utopia.”

However, Zhou Yuan seemed to catch a sly look in her large watery eyes.

But he quickly cast it aside, as he smiled and nodded.

“Then we shall part ways here.”

Tang Xiaoyan nodded. With a shout, Genesis Qi rose from under her feet and propelled her into the sky. Numerous Hundred Flowers Fairy Palace disciples followed behind her, accompanied by lovely laughter.

As they departed, some of the female disciples cast grudging gazes at Zhou Yuan.

Zhou Yuan acted as if he did not see these gazes as he sent the Hundred Flowers Fairy Palace away with his eyes. He then stretched as if a heavy burden had been released from his shoulders, and smiled towards Jin Zhang, Gu Hongyi and the rest. “We should prepare to get moving too.”

Their next step was also to head towards the deeper regions of the Mythic Utopia to reunite with their Chosens.

Jin Zhang nodded, before proceeding to pass the instructions to the other disciples.

Zhou Yuan stood on a hill as he extended his hand. Colorful light immediately gathered towards his palm, transforming into a round gem-like orb. A deep five-color halo slowly flowed around the orb.

Mysterious undulations spread from within it.

“I did not expect that I would fail to reach the six-color level even after absorbing two five-color Divine Establishing Treasures.” There was a regretful look in Zhou Yuan’s eyes. Over the past six days, he had not only absorbed the two five-color Divine Establishing Treasures but even harvested a substantial amount of Mythic Genesis essence from the six color lake. However, he had ultimately failed to evolve his Divine Establishing Treasure to the six-color level.

Evidently, the amount of Mythic Genesis essence required for a six-color Divine Establishing Treasure was very tremendous.

With a flip of his hand, Zhou Yuan returned the five-color orb into his Qi Dwelling. His eyes flickered faintly as he looked towards the now clear waters of the six color lake. He had not forgotten that there seemed to be a secret at the bottom of the lake.

“I’ll wait for the other disciples to leave, before I secretly return to have a better look.” Mumbled Zhou Yuan to himself inside.

He did not plan to share this secret with the others. After all, he felt that he had already done a very perfect job in leading the team, and those that followed him were more than satisfied.

Now, it was time to focus on himself.

Of course, there was also much uncertainty surrounding the spatial domain at the bottom of the lake, and he felt that there was no need for everyone to get involved.

While such thoughts swirled in Zhou Yuan’s head, Go Hongyi arrived to report that they were ready. With one last deep look at the clear waters, he turned around to leave.

The Cangxuan Sect disciples soon began to rise on their Genesis Qi, leaving this location.

After the departure of the Cangxuan Sect and Hundred Flowers Fairy Palace, the lingering factions immediately swarmed towards the lake, in hopes of finding a little leftovers for themselves.

However, after rummaging through the six color lake for nearly an entire day, they could only shake their heads in disappointment. In the end, they too began to leave one after another.

After a day had passed, the lake that had once been the focus of the entire region turned peaceful and desolate once more.


Two days later, as night enveloped the land.

Zhou Yuan’s figure appeared in the destroyed mountain forest. His ethereal figure had concealed its Genesis Qi undulations, as he darted across the forest like a shadow.

He soon reached the region of the six color lake, stopping on elevated ground as he looked down from above.

The current six color lake had clearly sustained some damage, most likely the handiwork of the factions that had hoped to find some leftover spoils after Zhou Yuan and the Cangxuan Sect disciples had left.

However, this did not cause Zhou Yuan to panic. The small spatial domain at the bottom of the lake had been hidden far too well, and even he had nearly missed it, let alone other people.

A day earlier, he had settled Jin Zhang and the rest somewhere, and found an excuse to leave for the time being, before rushing back to the lake at full speed.

“Time to do it.” He mumbled to himself as he prepared to descend.

However, his pupils suddenly shrank the instant his body moved, as his gaze shot towards the dense forest in the distance, where a black silhouette stealthily flew over and landed beside the lake.

“Someone else is here at such a late time?” Zhou Yuan frowned.

Just as Zhou Yuan was going to knock the silhouette unconscious, he saw it kneel down as a faint glow emerged from its hand. Genesis Qi poured into the water, causing small ripples to form.

“What is he doing?” The strange actions of the silhouette caused Zhou Yuan’s eyes to narrow slightly. Could this person also know of the secret at the bottom of the lake?

Zhou Yuan did not move, choosing to observe instead.

The silhouette stood up under his carefully watching eyes. At this moment Zhou Yuan suddenly saw the water begin to ripple, as a several dozen feet large shadow flitted past below the surface, before ultimately breaking out of the water.

With the faint moon light, Zhou Yuan finally identified the black shadow, as shock flashed in his eyes.

It was the Three-headed Spirit Ghost Python that he, Fan Yao, Tang Xiaoyan and the others had cooperated to kill.

The python had clearly been slain by him back then, and its lifeless body had rapidly decayed after landing in the water. How had it suddenly appeared again?!

Moreover, why was the silhouette able to control it?!

Zhou Yuan’s expression turned grave, a sliver of fear emerging in his eyes as he looked at the silhouette.


While Zhou Yuan was staring at the silhouette, the Three-headed Spirit Ghost Python suddenly raised its head, emitting a piercing hiss as its eyes locked onto his location. 

The Spirit Ghost Python had discovered Zhou Yuan!

“Who’s there?!”

The silhouette also realized that someone else was around, as a clearly modified voice sounded from under its black robes.

“Get rid of him little Ling!”

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