Chapter 593 Bottom of the Lake

In the depths of the six color lake.

A golden glow zipped past in the water, as Zhou Yuan’s gaze scanned the surroundings. Gorgeous colors filled the lake, making one feel a little dazzled.

However, there was not much life to be found inside, making it appear rather desolate. It was as if the Spirit Ghost Python had been the only thing living here previously.

Zhou Yuan’s Spirit vibrated between his brows as his Spirit senses continuously reached out to probe the depths of the lake.

He wanted to find out whether there were other secrets hidden within the lake.

However, Zhou Yuan had not discovered anything strange so far.

In fact, if the Decoder Saint Rune had not sensed a few faint undulations when the treasure tree disappeared, Zhou Yuan would have been completely oblivious.

“Are even Spirit senses unable to find anything?” Zhou Yuan’s gaze faintly flickered in thought. If that was the case, he would have to borrow the power of the Decoder Saint Rune.

“Decoder Saint Rune!”

With a low shout in his heart, an ancient Saint Rune began to spin in the depths of his pupils, as the world before him began to change.

The magnificent colors receded, as everything turned ethereal.

Zhou Yuan’s figure swiftly darted past in the water, as his eyes continuously scanned the area.

This continued until a certain moment, his figure coming to a sudden stop as his gaze locked onto a certain spot at the bottom of the lake. With the Decoder Saint Rune, Zhou Yuan could finally ‘see’ traces of faint undulations spreading from this spot.

Zhou Yuan’s heart shook. There was indeed some secret in the lake!

However, it had been perfectly concealed. If not for the Decoder Saint Rune, he would have likely found nothing even after turning the place upside down.

This made him somewhat curious. What exactly was hidden at the bottom of the six color lake?

His figure landed on the lake bed as he waved his sleeve, sending out a stream of Genesis Qi. The soil began to be swept away, but he did not discover anything strange beneath it, causing him to be somewhat stunned.

Could the Decoder Saint Rune have made a mistake?

He frowned as he continued to stare at the spot. After a long time, his gaze suddenly flashed, the space there seemed to have faintly rippled for a moment.

A look of bewilderment flitted across Zhou Yuan’s eyes. Could there be a small spatial domain at the bottom of the lake?

If so, things would become quite troublesome. A small spatial domain such as this would not be easy to break into… Moreover, the disturbance created would be rather large, and others would sure sense it.

Zhou Yuan did not wish for this secret to be revealed.

There were after all far too many eyes on this place… of course, he mainly did not wish to share this with the Hundred Flowers Fairy Palace, because he had already made several concessions for them previously.

While various thoughts churned in Zhou Yuan’s head, he suddenly lifted his head and saw several glowing figures dive into the water. They were Jin Zhang, Tang Xiaoyan and the others.

Tang Xiaoyan approached and asked as she cast a glance at the soil Zhou Yuan was lifting with his Genesis Qi, “Chief disciple Zhou Yuan, did you sense something out of the ordinary?”

Zhou Yuan shook his head without a change in expression, not worried that Tang Xiaoyan would find out. After all, even he had to rely on the Decoder Saint Rune.

Sure enough, Tang Xiaoyan’s eyes carefully observed the area, before turning back towards Zhou Yuan as she regretfully said, “We’ve also searched this area earlier, but did not find anything unusual.”

Zhou Yuan nodded. “Finding the treasure tree has already made this a pretty fruitful trip.”

Tang Xiaoyan nodded in a slightly embarrassed manner. She was indeed a little too greedy.

“Let’s go and harvest the Mythic Genesis essence in the lake.” Said Zhou Yuan as he headed towards the surface without any hesitation. It seems that the secret at the bottom of the lake would have to wait till he parted ways with the Hundred Flowers Fairy Palace.

The group returned to the surface, where the disciples from the two sects had already entered the lake, and were beginning to happily harvest the Mythic Genesis essence from the allocated areas.

The quality of the Mythic Genesis essence was extremely high, far surpassing anything they had encountered previously. As such, it would surely be very effective in condensing and nurturing their Divine Establishing Treasures.

Although there had been quite a number of Divine Establishing Treasures on the tree, only a minority had received them. Therefore, the majority still had to work hard in harvesting Mythic Genesis essence.

Of course, Zhou Yuan made sure to give more care to the disciples that had not received any Divine Establishing Treasures, allocating a bigger share of the Mythic Genesis essence.

Zhou Yuan’s appearance drew many respectful and grateful gazes from the disciples of the two sects, especially from the female disciples of the Hundred Flowers Fairy Palace. Their gazes would boldly sweep across Zhou Yuan’s body, before gathering together to giggle.

It was obvious that they were extremely interested in Zhou Yuan, who had taken the spotlight in the earlier battle.

“I think all it would take is a wink for quite a number of those girls to run away with you.” A voice sounded from the side. Gu Hongyi was walking across the water with a cheeky smile and her arms across her chest.

The corners of Zhou Yuan’s mouth twitched for a moment.

Gu Hongyi’s lips lifted slightly as she playfully teased, “However, I believe that you wouldn’t dare… if Yaoyao hears of it, you will not be able to explain yourself.”

Zhou Yuan glared at her and said, “What do you mean by I won’t be able to explain myself? You make it seem as if I’m afraid of her!”

“Senior brother Zhou Yuan…”

A sweet and tender voice suddenly sounded behind Zhou Yuan. He turned his head, and saw a lovely young lady standing there, dressed in the garb of the Hundred Flowers Fairy Palace. The girl’s facial features were very pretty, and her skin was fair as snow, making her a rare little beauty in the making. Her large and bright eyes were currently looking at him as she shyly said, “Senior brother Zhou Yuan, could I trouble you to guide me in harvesting the Mythic Genesis essence for a while?”

The heart of any man would go soft at this young lady’s appearance.

However, Zhou Yuan shook his head without any hesitation and unflinchingly said, “I need to recuperate after the tough battle earlier. If junior sister requires it, I can recommend another disciple from the Cangxuan Sect.”

The young lady’s face turned a little rigid. She quickly shook her head as she said in a somewhat crestfallen manner, “There’s no need to trouble the other senior brothers.”

After speaking, she quickly ran off.

Zhou Yuan turned back around, only to find Gu Hongyi’s skeptical smile. He immediately coldly snorted and said, “I really need to recuperate!”

“Hehe, I believe you.” Gu Hongyi chuckled, before unhurriedly turning around to leave. However, there was some pity in her gaze as she cast one final look at Zhou Yuan.

Zhou Yuan hatefully grinded his teeth, but ultimately had no choice but to frustratedly sit down on the surface of the water. “What do you mean scared of Yaoyao?! We’re merely respecting each other! What do you know!”

With a snort, he cast Gu Hongyi out of his mind. A dazzling gem-like fruit soon appeared in his hand, giving off a five-colored glow.

It was the five-color Divine Establishing Treasure he had received.

As he held it in his hand, he looked around. The six color lake was currently filled with numerous figures, making it appear extremely busy. It was impossible to attempt breaking into the small spatial domain at this juncture.

Nevermind, I shall first absorb this five-color Divine Establishing Treasure.

After the Mythic Genesis essence harvesting was completed, peace would naturally return. Only then would he have his chance...

Zhou Yuan discarded other unnecessary thoughts as he slowly closed his eyes. Strands of five-colored Qi began to flow out from the five-color Divine Establishing Treasure, flowing towards his palm and pouring into his body...

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