Chapter 592 Reward

On the surface of the six color lake.

Zhou Yuan, Jin Zhang, Tang Xiaoyan and the others were currently gathered around the treasure tree. Desire surged in their gazes as they stared at the prettily glowing gem like fruits hanging from its branches, or perhaps it might be more apt to call them Divine Establishing Treasures.

Jin Zhang carefully counted, before he announced, “There’s four five-color Divine Establishing Treasures, seven four-color Divine Establishing Treasures, and thirty eight three-color Divine Establishing Treasures.”

These words made even Zhou Yuan suck in a breath of cool air, clearly quite astonished by such numbers. One must know that up till now, all the hard work of their two teams had only amounted to Jin Zhang and himself managing to condense four-color Divine Establishing Treasures.

As for the other disciples, only a handful had achieved three-color, while the majority were stuck at two-color.

From this, one could see what a large amount of Mythic Genesis essence was required to condense a Divine Establishing Treasure. Therefore, it was easy to imagine how shocked Zhou Yuan and the rest were by the nearly fifty Divine Establishing Treasures on the tree.

“As expected of a six color treasure location.” Zhou Yuan sighed. He finally understood that the fastest and most effective way to obtain higher ranked Divine Establishing Treasures in the Mythic Utopia was to search for these treasure locations.

If they were to purely rely on harvesting Mythic Genesis essence, their progress would be far too slow...

“It seems that I’ll have to pay more attention to such treasure locations in order to condense a seven-color Divine Establishing Treasure.” Mumbled Zhou Yuan in his heart.

Jin Zhang looked towards Zhou Yuan at this moment and asked, “How shall we split them?”

Tang Xiaoyan also withdrew her eyes from the tree, turned towards Zhou Yuan and smiled faintly. “Chief disciple Zhou Yuan, your contributions were the greatest this time, so you should decide how the allocation will go.”

She was quite a quick-witted individual indeed, showing that she had no intention of trying anything funny but was instead ready to comply with Zhou Yuan’s wishes.

One could not help but admit that Tang Xiaoyan was far more clever than Zhao Ru, and could make anyone she met very comfortable around her. Even Zhou Yuan had a pretty good impression of the former.

However, he did not try to act graciously and refuse her proposition. He was after all the leader of two Cangxuan Sect teams at the moment, and numerous disciples had already risked their lives for him. As such, he was obligated to fight for their interests.

He stared at the treasure tree in silence for a brief moment, before he said, “We’ll take three of the five-color Divine Establishing Treasures, while the final one shall go to chief disciple Tang Xiaoyan. How does that sound?”

Although the Hundred Flowers Fairy Palace had two chief disciples, Zhao Ru had not contributed anything in this battle. Hence, Zhou Yuan felt that she did not deserve a five-color Divine Establishing Treasure.

Tang Xiaoyan gritted her teeth a little, and was silent for a while, before ultimately giving a small nod of agreement.

She also knew how terrible of an impression Zhao Ru had made on Zhou Yuan. More importantly, Zhao Ru had not only done nothing in the earlier fight, but had even made the situation even worse by her carelessness.

Hence, she could understand why Zhou Yuan was not giving the other five-color Divine Establishing Treasure to them.

Zhou Yuan secretly breathed a sigh of relief inside. Things would have really become rather problematic if Tang Xiaoyan had rejected his proposal. After all, he would rather fight with Fan Yao than be caught up in the plots and scheming of the ladies from the Hundred Flowers Fairy Palace.

“For the seven four-color Divine Establishing Treasures, the Cangxuan Sect shall take four, while the other three go to the Hundred Flowers Fairy Palace.”

“There are thirty eight three-color Divine Establishing Treasures, we will take twenty three, while the Hundred Flowers Fairy Palace will get fifteen.”

“And finally, the Mythic Genesis essence in this six color lake. The Cangxuan Sect will take sixty percent, while the Hundred Flowers Fairy Palace shall take forty percent.” Zhou Yuan gave his proposition in one single breath.

Tang Xiaoyan carefully tabulated everything for a moment, before a faint smile rose from the corners of her red lips. Her eyebrows bent like cescents as she said in a sweet voice, “Then I’ll first thank chief disciple Zhou Yuan on behalf of our senior and junior sisters of the Hundred Flowers Fairy Palace.”

She was a smart person, and quickly realized that Zhou Yuan was giving a good amount of the spoils to their Hundred Flowers Fairy Palace after some quick calculations. Overall, he had given them nearly forty percent of the total.

This was already an extremely high share. If it were Fan Yao instead, he would likely give them twenty or maybe only ten percent...

Zhou Yuan smiled, before he exchanged a look with Jin Zhang and they both sighed in unison. Tang Xiaoyan was a formidable individual, though she appeared gentle and uncompetitive, she knew how to obtain the greatest benefits for her group.

If they were negotiating with Zhao Ru instead, Zhou Yuan would have at most conceded thirty percent. In contrast, he was unable to bring himself to be overly unreasonable in the face of Tang Xiaoyan.

This was undoubtedly one of her strengths.

However, giving in a little was not terrible either as it could be seen as an expression of goodwill towards the Hundred Flowers Fairy Palace. In the long run, it may not be a loss to them either.

“Since we agree, let’s proceed to pluck them.” Said Zhou Yuan.

Tang Xiaoyan nodded as she voluntarily stepped forward. As Genesis Qi flowed out, the Divine Establishing Treasures on the tree were plucked one after the other, before being placed in front of Zhou Yuan by her Genesis Qi.

Zhou Yuan took two five-color Divine Establishing Treasures from the pile, and passed them to Jin Zhang and Tang Xiaoyan. The two did not conceal their happiness as they eagerly received it.

“A five-color Divine Establishing Treasure…” Jin Zhang was overjoyed. With this item, he would be able to establish a five heavens Divine Dwelling when he advanced to the Divine Dwelling stage. This was already very rare for someone like himself.

One could say that his goal for entering the Mythic Utopia was basically already achieved.

“It seems we’ll always have meat to eat if we follow chief disciple Zhou Yuan. I believe that as long as you don’t encounter any Chosens, there will be no chief disciple who will be able to compete with chief disciple Zhou Yuan.” Tang Xiaoyan smilingly said, flattering Zhou Yuan a little.

Of course, there was actually some truth to her words. Although Fan Yao was only ranked third in the Sacred Palace, according to Tang Xiaoyan’s estimates, the final form he displayed would likely be able to put up a fight against the first and second chief disciples of the Sacred Palace.

However, even in that state, Fan Yao had still been so thoroughly destroyed by Zhou Yuan that not even a corpse remained… from this, one could roughly guess how much power Zhou Yuan was hiding.

Hence, as long as he did not encounter a Chosen, he was likely strong enough to do as he pleased in the outer regions of the Mythic Utopia.

Zhou Yuan chuckled as he took the two remaining five-color Divine Establishing Treasures and said, “I’ll be accepting these two.”

Jin Zhang had no objections towards this. Given Zhou Yuan’s contributions in the earlier battle, no one would have any complaints about him taking two five-color Divine Establishing Treasures.

“Divide the rest of the Divine Establishing Treasures amongst the disciples who have made the most contributions.” Zhou Yuan handed the remaining Divine Establishing Treasures to Jin Zhang and Tang Xiaoyan.

The two nodded and received them.

After they were done, they discovered that the treasure tree at the center of the lake was beginning to wither. In the end, it rapidly melted back into the water and disappeared.

The loss of the Divine Establishing Treasures had evidently resulted in the tree losing its life force, rendering it incapable of absorbing any more Genesis Qi to grow.

As the tree vanished, Zhou Yuan and the others felt the repulsive force from the lake slowly began to disperse. As a result, the other disciples could now enter.

“The Mythic Genesis essence in the lake shall be allocated according to what we agreed on, and the disciples from the two sects can enter to harvest it together…” Said Zhou Yuan.

Tang Xiaoyan suddenly interjected in a low voice, “Chief disciple Zhou Yuan, there are still several factions in the area.”

Zhou Yuan peered into the distance. As the repulsive force faded, some of the factions had begun to stir restlessly. Although they knew that teams from two overlord sects were present, the temptation of the lake was still far too great.

“Shall we chase them off?” Asked Jin Zhang.

Zhou Yuan fell silent for a moment, before he shook his head and said, “That’s too tiresome. Split off one small corner of the lake for these factions to divide amongst themselves. They can fight over it however they want, but whoever disturbs us shall have their rights revoked. I believe that they will be very happy to maintain order for us.”

Tang Xiaoyan’s eyes brightened a little. Zhou Yuan’s idea would save them a lot of trouble. Although they did not fear the other factions, even flies would become annoying if too many were gathered.

Zhou Yuan’s idea of throwing out a small cookie to resolve these annoyances would even be able to collect goodwill from the other factions. Most importantly, it would save them a lot of energy.

As such, the two chief disciples departed to instruct the other disciples.

Zhou Yuan stood on the surface of the lake, staring at the spot where the tree had melted, as his gaze faintly flickered in thought.

Jin Zhang and Tang Xiaoyan may perhaps believe that the tree was gone after plucking the Divine Establishing Treasures, but the spinning Decoder Saint Rune in the depths of Zhou Yuan’s pupils allowed him to sense something else.

“Could there be another mystery in this six color lake?”

After pondering a little, his figure suddenly moved, diving into the six color lake with a splash.

Regardless of what it was, he would first investigate it.

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