Chapter 591 Shocking Everyone

Amidst the mountain forest, countless gazes dazedly stared at the white bone staff in Zhou Yuan’s hand. The psychological blow they received from reality blanking their minds.

Wang Yuan’s expression was rigid, while the corners of his mouth twitched erratically. It was a long while later, before he finally somewhat returned to his senses, as he gritted his teeth and laughed in anger. “Zhou Yuan! Do you take us as idiots!”

“How long did it take for us to rush here?! Are you trying to tell me that you finished off Fan Yao within this brief period of time?!”

The other factions could not help but nod in agreement. It had barely taken them any time to rush here from the six color lake.

In such a small time frame, Zhou Yuan had not only managed to defend himself against Fan Yao in that terrifying state, and even managed to finish off the latter?

Had some Chosen from the Cangxuan Sect interfered?!

“Fan Yao! Come out! Where the hell are you?!” Wang Xuan flew into the sky, as a voice wrapped in Genesis Qi rang out like thunder, and echoed across the area.

Zhou Yuan stood in the air, his expression indifferent as he watched.

Wang Yuan continued to roar as his expression grew uglier and uglier, while a chilling sensation slowly began to fill his heart. If Fan Yao was really around, it would be impossible for there to be no response.

His gaze turned towards the white bone staff in Zhou Yuan’s hand once more, as his scalp gradually turned numb. After regaining his rationality, he had begun to analyze whether Zhou Yuan had been telling the truth.

His rationality told him that Fan Yao had most likely been slain here. Moreover… it had been with such overwhelming force that not even a corpse or bone remained.

Only the white bone staff had managed to survive.

Could Zhou Yuan really have done this?!

How could this be?! If he did possess such strength, why had he chosen to flee from Fan Yao earlier?!

Not even the corners of Zhou Yuan’s clothes seemed to have been touched, making him look completely unharmed, and not the least bit like someone who had just experienced a terrible fight...

How the hell had Fan Yao disappeared?

While various emotions churned in Wang Yuan’s heart, fear slowly began to rise in his gaze that had paused on Zhou Yuan. The latter had become somewhat unfathomable in his eyes.

He started to subconsciously back away one step at a time.

The various factions present were finally able to ascertain one thing at the sight of Wang Yuan’s actions. Fan Yao had most likely been killed...

The various factions swallowed one after another, fear and respect emerging in their gazes as they turned towards Zhou Yuan. Although they did not know how he had done it, the process was no longer important at this juncture, but… the outcome.

In the sky, after realizing Fan Yao’s fate, Wang Yuan immediately turned around and fled without the slightest shred of hesitation.

“Sacred Place disciples, withdraw!”

A roar accompanied his fleeing figure. When the conclusion between Fan Yao and Zhou Yuan appeared, Wang Yuan knew that they had lost completely.

Fan Yao’s death made it no longer possible for them to vie with the Cangxuan Sect and the Hundred Flowers Fairy Palace for the six color lake and the treasure tree.

Hence, he decisively gave the order to retreat.

The Sacred Palace disciples immediately scattered upon hearing this. There was no longer any hint of their earlier arrogance in the hasty manner in which they ran.

Jin Zhang and Tang Xiaoyan wanted to give chase, but ultimately held themselves back. The most important matter at hand was the six color lake and the treasure tree, and if they chose to chase the Sacred Palace, the other factions would undoubtedly take advantage.

As such, they could only send off the pathetically fleeing Sacred Palace team with their eyes.

The other factions could not help but sadly sigh at this scene. The Sacred Palace’s reputation had been growing like the rising sun over the years, leading to them becoming more and more domineering.

Of course, it was also because they had the strength to back up such domineering behaviour.

It was very rare to see a scene like today, where members of the Sacred Palace were fleeing like dogs...

Numerous gazes turned towards the youth figure in the air with reverence. They knew that the Sacred Palace’s crushing defeat today was all due to the existence of this individual.

Though they still could not comprehend how a mere seventh layer Cangxuan Sect chief disciple could possess such terrifying strength...

Regardless, they knew that Zhou Yuan’s name would surely spread to the entire Mythic Utopia after today’s events.

Zhou Yuan’s expression remained calm, paying no heed to these gazes. He grasped the white bone staff as his body moved, appearing in front of Jin Zhang and Tang Xiaoyan.

“Chief disciple Zhou Yuan, has Fan Yao… really died?” Tang Xiaoyan could not help but ask when she saw Zhou Yuan.

Zhou Yuan grinned and nodded. “I didn’t manage to properly control my power. As such, not even a corpse was left.”

Upon hearing Zhou Yuan personally admit it, Tang Xiaoyan could not help but lightly grit her teeth. She stared straight at him, clearly greatly affected by this admission inside.

It was a long while later before she finally exhaled and said, “Chief disciple Zhou Yuan… is truly unfathomable.” 

At this moment, a big group of Hundred Flowers Fairy Palace disciples approached from behind. Luluo was at the very front, her large eyes opening even wider as she stared at Zhou Yuan and exclaimed out in amazement, “Zhou Yuan, when did you become so amazing!”

Fan Yao had been so powerful that even senior sister Xiaoyan would have likely not been his match, and Luluo never imagined that such a formidable individual would fall by Zhou Yuan’s hands. Although she had always felt Zhou Yuan to be very strong, she did not expect him to be so overwhelming.

Zhou Yuan grinned at her. His gaze swept across the surroundings as he said, “Let’s head to the six color lake first.”

Since the biggest competitor had retreated, the most important agenda was to harvest the spoils.

Under Zhou Yuan’s lead the teams from the two sects flew back to the six color lake. The other factions made way one after another, not daring to obstruct the former. Those that had secretly aided the Sacred Palace side earlier tactfully slipped away, afraid that the two overlord sects would cause trouble for them.

The large group rushed back to the lake. By this time, the Hundred Flowers Fairy Palace disciples had fished Zhao Ru out of the water. The latter was gravely injured, but finally managed to awaken after some quick first aid.

An embarrassed look appeared on Zhao Ru’s pale face when she saw Zhou Yuan. She lowered her gaze in shame, not daring to meet his eyes.

A disciple had already informed her about what had happened earlier.

If not for Zhou Yuan’s efforts, the Hundred Flowers Fairy Palace would have certainly paid an extremely terrible price...

As she limped over with someone’s help, Zhao Ru summoned her courage and said,  “Chief disciple Zhou Yuan, I was a fool earlier…”

Zhou Yuan waved his hand, indicating that he did not mind. However, his attitude remained a little cold towards Zhao Ru. He clearly had quite a bad impression of her.

Zhao Ru also understood that her previous actions had been rather loathsome. Thus, she embarrassedly withdrew to the side to tend to her injuries.

Zhou Yuan had already become the focal point of the group. He looked towards the treasure tree at the center of the lake, before turning towards Tang Xiaoyan with a smile. “Since our greatest foe has already been beaten off, it’s time for us to split the spoils…”

Both the Cangxuan Sect and Hundred Flowers Fairy Palace disciples stirred excitedly at his words. Wasn’t the very moment all of them had fought so hard for...

They were not the only ones, an expectant look also flowed out in the eyes of the chief disciple like Jin Zhang and Tang Xiaoyan.

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