Chapter 59 Mid Illusory Stage

On the fifth day after obtaining the Ancestral Dragon Scripture, Zhou Yuan finally managed to completely unblock his seventh meridian channel. This brought him one step closer to the Qi Nourishing stage and made him increasingly anxious with regards to gathering the ingredients needed for the first level of the Ancestral Dragon Scripture.

Royal palace.

“Father, have the Genesis resources I requested been prepared?!” A pair of expectant eyes shot towards Zhou Qing the moment Zhou Yuan entered.

In response, Zhou Qing could not help but let out a bitter chuckle. “You brat, do you genuinely think that our royal treasury is all powerful?”

Even Zhou Qing could not help but shudder when he recalled the four items Zhou Yuan had requested.

“Moreover, are the Genesis resources you need really only used to cultivate grade 5 Genesis Qi?” Zhou Qing was after all a knowledgeable individual and had encountered grade 5 Genesis Qi before. None of the grade 5 Genesis Qi he knew of required such rare and high quality Genesis resources.

Zhou Yuan awkwardly laughed in response. Yaoyao had warned him that the Ancestral Dragon Scripture must be kept secret, hence, he had told Zhou Qing that he intended to practice a grade 5 Genesis Qi cultivation method.

Zhou Yuan asked with a slightly vexed voice, “Even the royal treasury is unable to gather them?”

Zhou Qing released a helpless sigh before retrieving a jade box from behind him. He opened the box, revealing a transparent jade bottle. The bottle was filled with water in which a drop of vicious gold liquid slowly revolved.

It was the Heavenly Gold Marrow!

Beside the jade bottle was a black crystal dotted with holes. An astonishingly cold chill swept out from it, causing frost to form in the surrounding air. Meanwhile, sounds of flowing water could be heard from inside the crystal, as if spring water was flowing within it.

The Nine Underworld Black Spring Crystal!

Zhou Qing pointed at the jade box and said, “The royal treasury only has these two.”

Zhou Yuan scratched his head. “No Genesis Swallowing Rock or grade 4 python type Genesis Beast Spirit?”

A displeased Zhou Qing glared at Zhou Yuan. “Greedy brat, the four items you requested probably cost a total of 500,000 Genesis crystals. Moreover, you likely won’t be able to purchase them even if you have the money.”

A year of collected taxes for the entire Great Zhou Empire only amounted to a million. From this, one could tell just how expensive these items were.

Zhou Yuan smiled awkwardly. 500,000 Genesis crystals was a frightening sum indeed. It was practically enough to purchase an high tier Black Genesis Weapon from the auction house.

And the only high tier Black Genesis Weapon of the royal clan was the Nine Flames Spear that belonged to Zhou Qing.

“Then what can we do?” A miserable look emerged on Zhou Yuan’s face. If he did not gather the four Genesis resources, he would not be able to initiate himself into the first level of the Ancestral Dragon Scripture.

Zhou Qing frowned as he pondered for a while. “I have heard of something like the Genesis Swallowing Rock before.”

“Oh?” Zhou Yuan’s eyes brightened. As long as there was news, there would be a way.

Zhou Qing elaborated, “There is a rock in the great general’s residence that is able to continuously absorb Genesis Qi and expel purer Genesis Qi in return. Thus, when placed in a room, training in the room will be more effective.”

“Geat general Wei Canglan?” Zhou Yuan was stunned. What a coincidence, he was about to head to Canglan County after all.

“Yes, but due to how valuable it is, whether or not you will be able to obtain it from him will depend on your abilities.” Zhou Qing was unable to help. After all, it was not appropriate for him to force the great general to give this Genesis Swallowing Rock to Zhou Yuan.

“I will give it a try.” Zhou Yuan nodded. At the very least, he now had some information. As for how to obtain it, he would have to think of a way.

“What about the grade 4 python type Genesis Beast Spirit?” Zhou Yuan looked towards Zhou Qing again.

Zhou Qing’s head started to ache somewhat when he heard this as he helplessly said, “A grade 4 python type Genesis Beast.. even I find it rather troublesome to deal with a Genesis Beast of that level, to think that a brat like you actually wants its Beast Spirit.”

“There is currently no news of such an item but I will continue to help you search for it. Besides this, with regards to the place you’re heading to, Canglan County, the neighboring Blackwater is home to innumerable Genesis Beasts. Likewise, countless Genesis masters hunt the Genesis Beasts there and with some luck, you might bump into the creature you seek.”

Zhou Yuan let out a helpless sigh. Looks like he would have to try his luck in Canglan County to get ahold of the remaining two Genesis resources.

Zhou Yuan inquired, “Father, when will we be leaving?”

His head had nothing but thoughts of quickly searching for the last two Genesis resources and then begin practicing the first level of the Ancestral Dragon Scripture, the Omni Python Qi.

Upon seeing Zhou Yuan’s impatient appearance, Zhou Qing could only helplessly chuckle and reply, “In five days. I will instruct Lu Tieshan and a group of imperial guards to protect you on this trip to Canglan County.”


Time flew by. In the blink of an eye, four days had passed.

Night of the fourth day.

On the bed, Zhou Yuan’s eyes were tightly shut, a faint light flickering between his brows where a blurry seated figure could be seen. It was Zhou Yuan’s Spirit.


A rumbling noise rang out from between Zhou Yuan’s brow at this moment, indicating the divine grindstone was rotating. It was obvious that Zhou Yuan was currently using the Primal Chaos Divine Grindstone Visualisation Method to temper his Spirit.

It had almost been half a year since he began practicing the Primal Chaos Divine Grindstone Visualisation Method. Zhou Yuan’s Spirit was growing increasingly tough and powerful under his relentless training.

In a formless black space, an unimaginably huge grindstone slowly turned. Anything that was cast unto it would be crushed into nothingness.

An illusory silhouette was currently bitterly enduring within the titanic grindstone.

The upper and lower wheels slowly crushed its body. Every touch caused the illusory figure to tremble violently, as if it was bearing an immense pain.

As it bitterly persisted, the two golden markings on the slowly turning grindstone suddenly joined together again.

Nine rotations of the divine grindstone, every rotation a whole new realm!

After half a year of tempering, Zhou Yuan’s Spirit had finally endured an entire rotation of the divine grindstone.


As the two golden lines became one once again, Zhou Yuan’s Spirit finally reached its limit and shattered. But soon after, an invisible ripple converged in front of the divine grindstone as an illusory figure was reconstructed.

It was Zhou Yuan’s Spirit.

At this moment, the Spirit’s eyes were shut a unique undulation pulsed from it. Zhou Yuan’s Spirit had undoubtedly become much more material compared to before.

In the room, Zhou Yuan suddenly opened his eyes and a bright light shot out from them. The rippling Spirit aura between his brows abruptly strengthened!

“Mid Illusory stage!”

Zhou Yuan felt the pulsing Spirit between his brows as wild joy flooded his face. After half a year of training, his Spirit had finally stepped into the mid Illusory stage.

Now that it had reached this level, his Spirit power could materialize in the outside world, allowing him to perform Spirit based attacks like the Spirit Needle Rune Qi Yue had used in the Jade Spirit Waterfall back then. If he managed to catch an enemy off guard with such an attack, it would surely be very effective.

Most importantly of course was that Zhou Yuan could now begin learning grade 2 Genesis Runes!

Even a Qi Nourishing stage opponent would be wary of grade 2 Genesis Runes.

Being unable to quickly cultivate the Omni Python Qi had originally caused Zhou Yuan to be a little vexed, but now that he had the potential aid of grade 2 Genesis Runes, there was no longer a need to fear Qi Nourishing stage foes whom have learnt Qi cultivation methods.


Zhou Yuan let out a drawn out breath as he body gradually relaxed.

“I can finally head to Canglan County without too much worry.”

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