Chapter 589 Earth Saint Rune Reveals its Power

Bzz! Bzz!

As Fan Yao stepped forward with murder in his eyes, he suddenly felt the ground tremble faintly. He initially brushed it off as his imagination, but the shaking soon began to grow more and more violent...

The land shuddered, ripples spreading upon it as if it were the surface of a lake.

Zhou Yuan was located at the very epicenter of these ripples.

Fan Yao could feel that something seemed to be surging over from all directions under the ground, giving off an invisible pressure. Even in his current state, the pressure made Fan Yao feel a trace of fear.

It was if he were an ant standing before a towering mountain...

Fan Yao stared at Zhou Yuan in alarm and uncertainty, somewhat unable to believe that the latter was the origin of this power. What kind of Genesis technique was this?!

“What trickery are you up to?!”

Fan Yao’s expression had turned dark and frosty as he quickened his pace, turning to a flash of blood-red as he shot towards Zhou Yuan.

“Did you believe these tactics will be able to scare me off? Naive fool!”

“Watch me smash your tactics to pulp with a punch!”


Blood-red Genesis Qi soared into the sky, seemingly dying half the sky in a blood-red hue. Violent Genesis Qi undulations unfurled from Fan Yao’s body, forcefully snapping the towering trees in the vicinity.

“Great Blood Demon skill!”

Blood-colored light began to converge from all over the sky as he roared, forming a giant blood demon shadow. This blood demon shadow had grown even more terrifying than when Fan Yao had used it earlier!

The entire area was filled with the stench of blood.

A frightening Genesis Qi pressure spread, causing the ground the crumble.


Fan Yao’s figure rose into the sky with a sinisterly twisted face. He paused in the air for a few moments, before suddenly diving down and fusing with the enormous blood demon shadow, causing his aura to reach a dreadfully fear-inducing level.


He roared as he threw a punch. Human fist and the giant blood demon hand moved together, blood-red Genesis Qi converging towards them as they streaked across the sky like a blood-colored shooting star, accompanied by destructive energies as they ruthlessly blasted towards Zhou Yuan below.

The ground below had already begun to crumble before the punch had even landed, the surrounding forest continuously collapsing as if swallowed into the earth.

The current Fan Yao was akin to a blood devil that was wreaking havoc on the human world.

However, although Fan Yao was currently alarmingly imposing, Zhou Yuan remained with his hands gently pressed onto the ground, not even lifting his head to look, although the wind pressure from the sky caused his clothes to madly flap about his body.

“You’re dead no matter what kind of trick you have this time!”

As the final word rang out, Fan Yao had already begun hurtling downwards like a meteor, while his fist blasted through the air.

Zhou Yuan finally slowly raised his head at this moment. His pupils had taken on an ageless yellow hue, giving off a heavy and ancient glow, while filled with unfathomable mysteriousness.

The alarming sight of Fan Yao fused with the blood demon shadow as he descended from the sky were reflected in these ageless yellow pupils, before Zhou Yuan's palms suddenly pushed into the ground.


In that instant, the land within a hundred miles began to shake violently. Anyone who could sense the Genesis Qi undulations beneath the ground would see endless Genesis Qi rushing over from every direction.

Zhou Yuan raised one of his hands, as ageless yellow Genesis Qi gathered towards his palm, seemingly forming a vortex of sorts.

He intended to meet Fan Yao’s terrifying attack head-on.

“Zhou Yuan, you’re courting death!” Fan Yao laughed in anger. A split second later, blood light fell from the sky with overwhelming destructive might, and mercilessly crashed into Zhou Yuan’s hand.


A ripple that could be seen with the naked eye unfurled, snapping countless towering trees within a ten thousand feet radius.

The ground around Zhou Yuan collapsed, forming a giant pit.

Fan Yao laughed sinisterly, as if he had already seen the fate of Zhou Yuan being destroyed into nothingness by his power.

“I shall see how you’ll survive this time!”

However, his loud laughter came to an abrupt halt when the dust below gradually began to scatter. Fan Yao looked down with a frozen expression, staring at Zhou Yuan, who was still in the same kneeling position inside the pit, one hand in contact with the ground, while the other was outstretched towards the sky.

Ageless yellow Genesis Qi swirled in the form of a mysterious vortex on his outstretched palm. Fan Yao’s frightening attack from earlier had utterly failed to shatter the seemingly weak looking ageless yellow vortex.

Not even the corners of Zhou Yuan’s clothes had been damaged.

His youthful face was as calm as a deep abyss, while his eyes indifferently looked at Fan Yao.

“How… is this possible…” Fan Yao stared at this scene in a daze, unable to believe that his full power blow had been unable to harm even a single hair on Zhou Yuan.

“It can’t be…”

“Is this an illusion…”

However, Zhou Yuan’s five fingers slowly tightened into a fist, his bottomless eyes staring at Fan Yao as he said, “It should be my turn to attack next, right?”


Fan Yao’s figure rapidly retreated the instant these words sounded, pushing his speed to the max with the intent of fleeing from his place, as fear surfaced in the eyes. The earlier scene had clearly caused an intense feeling of dread to rise within him.

He was very decisive, ignoring everyone else and first prioritizing his escape.

His gut told him that if he did not leave now, this place would likely become his grave...

Zhou Yuan watched the fleeing Fan Yao with indifference, paying no attention to the latter as his hand remained fixed to the ground. Boundless ageless yellow Genesis Qi was currently pouring into his body like a flood.

The Earth Saint Rune!

It could draw in the Genesis Qi contained within the earth.

Such power was pure and heavy, power that could only form in the depths of the earth.

A thin layer of crystal gradually began to appear on Zhou Yuan’s right arm. The crystal layer gave off an ageless yellow sheen, while faint ancient grooves seemed to grow along it. These grooves gave off a natural feeling, as if they were born from nature itself.

He could feel an explosive power gathering in his right arm.

The power was so strong that it caused several bloody cracks to split open on his right arm, a sign that his body was unable to bear its might.


Zhou Yuan exhaled deeply, as a cold and cruel light flickered in his eyes. His five fingers clenched tightly as he looked towards the hurriedly fleeing Fan Yao, before suddenly throwing his right fist a split second later.


A thunderous sound boomed across the land, as an enormous glowing pillar of ageless yellow Genesis Qi abruptly shot out from Zhou Yuan’s fist.

Ageless yellow Genesis Qi churned like a tsunami, seemingly turning into a giant rampaging dragon as it flew through the air, and appeared behind Fan Yao in a single breath.

The terrifying undulations spreading behind him caused Fan Yao’s soul to nearly jump out of his body. With a mad howl, the giant blood demon shadow around him glowed brightly as he channelled all of his power into a torrent that ruthlessly blasted towards the ageless yellow Genesis Qi.


The two forces collided a split second later.

Next, the thing that Fan Yao dreaded the most happened. The blood demon shadow that contained all of his power was unable to endure for even a few breaths in the face of the ageless yellow flood, and exploded with one final wail.

“I admit defeat! I admit defeat! Please spare my life!”

Shrieked Fan Yao, his face filled with terror.

“If you kill me, the Chosen of my Sacred Blood Hall, Zhan Taiqing, will not let you off!”


However, Zhou Yuan was indifferent. As the blood demon shadow shattered, the ageless yellow flood pierced through and swallowed Fan Yao...


The flood rushed past the land.

A large ten thousand foot long crack was torn open in the ancient forest below, the many mountains along the way flattened by the passing flood...

The entire place was completely silent, with only Fan Yao’s final shriek faintly echoing across the land.

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