Chapter 588 Unscrupulous

Countless gazes watched in alarm and fright as Fan Yao grabbed the blood corpse that had been made from Ning Mo, and frantically sucked out all of its blood. Genesis Qi undulations erupted from the former’s body, and began to climb at an astonishing speed.

The crazy rate of increase caused the expression of the nearby Tang Xiaoyan to change drastically.

“You’re insane Fan Yao! I can’t believe that you would even resort to such measures!” Shouted Tang Xiaoyan through gritted teeth.

Fan Yao’s actions were hard to accept no matter where you were. The blood corpse had been made from Ning Hai after all, and they were once fellow disciples of the same sect. And yet, Fan Yao was now sucking his fellow brother’s blood!

A somewhat complicated expression rose in the eyes of the other Sacred Palace chief disciple, Wang Yuan, when he saw this. Fan Yao was using an extremely vicious secret art of the Sacred Blood Hall, in which he consumed fresh blood to temporarily raise his strength. However, this technique was far too malicious, and would leave detrimental after effects. As such, even the Sacred Blood Hall disciples would seldom practice it...

Let alone use it on a fellow disciple...

However, he also understood that Fan Yao was left with no other option at this moment, because Zhou Yuan’s strength had surpassed everyone’s expectations...

If the Sacred Palace lost to the Cangxuan Sect here, they would be unable to explain themselves when they met their Chosens later on, especially because the Chosen from the Sacred Blood Hall was that Zhan Taiqing!

As a Sacred Palace disciple, all of them clearly understood the second ranked Chosen’s character. Do not let her seductively beautiful appearance fool you, because she was in truth extremely vicious, cruel and heartless. In fact, even the other Chosens were deeply wary of her.

This was precisely the reason why things would not end up well for Fan Yao if she were to find out that he had been defeated by Zhou Yuan. Hence, Fan Yao needed to do everything he could to kill Zhou Yuan and solidify the reputation of the Sacred Blood Hall.

In the sky, the blood corpse rapidly withered at a speed that could be seen by the naked eye, ultimately turning into dust that drifted away with the wind.

Fan Yao’s hair was messily scattered behind him, while his pupils glowed with a blood-red light. The blood runes on his body wiggled like worms, while bloody blisters began to swell from under his skin, before exploding, causing a splatter of blood and a horrible stench to spread.

The current Fan Yao looked like a monster.

However, the Genesis Qi undulations that pulsed from his body had reached rather alarming levels. In fact, even the space around him seemed to distort a little.

He slowly raised his head, as his glowing pupils locked onto Zhou Yuan. Blood dripped from the corner of his mouth as a chilling voice that could freeze even the air itself sounded.

“I never imagined that I would be pushed so far by you…”

Zhou Yuan’s expression turned grave at this moment. Fan Yao in this state made the former feel a strong sensation of danger.

“Zhou Yuan, let’s join forces!” Shouted Tang Xiaoyan. The blood corpse had now been consumed by Fan Yao, and she was now free to aid Zhou Yuan.


However, the Genesis Qi in Fan Yao’s body erupted a split second after her voice rang out, as he disappeared from the spot.

Zhou Yuan’s pupils shrank as he shouted, “Careful!”

A foreboding feeling also rose in Tang Xiaoyan as she hurriedly retreated.


Just as she was about to back away, Fan Yao’s body appeared above her like a phantom, his pupils glowing scarlet-red, as a sinister smile rose from the corners of his lips.

“Tang Xiaoyan, since you want to die, I shall grant fulfil your wish!”

His hand swatted downwards as mountain-toppling blood-red Genesis Qi swept out from his palm with horrifying momentum. As his hand descended, a giant palm print appeared on the surface of the six color lake below.

Genesis Qi also rose from Tang Xiaoyan’s body as she poured out her full power into creating multiple layers of defenses.


However, these defenses were as frail as paper under Fan Yao’s palm, and were easily torn apart in a short few breaths. Berserk Genesis Qi rushed forth, violently blasting into Tang Xiaoyan’s outstretched arms.


Tang Xiaoyan’s pretty face paled as she vomited a mouthful of blood. Her figure miserably tumbled through the air, her slender arms somewhat twisted in an unnatural manner.

“Senior sister!” Outside the six color lake, the disciples of the Hundred Flowers Fairy Palace turned pale at the sight of this scene.

An anxious expression flooded Luluo’s eyes. She was pretty close to Tang Xiaoyan, and was naturally worried about the latter’s safety.


Fan Yao did not relent after his successful blow, but instead shot forth once more an attempt to finish off Tang Xiaoyan in the quickest manner possible.

His current speed was extremely quick, enabling him to catch up to Tang Xiaoyan in a flash as terrifying Genesis Qi converged in his palm once more.

A feeling of despair rose in Tang Xiaoyan’s heart when she saw this. However, she did not give up, but instead gritted her teeth as a decisive look emerged in her eyes. She was prepared to fight till death.

However, a figure appeared behind her just as she was about to act. An arm reached out and hooked around her waist, before quickly retreating like a shadow, directly evading Fan Yao’s chasing strike.

Tang Xiaoyan was initially stunned from being grabbed at the waist. Just as Genesis Qi was about to surge out, the arm around her waist loosened and released her.

Her head jerked around, and found Zhou Yuan standing beside her.

“Are you okay?” Zhou Yuan looked at her.

Tang Xiaoyan’s pale face flushed a little as she shook her head and softly replied, “Thank you.”

Zhou Yuan waved his hand. “Don’t clash with him directly, he’s very powerful now.”

Fan Yao stood in the air nearby, slightly cocking his head as he looked at the two chief disciples and playfully said, “Still in the mood to act the hero and save the damsel in distress even at this juncture?”

His voice was filled with ridicule.

However, he soon waved his hand and lazily said, “Never mind, since you’re already so into the act, allow me to give you two a fitting scenario… how about a pair of lovebirds fleeing for their lives?”

Zhou Yuan’s expression was calm as he said, “It’s never good to celebrate too early… I believe your current empowered state will not last for long, right?”

Fan Yao lifted his palm as dreadful blood-red Genesis Qi converged towards it into a swirling mass, as he nonchalantly said, “Don’t worry, there’s plenty of time to finish you guys off, and even massacre the other disciples from your teams.”

Fan Yao’s gaze shifted towards Tang Xiaoyan, “Tang Xiaoyan, do you regret collaborating with the useless Cangxuan Sect now?”

Tang Xiaoyan icily chuckled. “Who dares to cooperate with someone who would even devour his fellow disciple?”

Fan Yao shrugged in an uncaring manner. “The victor is always right.”

“However, you’ve reminded me that I’ll need to exterminate all the disciples from your teams after finishing you guys off such as to safeguard my reputation. Everyone shall be buried together in this beautiful six color lake.”

The muder laced in his words made terror rise within anyone who heard them.

In the face of such a brutal Fan Yao, even Tang Xiaoyan paled substantially.

In contrast, Zhou Yuan’s expression remained unchanged like the water in an ancient well, as he slowly said, “You appear to believe that you’ve already won?”

“What else can possibly happen?” A wide smile was plastered across Fan Yao’s face.

Zhou Yuan said to Tang Xiaoyan, “Leave him to me. There’s no need for you to interfere.”

She hesitated somewhat, but ultimately nodded. Though she was extremely doubtful of Zhou Yuan’s words...

Fan Yao crossed his arms as he toyingly stared at Zhou Yuan, seemingly very interested in where the latter found such confidence.


With Fan Yao watching, Zhou Yuan turned into a blur as he moved, zipping away from the six color lake amidst countless stunned gazes.


Numerous gasps stealthily rang out. It seemed as if Zhou Yuan was… running?

Fan Yao was also taken aback for a moment, before he began to burst into laughter. He looked at the similarly stunned Tang Xiaoyan and chuckled, “Is he planning on abandoning you guys to run?”

Tang Xiaoyan did not answer, her heart sinking as she watched the swiftly leaving figure.

Fan Yao sighed and said, “Don’t worry, I’ve already said that I will make you two fleeing lovebirds, how can I allow him to survive alone?”


His figure disappeared once again, as a blur streaked past in the sky, swiftly chasing after Zhou Yuan.

Fan Yao was extremely quick, and the gap between the two rapidly shrank at a rate that could be seen by the naked eye.

Anyone could see that it was impossible for Zhou Yuan to escape.

Jin Zhang’s figure appeared beside Tang Xiaoyan. The latter looked at him in a hesitant manner, before she asked, “He… what is he doing?”

She was evidently still somewhat unable to believe that Zhou Yuan was really abandoning them to escape by himself.

Jin Zhang was silent for a moment, before he answered, “He’s not that kind of person.”

Tang Xiaoyan faintly nodded in agreement as confusion surfaced in her eyes. She too felt that Zhou Yuan was not such a person, so what exactly was he up to now?

Every gaze both in and outside of the six color lake was currently focused on the two fleeing and chasing figures...


Under their gazes, Zhou Yuan’s figure turned around several dozen breaths later, and landed in the middle of the ancient mountain forest.

His figure descended from the sky, landing on the solid ground.

Fan Yao’s figure soon appeared in front of Zhou Yuan and began looking around as a flash of understanding struck him. “So you were finding a good grave for yourself.”

“This place is pretty good.”

Zhou Yuan ignored the former, and took in a deep breath, before squatting down as he gently placed both palms flat on the earth.

At the sight of these actions, Fan Yao frowned as a faint sense of unease rose within him.

“Forget it, there’s no point in continuing to play with you any longer. I guess I’ll kill you now.” He began to walk forward as he spoke.

Zhou Yuan lowered his head and stared at the back of his hands. A Saint Rune that gave off a mysterious aura was slowly emerging from the flesh of his palms.


The land began to tremble faintly at this moment.

Zhou Yuan’s eyes narrowed, as a voice sounded in his heart.

“Allow me to witness your power…”

“Earth Saint Rune!”

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