Chapter 586 Hard Fight


In the sky above the six color lake, vigorous golden Genesis Qi accompanied the Heavenly Yuan Brush as it sweeped downwards, and ferociously collided with the white bone claw staff. A clear ‘clang’ sounded, as a ripple that could be seen with the naked eye swept outwards, slightly distorting the surrounding space.

Zhou Yuan and Fan Yao’s gazes were locked together, chilling killing intent sugging within them.

In the next instant, both parties made their move.

Brush and staff shadows filled the sky, pouring out like torrential rain. A series of explosions immediately rumbled in the sky, the two individuals exchanging several hundred blows in the mere span of a few dozen breaths.

Neither side tried anything fancy, both purely relying on their Genesis Qi foundations.

Fan Yao was clearly extremely confident in his Genesis Qi foundations and believed that it was all he needed to crush Zhou Yuan. However, Zhou Yuan was unafraid. Although the number of Genesis Qi stars in his Qi Dwelling was less than Fan Yao, a battle between Genesis Qi was not solely based on Genesis Qi star number...

Though his Omni Serpent Qi was only a grade 6 Genesis Qi. Its quality could match some grade 7 Genesis Qi.

Fan Yao’s blood-red Genesis Qi was also at grade 6, but there was still a substantial gap between it and Zhou Yuan’s Omni Serpent Qi.

Therefore, Fan Yao may have more Genesis Qi stars, but Zhou Yuan was superior in quality.

Thud! Thud! Thud!

The two fighters exchanged several hundred blows in the sky, the intensity of the battle causing several onlookers to swallow. However, they could tell that neither individual was able to take the upper hand.

This was rather surprising to them. After all, from the standpoint of Genesis Qi foundations, Fan Yao was clearly at an advantage, but reality showed that this not actually the case.


The Heavenly Yuan Brush and white bone staff fiercely clashed in the sky, causing ripples to sweep outwards, before the two figures shot backwards.

Zhou Yuan steadied his body as he stared at Fan Yao. The latter was very powerful indeed. Zhou Yuan had managed to suppress Ning Mo previously with his Genesis Qi alone, but was currently equally matched against Fan Yao.

However, Fan Yao’s expression was clearly much darker than Zhou Yuan, likely not expecting his advantage in Genesis Qi to achieve nothing against Zhou Yuan.

“His Genesis Qi is clearly at the grade 6 level, why is it able to suppress my Blood Demon Genesis Qi?” Fan Yao was rather frustrated. The grade 6 Genesis Qi he cultivated was something that was only available to the chief disciples even in the Sacred Palace. He should have been able to suppress Zhou Yuan even if he also cultivated grade 6 Genesis Qi.

Although Fan Yao was frustrated and unable to comprehend this situation, he was after all a seasoned fighter, and quickly withdrew these feelings. He swept an icy glance at Zhou Yuan, as his hands suddenly formed a seal.


Blood-red Genesis Qi poured out from his body, causing a bloody stench to fill the area.

Since he could not gain the upper hand with Genesis Qi alone, he would have to bring out Genesis techniques to obtain victory. As the chief disciple of the Sacred Blood Hall, Fan Yao had already spent many years training in the Sacred Palace, and did not believe he would be incapable of dealing with a new chief disciple that had been in the Cangxuan Sect for a few years at most.

“Poison Blood Dragon technique!”

Blood-red Genesis Qi violently churned around Fan Yao as it swiftly condensed into an enormous blood dragon. Poison Qi surged around the blood dragon’s body, giving it an imposing presence.

The Poison Blood Dragon technique was a low grade Heaven Genesis technique that boasted formidable power. He had practiced it for many years, and was very close to mastering it. 

With a loud shout from Fan Yao, poison Qi rapidly swirled around the roaring blood dragon as it flew towards Zhou Yuan, creating an extremely intimidating and alarming sight.

Zhou Yuan stood in the air, his expression unchanged as he watched the roaring blood dragon approach. His hands swiftly formed a seal, as the Genesis Qi in his body frantically began to gather.

His mouth began to balloon at this moment.

“Heavenly Sun God Record, Heavenly Sun Flame!”

In the next instant, his mouth abruptly opened as dark golden flames burst out like the fiery breath of a dragon, and clashed with the poison blood dragon.

These dark golden Heavenly Sun Flames were a sign that Zhou Yuan’s Heavenly Sun God Record had reached the stage of perfection.

The surrounding temperature rose rapidly at this moment, completely sweeping away the bloody stench.


Dark golden flames and blood dragon collided. The poison around the blood dragon’s body was completely burned away by the rising flames, while the dragon’s body rapidly began to shrink at a rate that could be seen by the naked eye.

After a few dozen breaths, the blood dragon had been incinerated away into nothingness.

The dark golden flames, on the other hand, still retained some of their power, and continued on their path towards the stormy looking Fan Yao.

Fan Yao waved his sleeve, causing blood-red Genesis Qi to form a screen of light in front of him that blocked the remnant dark golden flames. Just as he was about to speak, he saw Zhou Yuan’s mouth begin to balloon again.

“Heavenly Sun Flame!”

Another breath of dark golden flames spewed out, mercilessly chopping down towards Fan Yao from above like an axe.

Fan Yao did not dare to tarry and hurriedly urged out his Genesis Qi. Another poison blood dragon took shape and hastily rose to meet the flames.

Boom! Boom!

Dark golden flames and blood dragon clashed continuously, the spreading aftershocks violently devastating the surroundings.

Genesis Qi shockwaves wreaked havoc as the dark expression on Fan Yao’s face rapidly receded. However, he quickly sensed a strange disturbance behind him, and quickly turned to look, only to find an invisible force lifting the lake water, turning it into a giant hand that ruthlessly swatted towards him.

The giant hand had come noiselessly, without even the tiniest hint of any Genesis Qi undulations.

“Spirit power?!” Fan Yao’s expression sunk.

Zhou Yuan had evidently begun his onslaught in an attempt to take the initiative.

Fan Yao stomped his foot as blood-red Genesis Qi soared into the sky, turning into another giant blood-red hand that mercilessly smashed into the lake water hand.


The two hands simultaneously shattered, lake water turning into a torrential rainstorm that began pouring back into the lake.

Zhou Yuan stood amidst the rain. Droplets that fell within a foot of his body were automatically bounced away, as if being stopped by an invisible force.

The Spirit between his brows shook violently.

He reached out a hand and aimed it at Fan Yao, as the Spirit power of the advanced Corporeal stage erupted without any reservation.

“Spirit Jolt!”


An invisible blast of Spirit suddenly shot forth, far more sudden and swift than a Genesis Qi attack. As such, the blast of invisible Spirit power had already struck Fan Yao before he could even react.


The Spirit attack did not give off any astonishing presence, but Fan Yao’s expression instantly changed. Although he did not sustain any physical injuries, his face abruptly twisted in pain.

An intense pain pulsed from between his brows, making him feel as if he was being torn apart.

It was the damage caused by the Spirit Jolt.

A strong wave of dizziness exploded in his head, nearly bursting it from the inside. Fortunately, Fan Yao was no ordinary individual, and immediately bit the tip of his tongue, spitting out essence blood that quickly tunnelled into his forehead, creating a blood-red mark.

Only then did the intense Spirit pain slowly begin to fade.


However, he had only just stopped the intense pain when he heard the sound of rushing wind to his front. His heart immediately shivered as he cursed ‘oh no’ in his heart.

Zhou Yuan’s figure was dashing over like a phantom, five fingers tightly gripping into a fist, jade light flickering from his skin, while silver blossomed in his bones.


His expression was chillingly cold as a punch containing enormous power descended, taking full advantage of Fan Yao’s lapse in concentration, as it mercilessly struck at the latter’s fatal spots.

In his rush, Fan Yao could only use his blood-red Genesis Qi to create a defensive screen of light in front of him.


However, Zhou Yuan’s punch instantly shattered Fan Yao’s defense, and slammed into his chest. He immediately vomited a mouthful of blood, as his figure miserably plummeted downwards, drawing deep scars on the surface of the six color lake below.

The battle over here was constantly under watch by numerous individuals. As such, countless gasps of surprise immediately sounded when they saw this development.

Gaze after gaze was filled with shock as they dazedly stared at Zhou Yuan’s figure in the sky, clearly not expecting Fan Yao would be the first to be injured...

In the other two chief disciple battles, Tang Xiaoyan and Jin Zhang also noticed the situation. Although Jin Zhang was also somewhat surprised, he was still able to accept this outcome due to his repeated exposure to Zhou Yuan’s miracles in the past.

In contrast, Tang Xiaoyan’s mouth hung wide open, while her beautiful eyes were overflowing with astonishment.

This scene had clearly been a substantial blow to her.

In the air, Zhou Yuan looked down from above at the figure on the lake. He did not relax although he had gained the upper hand earlier, because he could sense a heart-palpitating Genesis Qi undulation brewing within Fan Yao’s body.

Blood-red Qi slowly rose from Fan Yao’s body as he slowly lifted his head inch by inch. His originally scarlet pupils had turned completely blood-red at this moment.

Blood had even begun flowing from the corners of his eyes, making him extremely terrifying.

An indescribably violent killing intent pulsed from his body.

After being injured by Zhou Yuan, the third ranked chief disciple of the Sacred Palace had now been fully angered.

Blood-red Qi gathered on Fan Yao’s body, ultimately forming a giant thousand foot tall blood-red shadow that was akin to a blood demon. When it appeared, Zhou Yuan felt the blood in his body stir chaotically.

Zhou Yuan’s expression turned grave.

In the distance, Tang Xiaoyan’s expression changed when she saw the bewitching yet bizarre blood shadow as she hurriedly shouted, “Be careful Zhou Yuan, that’s the strongest Genesis technique of the Sacred Blood Hall…”

Before her words could fade, Zhou Yuan heard a chillingly eerie voice slowly ring out from Fan Yao’s mouth.

“Great! Blood! Demon! Skill!”

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