Chapter 585 Battling Fan Yao

The blood-red coffin sat erect in the air with Ning Mo’s corpse standing within it. A sinisterly strange aura spread, causing the faces of Tang Xiaoyan and Jin Zhang to change.


A bizarre noise sounded from Ning Mo’s corpse at this moment, before it began to move. With slow and rigid steps, it slowly walked out of the blood coffin.

His eyes were ash-white and contained no trace of life. However, an extremely chilling and hair-raising undulation spread from inside his body.

Tang Xiaoyan gritted her teeth and icily said, “You… you’ve turned your fellow disciple’s corpse into a blood corpse?!”

Zhou Yuan frowned slightly, as a look of disgust flitted across his eyes. Fan Yao was truly unscrupulous. Ning Mo was a fellow disciple of the latter after all, and yet Fan Yao had turned his corpse into this abomination.

Fan Yao ignored their judging gazes, and instead reached out a hand to gently caress Ning Mo’s ash-colored corpse with a slight look of ecstasy in his eyes.

The requirements to create a blood corpse were extremely stringent. Moreover, there was only a brief window to work with after the target’s death to ensure that it would retain some of its strength when it was alive.

He had been quite obsessed with this technique in the past, but never had an appropriate target to use it on until Ning Mo, who had ultimately become Fan Yao’s best experimental material.

After refining, the blood corpse would not be any weaker than Ning Mo when before his death, and if properly nurtured in the future, it may even surpass the former self when alive.

Of course, the amount of resources needed to nurture the blood corpse was so enormous that even Fan Yao would have difficulty bearing it.

“I’m sure junior brother Ning Mo will be very happy to know that he will still be useful to the Sacred Palace after his death.” Fan Yao raised his head and grinned at Zhou Yuan and Tang Xiaoyan.

“Moreover, I believe that the Sacred Palace elders will not have any objections to this matter. After all, the dignity of the Sacred Palace is far more important than anything else, and it’s definitely worthwhile for me to use Ning Mo’s corpse to regain some of our dignity.”

Fan Yao’s scarlet pupils paused on Zhou Yuan’s body, as the smile on his lips grew even more sinister.

“Chief disciple Zhou Yuan, given the current situation, do you still feel that you guys have any chance of victory?”

Fan Yao folded his hands into his sleeves, completely calm and composed. After eliminating one of the Hundred Flowers Fairy Palace chief disciples, the situation had once again fallen back into his control. He did not believe that the other side had any chance in a three versus three scenario.

Tang Xiaoyan and Jin Zhang’s faces turned rather ugly at this moment, clearly also realizing that the odds were no longer in their favor. Although the numbers on both sides were even, Fan Yao was not an ordinary chief disciple.

His strength was ranked top ten even amongst the many chief disciples of Cangxuan Heaven.

As such, Fan Yao only needed to beat his opponent to begin the domino effect that would lead to their crushing defeat.

Upon seeing Tang Xiaoyan and Jin Zhang’s expressions, Fan Yao laughed and said, “Do you regret your decision now, Tang Xiaoyan? Did you really believe that these trash from the Cangxuan Sect would be of any use?”

Before Tang Xiaoyan could reply, Zhou Yuan had already walked past her. He cracked his neck in a bored manner and said, “Why so much rubbish… won’t we know the answer once we fight?” 

“Ning Mo basically said the same thing as you previously, and what happened to him in the end?”

Tang Xiaoyan was slightly taken aback as he gazed at Zhou Yuan’s figure. She did not know why, but the unease in her heart slowly began to fade when she saw his confident expression.

Maybe he was that capable?

Zhou Yuan tilted his head to the side and said, “Chief disciple Jin Zhang and Tang Xiaoyan, I’ll hand Wang Yuan and the blood corpse over to you guys. Leave Fan Yao to me.”

Jin Zhang and Tang Xiaoyan nodded in acknowledgement.

“Be careful.” Warned Tang Xioayan, before the two began to move towards the left and right, moving to their own battlefields.

With a wave of Fan Yao’s hand, Wang Yuan and the blood corpse followed Tang Xiaoyan and Jin Zhang. The former folded his arms across his chest with what seemed to be a smile as he stared at Zhou Yuan and said, “I’m honestly very curious to know why you’re so confident in taking me on alone.”

Zhou Yuan did not answer. With a grasp of his hand, the Heavenly Yuan Brush appeared and swiftly began to grow. Its snow-white tip gleamed icily as it swept across the air.

His presence slowly began to grow at this moment.

“A Heaven Genesis Weapon huh…”

In the earlier battle, Fan Yao had already seen the strangeness of Zhou Yuan’s Heavenly Yuan Brush. The former raised his eyebrows slightly, as blood light surfaced in his hand. A split second later, a ghastly white bone claw staff appeared.

The ghastly claws on the tip of the staff seemed to stretch forward, a cold and sinister aura flowing along its sharp blades.

It was also a Heaven Genesis Weapon.

When it appeared, the air around Fan Yao turned chillingly cold, as ghastly wails began to echo.

Although Fan Yao had repeatedly talked about how he looked down on Zhou Yuan, there was no sign of him going easy on the latter. Fan Yao was clearly being prudent to prevent any mistakes from happening.

The Heavenly Yuan Brush in Zhou Yuan hands jerked lightly as golden Genesis Qi erupted from his head. One could faintly see a golden python coiling within it, as it reflected behind him to form a golden starry sky.

“The Genesis Qi starry sky phenomenon?”

Fan Yao’s eyes narrowed slightly as he stared at Zhou Yuan and slowly said, “To have such a level at the seventh layer, you are really quite something.”

“However, if you believe that will allow you to act as you please before me, I’m afraid that you’ve made a grave mistake!”

He suddenly slammed the claw staff downwards as blood-red Genesis Qi soared out from the top of his head. Blood-colored light flowed behind him, also transforming into a starry sky.

What’s more, his Genesis Qi starry sky was clearly substantially stronger than Zhou Yuan’s.

Fan Yao’s Genesis Qi foundations was at the very least around the thirteen thousand level, and was clearly much stronger than Zhou Yuan’s ten thousand level.

Outside the lake, numerous gazes were closely watching the face off between Zhou Yuan and Fan Yao. The onlookers could not help but gasp when they saw both chief disciples display the Genesis Qi starry sky phenomenon.

However, it appeared that Fan Yao had the upper hand.

Zhou Yuan and Fan Yao’s gazes clashed above the lake, as concentrated killing intent spilled from their eyes. It was obvious that both individuals were dying to kill the other.


In the next instant, a dazzling glow erupted from the starry skies behind them. A storm of Genesis Qi violently unfurled as both figures disappeared from the spot.

Mere breaths later, the two figures collided in the sky.

Countless gazes converged towards this location, focusing on the two figures that were clashing like heavenly lightning and earthly fire...

They knew that the fight between these two would decide who would have the final laugh… and regardless of who won, this battle would definitely spread throughout the Mythic Utopia.

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