Chapter 583 Fan Yao’s Viciousness

A giant whirlpool began to form at the center of the six color lake, as a gorgeously dazzling ancient tree slowly rose from within. Its roots seemed to float in the water, absorbing the Genesis Qi inside to grow.

Traces of black Genesis Qi was slowly receding from the surface of the tree, likely belonging to the Spirit Ghost Python from earlier.

The Spirit Ghost Python had dragged the tree into the lake to hide it, but after the snake was killed, the Genesis Qi binding the tree dissipated, allowing it to once again resurface.

Of course, these were just minor and unimportant details. Every gaze was currently focused on the ancient tree’s branches, where many different colored fruits hung.

These fruits looked as if they had been crafted from precious gems, and sparkled in a crystalline manner. Amongst them, some gave off three or four colored glows, creating an exceptionally mystical sight.

Every gaze in the vicinity was glued to these fruits, while countless individuals secretly swallowed, unable to conceal the desire on their faces.

They had discovered that these fruits were naturally formed Divine Establishing Treasures.

Zhou Yuan, Fan Yao, Tang Xiaoyan and the other chief disciples were likewise stunned by the sight of this tree. Its existence had clearly exceeded their expectations, especially the very coveted fruit like Divine Establishing Treasures that hung from its branches.

The fruits that gave off four color light were obviously four-color Divine Establishing Treasures.

The most astonishing thing, however, were the four fist-sized fruits at the top of the tree. Five different colors flowed on the surface of these four fruits.

Five-color Divine Establishing Treasures!

In the face of these Divine Establishing Treasures, burning desire surged out even in the eyes of Zhou Yuan and the other chief disciples.

However, they did also feel a little regretful that there were no six color fruits on the tree. In other words, there was no six-color Divine Establishing Treasure to be found in the six color lake.

Was it because too many Divine Establishing Treasures had formed, leaving insufficient power to create a one at the six-color level?

These feelings of regrets only lasted for a few seconds in the hearts of Zhou Yuan and the others, before quickly being pushed aside. The five-color Divine Establishing Treasure and the Mythic Genesis essence in the lake should be enough to push their Divine Establishing Treasures infinitely close to the six-color stage.


While Zhou Yuan and the rest were staring at the fruits on the tree in longing, several rushing wind sounds were heard. Numerous figures soon arrived from all directions, landing in the vicinity of the six color lake.

Some of the other factions had finally managed to rush over.

They were immediately drawn to the ancient tree at the center of the lake the moment they arrived, their breathing growing heavier as greed filled their eyes.

Some amongst them could not help but dash forward, but were soon sent flying by the repulsive force when they neared the lake.

The disciples from the three sects began to spread out at this moment, as they turned their attention towards the newcomers. The pressure they created intimidated the various factions, making them think twice before acting.

Not a single faction in Cangxuan Heaven has ever dared to challenge three of the overlord sects together after all.

Zhou Yuan and the other chief disciples merely swept an indifferent glance at the factions that rushed over, before paying no further attention to them. Instead, they began to warily watch each other.

Their temporary alliance from earlier had already vanished long ago.

Zhou Yuan was the first to break the silence, as he slowly said, “According to what we agreed on previously, my Cangxuan Sect should take forty percent. I believe the Hundred Flowers Fairy Palace and the Sacred Palace have already acknowledged this earlier, right?”

Tang Xiaoyan hesitated slightly. Just as she was about to speak, Fan Yao softly chuckled and said, “Chief disciple Zhou Yuan, I believe you may have misunderstood a little. Even if the previous agreement is still in effect, it will not include the tree.”

Anyone could see that this tree was the true treasure of the six color lake, and the Mythic Utopia essence in the lake had now become secondary.

Hence, there was absolutely no way that Fan Yao would allow Zhou Yuan a forty percent share of the tree.

“You guys are going back on your word?” Growled Jin Zhang. Although he had expected this, such shamelessness from Fan Yao still elicited a surge of rage within him.

Fan Yao cast a glance at the former, his eyes clearly filled with contempt.

Zhou Yuan indifferently stared at Fan Yao without speaking. The atmosphere immediately became somewhat stifling for a time, as hidden under currents flowed between them.

A long while later, Zhou Yuan finally said, “How does chief disciple Fan Yao suggest we split it then?”

Fan Yao softly chuckled and said, “Chief disciple Zhou Yuan, since we’ve already allowed you to take advantage of us in dividing up the six color lake, I feel that you should give in a little for the tree. How about this… my Sacred Palace will take fifty percent of the tree, while the Hundred Flowers Fairy Palace and Cangxuan Sect will discuss how you guys will split the remaining fifty.”

He paused for a moment, before he smiled and said, “Of course, I’m a little more inclined towards the Hundred Flowers Fairy Palace, and the Cangxuan Sect should show some grace, right? I suggest the ladies get thirty percent.”

“Why not suggest that the Sacred Palace distributes your fifty percent instead?” Jin Zhang smiled angrily.

Fan Yao unhurriedly answered, “Isn’t that quite pointless. We’ve already conceded for the six color lake, you can’t expect us to also give in for the tree, right?”

He revealed his eerily white teeth as he smiled. “Or do you guys think my Scared Palace is an easy target?”

Zhou Yuan held back the angry Jin Zhang as he smiled and said, “Can I take it that we’re unable to come to an agreement?”

Fan Yao sighed when he heard this and looked towards Tang Xiaoyan. “Junior sister Xiaoyan, it appears that the Cangxuan Sect’s appetite is a little big.”

Tang Xiaoyan smiled faintly, but did not say anything. She could already detect the changes in the atmosphere. Fan Yao seemed to be trying to put them on the same side.

However, she did not answer him directly, because she honestly did not trust him.

Fan Yao’s gaze flickered upon seeing her avoidance of the topic. His hands lowered by his side as a voice wrapped in Genesis Qi was stealthily transmitted to Tang Xiaoyan and Zhao Ru. “Junior sister Xiaoyan, If you guys cooperate with us, we’ll split both the lake and tree fifty-fifty.”

He had directly thrown out his offer, not bothering to hide anything.

Tang Xiaoyan’s pupils widened a little, as she sent a covert glance in Zhou Yuan and Jin Zhang’s direction.

In contrast, Zhao Ru licked her lips, clearly somewhat tempted as she shot Tang Xiaoyan a look.

However, Tang Xiaoyan lightly shook her head. “Chief disciple Fan Yao, all three of us worked together to secure this location, I think it will be better to properly discuss things…”

Fan Yao’s eyes narrowed a little. He seemed to ponder for a moment, before his somewhat regretful voice was transmitted again, “Since junior sister Xiaoyan thinks so highly of them, I will try and negotiate again. However, you guys will have to make some sacrifices.”

Tang Xiaoyan’s expression remained unchanged, while a sliver of anxiousness and unwillingness flitted across Zhao Ru’s eyes.

“What are you guys doing?!” Jin Zhang suddenly shouted at this moment, a guarded look in his eyes as he stared at Fan Yao, Tang Xiaoyan and the other two. The former had evidently already realized they were communicating in secret.

Fan Yao chuckled softly as he moved closer to Tang Xiaoyan and Zhao Ru. “What do you think?”

Jin Zhang’s suspicious gaze swept across Tang Xiaoyan, already suspecting that they may have come to a certain agreement to deal with the Cangxuan Sect.

Tang Xiaoyan also realized this and attempted to explain.


The instant she opened her mouth, however, Genesis Qi suddenly erupted from Fan Yao’s body as a sinisterly chilling light surged in his eyes.

His five fingers clenched tightly as a punch was thrown, while the Genesis Qi in his body rushed out without reservation and gathered on his fist.

His punch was as quick as galloping thunder.

The punch viciously flew towards the back of the nearest Zhao Ru.

Zhao Ru turned her head in shock when she felt the approaching force, only for disbelief and horror to flood her eyes at the sight of Fan Yao’s sinisterly twisted face.

She never imagined that Fan Yao would attack her!


Fan Yao’s sneak attack had been too decisive, giving Zhao Ru no time to react. The terrifying punch landed on her body, as a torrent of Genesis Qi exploded on her back.


A mouthful of fresh blood was vomited from Zhao Ru’s mouth, as her body twisted in agony. In the end, she fell from the sky and crashed into the six color lake below.

Giant waves rose from the surface of the lake.

Time seemed to stop at this moment.

Even Zhou Yuan was visibly shocked. He had likewise not expected that Fan Yao would suddenly attack the Hundred Flowers Fairy Palace...

This guy’s viciousness and boldness was truly alarming.

Tang Xiaoyan returned to her senses at this moment as her pretty face turned ashen. Her kindly demeanor instantly vanished, replaced by an ice mountain like coldness as she stared daggers at Fan Yao.

Fan Yao was expressionless as he gently rubbed his fist. He met Tang Xiaoyan’s chilling gaze head-on and grinned.

“Tang Xiaoyan, since your Hundred Flowers Fairy Palace has spit on the respect I’ve given, and refuses to cooperate with us…”

His frosty gaze turned towards Zhou Yuan.

“You shall accompany them to hell.”

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