Chapter 580 Three-headed Spirit Ghost Python

The disciples from the three sects held their breaths in silence, as they looked down from above at the seemingly endless six color lake with unconcealable excitement and desire in their eyes.

A six color treasure location was an extremely rare encounter for ordinary disciples like themselves. Normally speaking, a treasure location like this would only appear in the deeper areas of the Mythic Utopia, where only the numerous Chosens and chief disciples would dare to show their faces, while those with mediocre strength such as themselves naturally did not possess the qualifications.

As such, this was a very lucky encounter.

Although the biggest spoils would surely end up with their leaders, having a small share of some soup was already more than satisfactory for the other disciples.

Of course… though they had now found the six color lake, there was still another struggle to determine how big of a share they would receive...

At this moment, the disciples of the three sects cast their expectant gazes towards the front, where the chief disciples of the three sects were stepping forward.

The disciples of the three sects had painstakingly cut open a path through the beast tide to reach this place, all for the sake of preserving the strength of their chief disciples.

They knew that the next battlefield belonged to these chief disciples.

It would be a fight to decide the rights to the six color lake.

Under the numerous expectant gazes, Zhou Yuan and Jin Zhang stared at the six color lake before them. They could feel an invisible repulsive force spread from within it.

However, the four-color Divine Establishing Treasures in their Qi Dwellings began to release undulations at this moment that slowly resisted the repulsive force.

“There’s an extremely powerful Genesis Qi ripple hidden in the depths of the lake.” Jin Zhang looked towards Zhou Yuan with a grave expression. “If my guess is correct, it should belong to the guardian beast of this treasure location.”

“The only thing yet to ascertain is its level and strength…”

“We’ll know soon.” Zhou Yuan finished Jin Zhang’s words as he looked towards the other two directions. Fan Yao, Tang Xiaoyan and the other two also looked back.

In the next moment, the three parties moved at the same time. Genesis Qi ferociously roared out, like giant sky pillars that mercilessly bombarded the six color lake.


The surface of the lake exploded, creating giant waves.


A sharp hiss suddenly sounded from the depths of the water at this moment. Next, everyone watched as an enormous shadow began to surface from the depths of the lake. It ultimately broke through the surface, and appeared before everyone’s sights.

The group gasped as they laid eyes on the enormous Genesis Beast, while alarm and fear appeared on their faces.

A giant black python had risen from the lake, its body a gloomy black, while its triangular eyes flickered with cruelty. The most shocking thing, however, were the two illusory black python figures beside the black python. These two python figures would occasionally fuse into the black python’s body, making it look akin to a three-headed python when it reared its enormous head.

An extremely savage and chilling Genesis Qi ripple swept out from its body like a storm, the mighty pressure causing the faces of the many disciples to pale.

Fan Yao stared at the strange black python with an ugly expression as he said with a clear pause between each word, “Three-headed Spirit Ghost Python!”

It was a rarely seen Genesis Beast that would originally start out as a Spirit Ghost Python. If an unborn Spirit Ghost Python gains awareness while still in its mother’s body, it would break out of its shell, devour and assimilate its siblings. When such a creature is eventually born, there would be two ghost python silhouettes or shadows accompanying it at all times, shadows that would grow along with the main body and gradually gain powers of their own.

Once it encountered danger, the two Spirit Ghost Python shadows would fuse with the main body, and greatly enhance its strength.

The Three-headed Spirit Ghost Python before them possessed extremely astonishing battle power, and even the Chosens from their three sects would be somewhat hard-pressed if they were here.

Although there were six chief disciples on their side, they would likely have to pay an exceedingly terrible price to slay this creature. In fact, it would be optimistic to estimate that only half of their forces would be killed by the snake.

In the air, Zhou Yuan, Fan Yao, Tang Xiaoyan and the other three chief disciples were silent for several breaths, before suddenly shooting backwards at the same moment, withdrawing from the range of the six color lake.

In the lake, the Three-headed Spirit Ghost Snake’s cruel pupils closely followed them, but did not give chase. Instead, it slowly began to submerge into the water, clearly having no intentions of leaving the six color lake.

The disciples from the three sects felt as if a bucket of cold water had been poured over their heads when they saw this. Their previous excitement had completely faded away, clearly intimidated and shaken by the Three-headed Spirit Ghost Python.

In the face of such a terrible monster, even the chief disciples of the three sects did not dare to say they would be able to beat it.

The atmosphere turned rather cold and silent for a time.

Zhou Yuan, Fan Yao, Tang Xiaoyan and the other chief disciples gathered together in the air.

“I did not expect it to be a Three-headed Spirit Ghost Snake…” Tang Xiaoyan gently bit into her red lips, her kindly face turning rather ugly at this moment.

“What do we do?” Zhao Ru could not help but ask. The six color treasure location was just within reach, but they were being obstructed by the Three-headed Spirit Ghost Snake. This situation was rather hard to accept.

The others were silent. If they were to engage the beast in battle, they would be able to put up a fight, but it would certainly result in casualties.

It was obvious that no one would willingly become a casualty...

The silence lasted for a few more moments, before Zhou Yuan slowly said, “The Three-headed Spirit Ghost Snake’s battle power will rise drastically once it fuses, rendering even a Chosen powerless against it. To deal with it, we’ll have to first split its bodies.”

Fan Yao laughed mockingly, before he said, “The ghost snake shadows are always with the Spirit Ghost Snake. I’ve never heard of them separating before.”

Zhao Ru icily snorted, evidently feeling that Zhou Yuan was spouting nonsense.

Zhou Yuan’s expression remained calm, ignoring their responses as he continued to stare at the six color lake. “Just because you guys are ill-informed, don’t assume that everyone else is the same.”

Fan Yao and Zhao Ru’s expressions darkened at Zhou Yuan’s retort.

In contrast, Tang Xiaoyan’s eyes brightened a little as she stared at Zhou Yuan and said, “Does this mean that chief disciple Zhou Yuan has a solution?”

Zhao Ru was taken aback, her eyes filled with skepticism.

Zhou Yuan was silent for a moment, before he said, “I know of a disorientating boundary that we may try.”

He was naturally referring to the Heaven Disorientating Boundary Yaoyao had taught him that had trapped nearly all of the Sword Cometh Peak disciples. Although he was not as proficient as Yaoyao, he should be able to manage trapping the Three-headed Spirit Ghost Python for some time.

Moreover, the Heaven Disorientating Boundary was able to interfere with the senses of anyone or thing that was trapped within it. As such, even with the unique link between the Three-headed Spirit Ghost Python and its shadows, the separated bodies would be incapable of swiftly finding each other.

Tang Xiaoyan was overjoyed when she heard this.

Fan Yao and Zhao Ru, on the other hand, were rather skeptical. However, since no one else had any ideas at this moment, they could only say, “Since you have plan, we’ll let you try it out.”

Zhou Yuan cast a sideways glance at them, as he nonchalantly said, “I could, but I feel that there’s a need to first decide on the allocation of the six color lake.”

Fan Yao icily stared at Zhou Yuan. “What do you have in mind?”

“The Cangxuan Sect will take forty percent, while you two will take thirty.” Said Zhou Yuan.

Fan Yao was the first to react with a sneer, “Humph, the likes of you thinks that you deserve forty percent?”

In his view, the Sacred Palace was the strongest of the trio, and it was only logical that they received the lion’s share. It was already very generous of him to give the Cangxuan Sect twenty percent, and yet Zhou Yuan actually dared to ask for forty percent now? A portion which was even higher than the Sacred Palace’s share?!

Tang Xiaoyan did not say anything. Thirty percent was within an acceptable range to her. On the other hand, Zhao Ru seemed to have something to say, but was quickly stopped by the former.

“If we can’t come to an agreement, I’ll take my leave now.” Zhou Yuan smiled faintly.

Fan Yao’s eyes turned chillingly cold. If it was before encountering the Three-headed Spirit Ghost Python, he would naturally be more than happy for Zhou Yuan to leave. However, given how troublesome a problem this Three-headed Spirit Ghost Python was, they was really nothing they could do without Zhou Yuan’s method to split up the Three-headed Spirit Ghost Python.

Fan Yao chillingly said, “Kid, you dare to bargain with me?”

Zhou Yuan’s expression did not ripple as he replied, “I’ll give you one minute to consider.”

Fan Yao stared daggers at Zhou Yuan. A long while later, he suddenly laughed and said, “Alright, it’s only forty percent, I agree…”

Zhou Yuan chuckled upon seeing this, before he turned towards Jin Zhang and said, “Let’s go and set-up the boundary.”

Jin Zhang nodded, and the duo proceeded to very cautiously descend towards the edge of the lake under the numerous watching gazes.

Fan Yao remained behind, coldly staring at Zhou Yuan’s figure as his eyes seemed to flicker in thought.

“Are you really giving him forty percent?” Asked Wang Yuan in a low voice, evidently somewhat unable to accept it.

Fan Yao’s eyelids lowered slightly as he indifferently said, “That will depend on whether he’ll be alive to enjoy it. We’ll bear with him for the moment, and squeeze out every ounce of usefulness he has.”

In the distance, Jin Zhang also asked in a low voice, “Zhou Yuan, the deal you made is quite disadvantageous to us. Do you really believe that Fan Yao will make good on his promise?”

In his view, a verbal promise was pretty much a joke.

Zhou Yuan retrieved the Heavenly Yuan Brush as he displayed a dazzling smile towards Jin Zhang and said, “Chief disciple Jin Zhang, there must always be a justification for something. If Fan Yao does hold up on his end of the deal, how could I bring myself to have designs on his share?”

“What do you mean?” Jin Zhang was taken aback.

Genesis Runes began to take shape under Zhou Yuan’s brush as he cast a glance towards a certain spot from the corner of his eye and sighed, “To be honest… I’m not satisfied with forty percent, but since I’ve an old friend on the Hundred Flowers Fairy Palace side, it would be rather rude of me to target their share…”

Jin Zhang’s eyes widened as he gasped in realization.

Zhou Yuan had been eyeing the Sacred Palace’s share from the very beginning...

Such boldness and ambition was really something else!

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