Chapter 578 Discussion

Under Tang Xiaoyan’s mediation, the hostile atmosphere between Zhou Yuan and Fan Yao was slightly alleviated. Next, the three parties brought several disciples from their respective groups and gathered on one of the mountain tops.

“Everyone, I believe destiny has led us to meet each other here.”

Tang Xiaoyan looked towards the leaders of their respective groups, Fan Yao and Zhou Yuan, with a kindly smile, before she turned towards the misty ancient mountain forests and said, “Although the six treasure location is an amazing opportunity, it is also filled with untold dangers that I believe the both of you should already be aware of.”

Zhou Yuan and Fan Yao faintly nodded in acknowledgement. Without mentioning anything else, the colored mist alone was already very bizarre. It could obstruct even one’s Spirit senses, making it very problematic to deal with.

“Though the mist here is troublesome, fortunately for us, it’s gradually receding.”

Tang Xiaoyan said, “At this rate, we will be able to enter after three days.”

She seemed to suddenly think of something, and asked, “May I enquire where you guys got your information from?”

Zhou Yuan nonchalantly said, “A chief disciple from the Little Thunder Gate wanted to snatch our Mythic Genesis essence, but ended up being captured by me. He used his life in exchange for this information.”

Fan Yao expressionlessly said, “We encountered a team from the Little Thunder Gate, and stopped them for questioning since they looked like they were in a hurry. In the end, they decided to tell us the information.”

He paused for a moment, as he revealed a set of sinisterly white teeth to Zhou Yuan. “Of course… I made sure all of them accompanied each other into death.”

The process was obviously not as simple as Fan Yao had said.

Tang Xiaoyan pursed her red lips as she smiled slightly and said, “What a coincidence… it was also a disciple from the Little Thunder Gate that was doggedly trying to chase one of our junior sisters. In the end, he accidentally let the information slip.”

The corners of Zhou Yuan’s mouth twitched faintly as he turned his head to exchange a look with Jin Zhang, both of them feeling rather speechless, while also beginning to feel some pity towards the Little Thunder Gate.

These fellows were really too pitiful...

“That Little Thunder Gate disciple had quite a high status in the Little Thunder Gate. As such, the information we received is a little more detailed than you two.”

“There is a lake deep within this mountain forest, which is known as the six color lake. Its water is made from pure Mythic Genesis essence that would surely be enough to condensed a six-color Divine Establishing Treasure when harvested.”

“However, I believe that all of you are already aware of the powerful repelling force from the lake. Without a four-color Divine Establishing Treasure, it will be impossible to approach.” Tang Xiaoyan looked towards both parties as she smiled and said, “I wonder if both of you have already fulfilled this requirement?”

Zhou Yuan nodded when he heard this. While rushing here, the three-color Divine Establishing Treasure in his Qi Dwelling had already ranked up, reaching the four-color level.

Fan Yao also nodded in an offhand manner. A four-color Divine Establishing Treasure was not difficult to achieve for people like them.

“Now for the most difficult problem. There’s an extremely powerful guardian beast in the lake, and in a one on one fight, I believe that even senior brother Fan Yao may not be its match.” Said Tang Xiaoyan.

Fan Yao’s eyes narrowed slightly. “What Genesis Beast is this guardian beast? How strong is it?”

Tang Xiaoyan shook her head and said, “I don’t know the details. This is the extent of the information I received from the Little Thunder Gate.”

“Given the current situation, we need to first finish off that guardian beast before we’ll be able to harvest from the six color lake… hence, I propose that our three groups work together to reach the lake and kill the guardian beast before splitting the spoils.”

Fan Yao unhurriedly asked, “How shall we split the six color lake?” 

“What does senior brother Fan Yao suggest?” Asked Fan Xiaoyan.

Fan Yao swept an indifferent glance at Zhou Yuan as he said, “I propose your sect and mine receive forty percent, while the Cangxuan Sect gets twenty percent.”

Zhou Yuan did not say anything, while Jin Zhang was clearly angered as he laughed icily and said, “Are you trying to chase away beggars?”

Behind Tang Xiaoyan, Zhao Ru’s eyes brightened and was just about to say something, only to be stopped by Tang Xiaoyan as she smiled and said, “The senior brothers from the Cangxuan Sect will also contributing their efforts, I feel this allocation may be a little inappropriate.”

How could she not tell that Fan Yao was trying to win them over to bully the Cangxuan Sect. Although forty percent was rather tempting, Tang Xiaoyan did not lose her rationality over it.

Because she did not really trust Fan Yao.

Tang Xiaoyan looked towards Zhou Yuan. The latter smiled faintly and said, “I propose both your side and mine get a forty five percent share, while the Sacred Palace gets ten percent.”

“Are you seeking death?!” Fan Yao’s expression darkened as he icily glared at Zhou Yuan. Blood-red Genesis Qi began to rise and hiss around his body, as a choking pressure spread.

Tang Xiaoyan helplessly sighed at this scene. She knew that it would be impossible to do the allocation in advance.

Tang Xiaoyan decided to take a step back and said, “Since all of us have differing opinions, let’s set aside this matter for the moment and first concentrate on killing the guardian beast, is that okay with everyone?”

This time, both Fan Yao and Zhou Yuan nodded in agreement. They too understood that they would have to first deal with the most troublesome guardian beast before obtaining the six color lake.

“We’ll prepare to move once the mist has receded enough.”

With the three parties now in agreement, Fan Yao cast an icy glance at Zhou Yuan, before leaving with his entourage.

Zhou Yuan cupped his fists together towards Tang Xiaoyan, and smiled at Luluo before also turning to leave.

Upon seeing the two parties leave, Tang Xiaoyan secretly shook her head inside.

Zhao Ru said in a low voice, “Xiaoyan, Fan Yao’s proposal is pretty good. Forty percent will be quite a good haul.”

When Luluo heard this, she immediately interjected, “But Zhou Yuan said he would give us forty five percent!”

Zhao Ru cast a sideways glance at the former and said, “Do you think he has the qualifications to make such a promise? Do you really believe him?”

“Why not?!” Luluo refused to back down.

Tang Xiaoyan waved her head, putting a stop to their bickering.

Luluo looked towards her and unhappily said, “Senior sister Xiaoyan, Fan Yao clearly has no intentions of negotiating. He appears to be very ambitious, and I personally feel that forty percent will not satisfy him.”

Tang Xiaoyan laughed and said, “Then do you think that Zhou Yuan has any intentions of negotiating?”

She swept a glance in the direction Zhou Yuan had left in and slowly said, “Your friend’s ambitions aren’t small either…”

In the earlier talks, Fan Yao was indeed not very sincere, and was clearly not going to be satisfied with forty percent. However, Zhou Yuan had likewise displayed a similar attitude.

This made Tang Xiaoyan rather curious. Fan Yao dared to because he was very strong, but was Zhou Yuan also so confident in his strength?

“Forget it, we’ll cooperate to slay the most troublesome guardian beast first…”

“As for the allocation of the six color lake… I believe that it will be very hard to please everyone…”


Over the next few days, the three parties waited in the area. While they waited, the mist gradually grew increasingly sparse. Contrary to expectations, however, the thinner the mist became, the more dazzling the multi-color light it gave off.

As a result, other factions began to be drawn over one after another, only to be rather alarmed by the sight of the three waiting factions here.

However, they soon realized to their excitement that there must be some kind of treasure. If not, why would teams from the Sacred Palace, Cangxuan Sect and Hundred Flowers Fairy Palace be gathered in this location?

Hence, news of this stealthily spread as more and more attention was drawn to this place, while the various factions quietly appeared one after another.

Zhou Yuan, Fan Yao and Tang Xiaoyan were not surprised by the appearance of the other factions, and did not try to chase them away. These factions would become cannon fodder that would draw away some of the attention of the Genesis Beasts inside the ancient mountain forest.

Over the three days, more and more groups quietly arrived outside the ancient mountain forest.

When the sky began to brighten on the fourth day.

Zhou Yuan, Fan Yao, Tang Xiaoyan and the others abruptly opened their eyes and looked towards the forest, where the mist was gradually becoming fainter and fainter...

Their Spirit senses were finally regaining some function.

The trio’s gazes met for a moment. In the next instant, the members of their three parties rose amidst a whistle.

Swoosh! Swish!

Next, the three groups shot forth at the same time, like a flock of birds flying across the sky, and soon disappeared into the ancient mountain forest under the many secretly watching gazes.


The waiting factions were soon unable to restrain their impatience, and began to swarm out as they charged into the mountain forest.

In an instant, the peace that long reigned over ancient mountain forest was finally broken.

The struggle for the six color treasure location had finally begun.

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