Chapter 575 Gathering of Three Factions


The surprise and happiness in Zhou Yuan’s eyes were unconcealable as he gazed at the pretty and charming young lady that had popped out from amongst the numerous Hundred Flowers Fairy Palace female disciples. That dainty little figure belonged to the very same Luluo that had arrived in the Shengzhou Continent with him back then.

After arriving at the Shengzhou Continent, their small group of friends had split up. So far, he had only encountered Zuoqiu Qingyu once, and had not expected to meet Luluo here.

“Zhou Yuan, it’s really you!” Luluo covered her small mouth in surprise. She had not dared to believe it after hearing his name earlier. After all, it had only been slightly over a year since they last met, so how could Zhou Yuan become a chief disciple of the Cangxuan Sect?

Her pretty face was filled with joy.

At the very front, the gentle looking goose egg shaped face lady cast a somewhat surprised glance at Zhou Yuan, before turning towards Luluo and asking, “Do you know him Luluo?”

Luluo excitedly said, “Yup yup, senior sister Xiaoyan, he’s one of my good friends that came with me to the Shengzhou Continent. I even told you about him before, he was the most amazing individual in our batch!”

The surrounding Hundred Flowers Fairy Palace disciples cast curious gazes at Zhou Yuan’s figure. Although Luluo was one of the less experienced members in the sect, her status was quite high, because she and Zuoqiu Qingyu had been taken by the palace master as personal direct disciples not long after they joined. Though she was currently still lacking in strength, she would surely become one of the Chosens in the future.

They clearly understand Luluo and Zuoqiu Qingyu’s cultivation talent, and were often amazed that the both of them came from a relatively unknown continent.

The most surprising thing, however, was that these two young ladies were not the top amongst the younger generation in that continent.

It was this young man called Zhou Yuan before them who stood at the peak.

Luluo stuck her tiny fists on her tiny waist and proudly declared, “See, it’s been less than two years since he joined the Cangxuan Sect and he’s already a chief disciple!”

The little ice-blue bird on her head chirped in agreement as its tiny head nodded.

However, Zhao Ru suddenly spoke up in an indifferent voice at this moment, “Don’t make such a fuss over a mere seventh layer chief disciple.”

“Such strength isn’t even enough to let one become a chief disciple in some of the first class sects, let alone the likes of the Cangxuan Sect? As such, I feel that there must be something fishy about him.”

She was not trying to targeting Zhou Yuan this time, but Luluo. In the Hundred Flowers Fairy Palace, Zhao Ru held an extreme amount of dislike for Zuoqiu Qingu and Luluo.

Of course, she disliked Zuoqiu Qingyu the most. The latter was so young, and yet so beautiful that she would even be able to tempt other girls.

What’s more, Zuoqiu Qingyu once had a few small conflicts with Zhao Ru in the sect, making the latter loathe the former even more. Although Luluo had it a little better, due to her constantly being together with Zuoqiu Qingyu and having an extremely good relationship, Zhao Ru naturally began to hate Luluo as well.

At the sight of Luluo’s current appearance, Zhao Ru could not help but laugh in mockery.

Luluo’s smalls face turned somewhat red due to this, as she glared at Zhao Ru and said, “What nonsense are you spouting, what’s so fishy about Zhou Yuan becoming a chief disciple?”

Zhao Ru stared right back and retorted, “Have you ever seen a seventh layer chief disciple in any of the six overlord sects?”

Luluo was unable to speak for a moment, but quickly regained her wits and was just about to lash back. Although Zhao Ru was a chief disciple, as a personal disciple of the palace master, Luluo did not fear the latter at all.

By the side, senior sister Xiaoyao hurriedly stopped the two bickering girls.


While she was putting a stop to their quarrel, her expression suddenly changed as she lifted her head and looked in a certain direction. “Careful, a big group of Genesis Qi undulations is approaching, and they are extremely strong!”

The Hundred Flowers Fairy Palace disciples immediately began to prepare themselves.

Meanwhile, Zhou Yuan and Jin Zhang also sensed the new group and immediately warned the other disciples.

With parties now in a guarded stance, a certain spot in the distance rippled, as numerous figures appeared in the sky. In the end, they landed on another mountain top, creating a triangular face off with the other two groups.

The new arrivals were very menacing, with two very attention grabbing figures at the head of the group. When Zhou Yuan saw the two figures, his eyes began to narrow a little.

He slowly said, “It’s the Sacred Palace!”

He had identified one of the figures to be Wang Yuan from before!

While he stared at Wang Yuan, Zhou Yuan suddenly felt an extremely cold and gloomy gaze lock onto him like a viper. His gaze shifted slightly, to pause on the figure beside Wang Yuan.

It was a smiling young man, though the sight of his scarlet pupils made one shiver inside. Zhou Yuan could feel a dangerous sensation from the former’s body.

By the side, Jin Zhang’s expression changed slightly as he said in a low voice, “Be careful Zhou Yuan, that’s Fan Yao!”

Zhou Yuan gave a light nod in acknowledgement.

“Hehe, I never imagined it would be so busy here.” At this moment, the scarlet pupil Fan Yao swept his gaze across the area as he said with a wide grin, “It seems that everyone is here for the six color treasure location?”

“Oh, it’s senior brother Fan Yao from the Sacred Palace.” On the Hundred Flowers Fairy Palace side, an expression of pleasant surprise flitted across Zhao Ru’s eyes when she saw Fan Yao. She was acquainted with the latter, and had even cooperated with him on a mission.

“Junior sister Zhao Ru.”

Fan Yao also smiled as he cupped his fists together, before looking towards the young lady called Xiaoyan. “Junior sister Tang Xiaoyan.”

A sliver of wariness flashed in the depths of Tang Xiaoyan’s bright eyes when she saw Fan Yao. She had evidently heard of this chief disciple who was ranked third in the Sacred Palace, but since the latter was being so courteous, she quickly responded with a slight smile.

“A six color treasure location is rather rare, I hope senior brother Fan Yao won’t be so stingy as to monopolize it?” Said Tang Xiaoyan in a gentle voice.

Fan Yao chuckled. “What is junior sister Tang saying, it is naturally your own luck that led you here. Whoever the treasure ends up with will depend on one’s abilities.”

“Moreover, I am quite acquainted with junior sister Zhao Ru, and won’t be unreasonable.”

He made himself appear very generous and open-minded, creating a good impression in the minds of several of the Hundred Flowers Fairy Palace disciples.

A smile also appeared on Zhao Ru’s pretty face when she heard this, clearly feeling that Fan Yao’s words were giving her face.

After smilingly greeting Tang Xiaoyan and Zhao Ru, Fan Yao’s gaze suddenly turned towards the Cangxuan Sect disciples as his expression gradually turned chillingly icy.

“I have no objections to the presence of the junior sisters from the Hundred Flowers Fairy Palace. However… these irksome Cangxuan Sect trash…” His eyelids lowered, as blood-red Genesis Qi slowly rose from his body, while a chilling killing intent pulsed from his indifferent voice.

“I’ll give you guys half an incense stick of time. Scram as far as you can…”

“If not…”

“All of you shall be buried here.”

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