Chapter 573 Fan Yao

In a certain bamboo house.

A figure was lying on the bed in a lifeless manner, his face deathly pale, and breathing extremely weak. A significant portion of his chest was caved in, a clear sign that he had been gravely injured. It was the chief disciple of the Sacred Palace, Ning Mo.

“Two chief disciples sent to chase one Jin Zhang, and you managed to return in such a miserable fashion?” Laughter rang out beside the bed. Although it was certainly laughter, the chilling and sinister aura that emanated from it caused Wang Yuan’s face to tremble faintly for a moment.

He lifted his head and looked towards the left, where a thin young man was standing. The man’s skin was exceedingly pale, while a smile currently hung from the corners of his mouth. His most peculiar feature, however, were his slightly scarlet pupils.

His long fingers clasped together as he looked at Wang Yuan and Ning Mo with a smile.

This person was the chief disciple of Sacred Palace’s Sacred Blood Hall, Fan Yao!

Wang Yuan said, “A chief disciple from the Cangxuan Sect came to Jin Zhang’s aid. Ning Mo was gravely injured by this individual.”

“Oh?” Fan Yao smiled faintly. “Was it Tang Muxin from the Cangxuan Peak?”

Wang Yuan’s expression turned a little rigid. After what felt like a long silence, he said, “It was the newly promoted chief disciple of Saint Genesis Peak. He’s called Zhou Yuan.”

When he said this, he could feel Fan Yao’s gaze paused on his body, before a somewhat amused voice sounded, “Saint Genesis Peak? You’re talking about the most pathetic Saint Genesis Peak in the Cangxuan Sect?”

“I’ve heard that the chief disciple of Saint Genesis Peak has always been last amongst the seven peaks, and yet he actually managed to defeat Ning Mo? Hehe, are you guys too lousy, or is our information too outdated?”

Wang Yuan’s expression turned somewhat ugly due to the mockery in Fan Yao’s tone. With a snort, he said, “His Genesis Qi stars have also surpassed ten thousand, and is no simple individual.”

However, he soon composed himself and asked, “What do we do about Ning Mo?”

Fan Yao cast an indifferent glance at the figure on the bed. “Given the current conditions, it’s impossible for him to make a full recovery here. In addition, even if we try to patch him up, he won’t have much battle power, and will be even less useful than an ordinary disciple.” 

Wang Yuan frowned. If this was the case, Ning Mo was basically a burden.

Fan Yao’s slightly scarlet pupils swept across the figure lying on the bed, as blood-light flashed in his eyes. Soon after, he took a step forward, bent down and softly said, “Ning Mo, since you no longer have any power, it’s time for you to make one final contribution to our Sacred palace…”

The deathly pale Ning Mo abruptly opened his eyes, and stared at Fan Yao as he said in a hoarse voice, “What do you plan on doing?!”

Fan Yao chuckled softly, his smile appearing even icier than usual as his hand slowly moved to Ning Mo’s abdomen. “Hand the four-color Divine Establishing Treasure you’ve so painstakingly created over to me for safekeeping.”

His hand suddenly grasped as blood light surged from his palm. Four-color light emerged from Ning Mo’s body, as a bundle of light slowly rose from within.

Ning Mo’s body shook violently, as his expression turned extremely twisted and sinister. He reached out and grabbed Fan Yao’s neck, but because he was unable to use any Genesis Qi, the latter merely ignored his actions.

Fan Yao smiled as he gazed upon the four-color ball of light that was rising from Ning Mo’s body. In the end, he grabbed it. It felt solid in his hand, and four different colored lights swirled around it.

It was the four-color Divine Establishing Treasure that Ning Mo had worked very hard to condense.

After having the Divine Establishing Treasure in his body forcibly removed, Ning Mo’s body twisted in pain. His eyes were filled with resentment as he gave a death glare to Fan Yao, but in the end, his body fell limp as his lifeforce faded.

The already seriously injured Ning Mo had been tormented to death by Fan Yao.

“Fan Yao, you!” Wang Yuan was also quite shocked. He never imagined that Fan Yao would be so vicious, and actually take advantage of Ning Mo’s grave injuries to seize his Divine Establishing Treasure.

Fan Yao cast a glance at Wang Yuan, before sending his hand slicing downwards at the Divine Establishing Treasure. The four-color Divine Establishing Treasure was cut into two pieces, and Fan Yao nudged the forty percent share towards Wang Yuan.

Fan Yao nonchalantly said, “He made our Sacred Palace lose face due to his incompetence, and should naturally be punished. Moreover, he will merely be a burden if he were to follow us in that state, or do you feel that we have any surplus resources to constantly take care of him?”

Wang Yuan gazed at the four-color light that floated in front of him. The concentrated Mythic Genesis essence contained within it made him feel a rush of excitement inside. 

“You should be more than aware about our goal. It’s the six color treasure location I managed to pry out from the mouth of chief disciple from the Little Thunder Gate. If we cooperate, no one in this district will be able to stand against us.”

“With one less Ning Mo, we will now have a bigger share.” Fan Yao’s tone was completely emotionless.

The expression in Wang Yuan’s eyes fluctuated indeterminately.

“What’s more the main culprit was that chief disciple of Saint Genesis Peak. I promise you that if he dares to linger in this district, I will extract all of his blood to avenge Ning Mo.”

Fan Yao stared at Wang Yuan, as he lifted the ball of concentrated four-color light, and placed it in front of the latter. An emotionless gleam swirled in the former’s scarlet pupils as he asked, “Wang Yuan, you won’t become hostile towards me for a dead person, right?”

Wang Yuan lifted his head and looked at Fan Yao. In the end, he wordlessly received the four-color light ball, a trace of greed flitting across his eyes as he kept it without any hesitation.

“Smart choice.” Fan Yao grinned.

Wang Yuan icily snorted. He looked at Ning Mo’s cold lifeless corpse and said, “I will tell the other disciples that Ning Mo’s death was caused by Zhou Yuan. We tried our best to save him, but were unsuccessful.”

Fan Yao nodded in approval.

“Keep his body. I still have use for such strong flesh…” He smiled as he turned around and left the bamboo house.

Numerous Sacred Palace disciples were waiting outside the bamboo house. Fan Yao grasped the jade strip in his hand as a map floated in front of him. His pupils stared at a certain spot, as a greedy smile emerged on his face.

The six color treasure location. 

A six-color Divine Establishing Treasure was something that even the Chosens of Sacred Palace would drool over. He never imagined that it would appear in the outer regions of the Mythic Utopia...

This was a blessing that belonged to him.

While Fan Yao’s heart was churning in anticipation, a glowing figure suddenly flew over and landed in front of him. “Chief disciple Fan Yao, we’ve received news that a team from the Hundred Flowers Fairy Palace has also entered this district.”

“Hundred Flowers Fairy Palace?” Fan Yao frowned a little. His ten fingers interlaced as he muttered, “Do they also know about the six color treasure location?”

“There’s more…” The disciple before him paused for a moment, before continuing, “It seems that the group from the Cangxuan Sect have not left the area, and are instead heading towards the east.”

Fan Yao was immediately taken aback, his gaze quickly turning back to the six color treasure location on the map, before an amused smile rose from the corners of his mouth. The sinister iciness in his eyes caused the surrounding temperature to plummet.

“The tongues of those bastards from the Little Thunder Gate are even looser than waistbands. It seems as if the whole world knows about this secret…”

“What a group of fools.” He smiled.

“But this is good as well, I’ll get to help my good brother Ning Mo take revenge as a memorial service of sorts towards him…”

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