Chapter 570 Blood for Blood

Amidst the mountain range.

Numerous gazes stared in shock and horror at a certain mountain top in the distance, where the originally unstoppable Ning Mo was kneeling on the ground...

“How… how did this happen?!”

Their mouths hung wide open, their brains practically turned to mush, while a ringing noise continuously echoed in their heads.

The scene before their eyes had truly surpassed their imagination. That seventh layer chief disciple from the Cangxuan Sect should have been powerless to fight back against Ning Mo. And yet, the very same Ning Mo that had held the absolute upper hand mere moments ago, had now been forced to the ground by a single punch from Zhou Yuan...

At this moment, even the most stupid person knew that the seemingly seventh layer Cangxuan Sect chief disciple was in actuality a tiger disguising itself as a pig.

In the valley, Jin Zhang and the rest of the Cangxuan Sect disciples breathed a faint sigh of relief, clearly not as shocked and lost as the outsiders. This was after all not the first time they had witnessed Zhou Yuan terrifying battle power. 

Under the numerous shocked gazes, Ning Mo finally realized what had happened after being stunned for a few breaths, as bloody veins immediately crawled out in his eyes.


Berserk without equal scarlet-red Genesis Qi frantically exploded from his body, creating a scarlet-red barrier on his shoulder that began to push back against Zhou Yuan’s fist.

His foot slammed into the ground, smashing it as his figure appeared in the air above.

Ning Mo’s face at this moment was stormily terrifying. His bloody eyes stared at Zhou Yuan as he wiped away the blood from the corner of his mouth, while a voice filled with nearly solid killing intent escaped from the cracks between his teeth.

“Good, good… I did not expect that I would one day be played the fool of by someone else!”

“Is this the extent of your abilities? Acting weak to lull me into a false sense of security and then using that opportunity to gravely injure me?” Ning Mo touched his shoulder. His right shoulder was currently fractured due to Zhou Yuan’s earlier punch.

“Ning Mo, let me take over if you can’t manage. Don’t bring shame to our Sacred Palace!” nearby, Wang Yuan’s indifferent eyes hard turned ice-cold as they locked onto Zhou Yuan like a hawk.

“This kid is not as simple as he appears.”

“No need!” Ning Mo gnashed his teeth, before he took in a deep breath to suppress the violent murder in his heart. “I was careless earlier, but don’t worry, I will soon skin him to wash away that humiliation!”

Although Zhou Yuan’s punch has been alarmingly powerful, Ning Mo had not felt any strong Genesis Qi from it. If not for the former’s carelessness, it would have been entirely possible for him to block the attack.


Ning Mo stood in the air, scarlet-red Genesis Qi frantically surging around him as the temperature of the entire forest gradually began to rise.

Scarlet-red Genesis Qi rose into the sky, transforming into a fiery-red starry sky behind him.

In the distance, the various factions gasped in alarm when they saw this phenomenon.

Genesis Qi starry sky!

Only someone whose Genesis Qi stars had passed ten thousand would be able to produce such a phenomenon.

It was clear that this Sacred Palace chief disciple was no longer going to hold back, and had brought out all of his most powerful Genesis Qi to wash away the earlier humiliation.

Ning Mo looked down at Zhou Yuan from above with scarlet-red eyes. The former was akin to a god of fire at this moment, as a heart palpitating pressure pulsed from his body.

He did not waste any time talking this time, his hands abruptly coming together to form a seal.


Scarlet-red Genesi Qi roared out, filling the sky and land. The Genesis Qi churned and raged as it transformed into a several thousand feet wide giant fire hand.  A sinister face seemed to emerge on the hand, as a piercing hiss escaped its lips.

A berserk aura destruction pulsed from the blazing hand.

The various factions amidst the mountain forest gazed at the giant flaming hand in the sky with grave expression, as fear and dread flooded their eyes.

“That is… the Flame Devil Annihilation Hand! It’s said to be the strongest Genesis technique of the Sacred Palace’s Sacred Flame Hall!”

“Looks like Ning Mo has decided to end it after suffering earlier!”


Wang Yuan gave a faint nod of approval as he watched this scene. Ning Mo was thankfully not stupid enough to continue playing with Zhou Yuan, and had directly unleashed his most powerful Genesis technique.

In the face of this attack, even Wang Yuan would not dare to receive it head on.

Even if Zhou Yuan had concealed his strength, this attack was enough to decide the victor.


As the giant flaming hand took shape, Ning Mo’s icy gaze locked onto Zhou Yuan and slapped his hands together. In the next instant, the flaming hand descended, seemingly piercing through space itself as it mercilessly swung downwards onto the latter.

The ancient trees that covered the mountain began to burn at this moment, turning the place into a sea of flames.

Zhou Yuan stood on the mountain top, a trace of surprise flitting across his eyes as he gazed upon the rapidly growing flaming hand. Ning Mo’s strength was quite overwhelming indeed.

Not only had his Genesis Qi also broken the ten thousand mark, he had even practiced such a powerful Genesis technique. However, the ghastly face on the flaming hand was very faint, a sign that Ning Mo was only at the initial stage.

“This Sacred Palace chief disciple is pretty strong…”

However, there was no fear in Zhou Yuan’s eyes. In fact, there was no sign that he was even going to dodge the attack, as he calmly looked at the incoming giant flaming hand.

In the next instant, his foot suddenly smashed into the ground.


The ground cracked as Zhou Yuan’s figure dashed into the sky amidst numerous shocked gazes, heading straight towards the giant flaming hand.

Instead of retreating, he had chosen to meet it head-on!

Zhou Yuan’s figure was as tiny as an ant in the face of the giant flaming hand, making it feel as if he was an ant trying to shake a large tree.

“You fool!” A twisted sinister expression abruptly appeared on Ning Mo’s face when he saw this. Even equally strong chief disciples of the Sacred Palace would not dare to directly take on this trump card of his.

Every gaze in the area converged towards this very spot.

The groups in the distance could not help but shake their heads, as if they would soon see Zhou Yuan’s figure being burnt to ashes by the giant flaming devil hand...


Under the many watching gazes, golden Genesis Qi suddenly exploded from Zhou Yuan’s body when he was mere seconds away from colliding with the flaming hand.

Golden light converged behind him, transforming into a golden starry sky.


When the golden starry sky appeared behind him, a series of shocked gasps rang out across the area, as gaze after gaze filled with astonishment.

Ning Mo’s pupils also shrank slightly at this moment as his expression turned a little grave. He had already did his best not to underestimate Zhou Yuan, but the former never expected that the latter’s Genesis Qi cultivation had also reached this level.

It was not the slightest bit inferior to his own.

“So this is your true power…”

“However, if you believe that this will allow you to take on my Flame Devil Annihilation Hand directly, I can only say that you’re too naive!” An eerily chilling expression was revealed on Ning Mo’s face. He had absolute confidence in his trump card.

Golden Genesis Qi swirled around Zhou Yuan’s body like a coiling giant python. His hands rapidly formed a series of seals as a deep voice rang out from his mouth, “Omega Saint Spirit Art!”

A mysterious light figure swiftly coalesced, and immediately swooped down to envelope Zhou Yuan’s body.

Only then did both forces finally collide.


An indescribably loud noise resounded across the sky, quickly followed by a berserk without equal storm of Genesis Qi. The storm unfurled with unstoppable momentum, blasting away the nearby mountain peaks.

This clash made the scalps of the countless onlookers turn numb.

Everyone’s gazes were tightly glued to the epicenter of the collision, where the berserk Genesis Qi had distorted even space itself. It was a long while later before the space gradually began to recover...

Ning Mo was also staring unblinkingly at the recovering space.

“What a fool, he should have been completely incinerated to ash, right?” Said Ning Mo through gritted teeth.

However, when the words left his mouth, he suddenly heard countless gasps from the surrounding mountains.

Ning Mo’s pupils abruptly tightened.

He had just seen a figure enveloped by golden Genesis Qi silently floating in the sky. Who else could it be but Zhou Yuan?!

He had forcefully withstood the giant flaming devil hand!

“How can this be?!” Ning Mo’s face slowly turned rigid.

However, a chill suddenly rose from his feet a split second later, causing a deep sense of dread to flood his heart.

Because the golden figure in the sky had turned his indifferent gaze downwards.

Ning Mo’s body felt ice-cold. He immediately shot backwards without the slightest hesitation, as a shrill voice rang out from his mouth, “Wang Yuan!”


The golden figure disappeared from the sky the moment Ning Mo began to move, and appeared directly in front of the latter. The two individuals were face to face, so close that they could even hear each other’s breathing.

Ning Mo heard a soft voice slowly spread from Zhou Yuan’s mouth, “You guys… killed the disciples of my Cangxuan Sect, right?”

“Since that is the case, a debt of blood must be paid in blood.”

Ning Mo was greatly horrified. Scarlet-red Genesis Qi frantically surged out to form a crystal-like layer on his body.


Zhou Yuan’s fist rumbled forward, as snow-white brush hairs streamed out of his body and wrapped around his fist. A jade like glow gleamed across his skin as silver light blossomed from the bones in his body.

This punch contained the apex of his power.

“Genesis Breaker!”

The snow-white hairs around Zhou Yuan’s fist rapidly turned black as the night.

Killing intent was revealed as the fist flew.

“Noo!” The fear of death surged in Ning Mo’s heart as he shrieked.


However, Zhou Yuan completely ignored the former. Space seemed to crack around the fist, as it whizzed through the air, and mercilessly slammed into Ning Mo’s body amidst the many horrified watching gazes.


In the next instant, Ning Mo’s body turned into a flash of scarlet-red as he was sent flying, blasting apart peak after peak along the way. In the end, it was as if a sinister looking scar had been carved into the forest...


Ning Mo's figure ultimately crashed into a giant mountain, causing boulders to tumble down and bury his body.

The entire place turned deathly silent at this moment.

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