Chapter 569 Ning Mo

Amidst the many cliffs and mountains.

Many gazes were gathered on a certain figure that hovered above one of the mountains, their eyes filled with intense astonishment.

All of them were clearly shocked by the words the figure had uttered.

How could this person dare to be so disrespectful towards a chief disciple of the Sacred Palace… this was way too ballsy!

In the valley, after being momentarily stunned, Jin Zhang and the rest could not help but blurt out, “Zhou Yuan?!”

“Chief disciple Zhou Yuan?!”

They clearly had not expected that Zhou Yuan would be the first to rush to their aid.

“Chief disciple?”

When Ning Mo heard their cries of surprise, his dark gaze immediately turned towards the young figure wielding a mottled black brush. “Your Cangxuan Sect is really growing more and more useless. I can’t believe that even a seventh layer Alpha-Origin is able to become a chief disciple.”

Disdain rose from the corners of his mouth.

“Someone with such strength can’t even qualify to become a chief disciple in any of the first class factions of the Shengzhou Continent.”

Ning Mo stared at Zhou Yuan, chilling murder oozing from the former’s voice as he flatly said, “Kid, I may show a little mercy if you kneel down on and admit your mistake. You’ll only receive the small punishment of having your tongue cut off.”

In the distance, the various watching factions began to whisper amongst themselves.

“That kid is also a chief disciple of the Cangxuan Sect?”

“How can a Cangxuan Sect chief disciple be so weak?”

“But Jin Zhang clearly called him chief disciple…”

“I don’t know what’s going on, but it doesn’t matter. Although the kid’s courage is commendable, that was way too stupid of him. To think that he dared to be so rude to Ning Mo. He’ll surely pay a terrible price today.”


In their eyes, the merely seventh layer Zhou Yuan was basically courting death in this situation.

Zhou Yuan seemed to chuckle under the many watching eyes. He ignored Ning Mo, and instead looked towards Jin Zhang and the others in the valley. “Are you guys okay?”

Jin Zhang shook his head. “Zhou Yuan, did you come alone?”

“The others will soon arrive. I went ahead of them.” Answered Zhou Yuan. He was worried that Jin Zhang’s side would not be able to endure long enough, and had thus increased his speed. From the looks of it, he had appeared just in time.

Jin Zhang nodded in acknowledgement and waved his brush. Spirit power surged between his brows as he rose into the air with the intent of helping Zhou Yuan.


However, his figure had barely begun to move when a violent force suddenly whizzed down from the sky, causing the land to crack. Genesis Runes swiftly flowed from Jin Zhang’s brush, transforming into circles of light.

Thud thud!

The light circles quickly shattered, but the brief respite allowed Jin Zhang’s figure to drift backwards. He raised his head and gazed at the sky with a grave expression, where a tall and muscular figure was standing in the air.

The figure wielded a black club, his expression indifferent as he looked down from above.

It was the other chief disciple from the Sacred Palace, Wang Yuan.

“Obediently stay inside the valley.” Wang Yuan flatly said, before he tilted his head slightly and looked towards Ning Mo. “One minute.”

A savage smile appeared from the corners of Ning Mo’s mouth. “That’s enough. I will break his limbs and make him kneel here forever for everyone to see.”

His words were brimming with killing intent.

Zhou Yuan had clearly angered this Sacred Palace chief disciple.


Ning Mo’s robes abruptly began to flap as vigorous Genesis Qi swept out from his body like a storm, accompanied by a suffocating pressure.

The Genesis Qi that pulsed from his body was scarlet-red, and gave off extremely high heat. From a distance, it looked as if a giant pillar of fire was rising into the sky.


Scarlet-red rose in Ning Mo’s eyes. He clenched both hands as scarlet-red Genesis Qi whips appeared within them. The whips tore across the sky like giant pythons as they ruthlessly lashed at Zhou Yuan.


Even the air began to burn at this moment.

These two strikes were deadly and domineering.

As the whips swiftly descended, Zhou Yuan’s figure rapidly turned ethereal.

The scarlet-red Genesis Qi whips landed on Zhou Yuan’s body, only to pass right through a split second later. It had been an after image.


The whips slammed into the ground, causing the entire peak to explode. Cracks rapidly grew on the mountain as boulders tumbled down.

Ning Mo icily chuckled as he jerked his hands. The whips instantly changed direction, swinging towards a boulder nearby.


The boulder was blown to pieces as an ethereal figure shot backwards.

Bang! Bang!

However, no matter how the figure retreated, the Genesis Qi whips would quickly follow like a shadow. For a time, the mountains in the vicinity were destroyed one after another, peak after peak crumbling with each powerful blow.

From what the onlookers could see, Zhou Yuan had no way of counter attacking, and could only keep trying to avoid the attacks.

However, they had to admit that his agility was indeed quite remarkable to have managed to dodge for so long.

But when they saw the toying look on Ning Mo’s face, they realized that the latter was just playing around.

Wang Yuan impatiently shouted, “Stop playing Ning Mo, you’re wasting time!” 

“Haha, alright.” Replied Ning Mo as an eerie smile appeared on his face. With foot rose and slammed downwards, causing the air beneath it to explode.

His figure instantly disappeared.


In the next instant, he appeared again on a nearby mountain top under the numerous watching gazes of the crowd.

“I’ve caught you little mouse!”

Ning Mo’s sharp eyes stared to the front, where an ethereal figure had begun to appear.

His palms pushed together in front of his chest as scarlet-red Genesis Qi rapidly converged between them like a giant red sun. The sun pulsed violently with extreme heat, as it shot towards the ethereal figure at a speed so quick that it was impossible to avoid.

The mountain trembled as it began to crumble in the face of this Genesis Qi attack.

“Kneel before me little mouse!” Howled Ning Mo, as the giant scarlet-red Genesis Qi sun smashed unto Zhou Yuan’s body under numerous horrified gazes.

Boom! Boom!

A storm of scarlet-red Genesis Qi unfurled.

The watching factions shook their heads inside at this scene. To think that the kid called Zhou Yuan had directly eaten Ning Mo’s domineering attack. There was no way he would survive!

In the valley, the expressions of Jin Zhang and the others changed slightly. Though they had witnessed Zhou Yuan’s strength before in the Genesis reservoir ceremony. Ning Mo was clearly on a different level than the Baili Che from back then.

Wasn’t it too careless of Zhou Yuan to have directly taken that attack?

Scarlet-red Genesis Qi rose into the air, making Ning Mo’s face appear even more sinister under its glow, as he chillingly laughed and said, “Kid, I hope you’ll be able to open your eyes a little wider in your next life when you try to play hero!”

“Is that so?”

However, a nonchalant voice replied him from the berserking scarlet-red Genesis Qi.

Ning Mo’s eyes abruptly tightened.

Before he could respond, a hand bathed in jade light reached out from the scarlet-red Genesis Qi, silver light flashing deep within it.

The hand clenched into a fist as golden Genesis Qi rushed out. In the end, it viciously punched towards Ning Mo’s head.

The air exploded around it, creating a sonic boom.

Ning Mo’s expression could not help but change as the deadly force pounced towards him. In the split second between life and death, his figure hastily twisted. That power was not something a seventh layer practitioner could possibly possess!


The punch packed with astonishing power brushed past his head and smashed into his shoulder.


The hair-raising sound of bone cracking rang out.


The dreadful power instantly caused Ning Mo’s body to crumple, his legs no longer able to support him as his knees slammed into ground, creating numerous cracks on the solid stone.


A mouthful of fresh blood sprayed from his mouth.

The devastating scarlet-red storm of Genesis Qi slowly dissipated at this moment.

Numerous gazes looked over, as their eyes slowly widened...

Instead of being completely disintegrated, Zhou Yuan silently stood there with Ning Mo kneeling before him...

The originally noisy mountain range had instantly fallen deathly silent.

In fact, even the wind seemed to have quietly hidden away at this moment.

Amidst the numerous horrified and shocked gazes, Zhou Yuan lowered his expressionless face as he looked at the kneeling figure before him and slowly said, “Is this how you wanted me to kneel?”

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