Chapter 568 Besieged

It should be rare to see any traces of humans in the endless mountain range. However, a certain valley amongst the mountains was currently filled with people, making it appear exceptionally busy.

On a mountain outside the valley, two figures stood atop a pine tree with their hands behind their backs. Powerful Genesis Qi surged around them, as an overwhelming pressure pulsed from their bodies.

Both individuals wore white robes, their sleeves decorated with the emblem of a majestic floating palace, the mark of the Sacred Palace.

The one on the left was called Wang Yuan, while the one on the right was known as Ning Mo.

There were ten halls in the Sacred Palace. These two were chief disciples of their respective halls, and commanded rather high status in the sect.

“These Cangxuan Sect disciples don’t seem to be good at anything but hiding in their shells like a tortoise.” The young man called Wang Yuan was tall and well-built. He carried a black metal club on his back that was covered in faint Genesis Runes.

At this current moment, he was looking at the valley before them with indifference. A giant Genesis Rune boundary rose above the valley, completely enveloping it.

This Genesis Rune boundary was clearly not ordinary, and possessed astonishing defensive power that even they could not break through for the time being.

Ning Mo chuckled from the side. His long black hair was freely scattered behind him as he lazily said, “Jin Zhang is the chief disciple of Spirit Rune Peak, and is very adept in the art of Genesis Runes. The tortoise shell boundary he set up is indeed a little troublesome to deal with.”

“However, his actions are futile. This Genesis Rune boundary will not last forever, and as long as we are stationed here, they will be akin to birds with broken wings. It is impossible for them to escape.”

He lightly waved his hand as he spoke, causings several figures to fly over from the mountains around the valley. All of them were disciples of the Sacred Palace who were currently surrounding the valley.

Ning Mo raised his head and looked towards a certain direction, where numerous groups were arriving one after another. The groups made sure to stop and watch from a distance away, not daring to interfere in the battle.

The Sacred Palace and the Cangxuan Sect were after all behemoths of Cangxuan Heaven. A fight between such titans was something the other factions did not dare have any part in.

Of course, they were still very curious to find out who would win when these two colossuses collided. Would it be the former overlord, the Cangxuan Sect, or the new overlord, the Sacred Palace?

However, from the current state of the situation, the Cangxuan Sect had clearly fallen into a disadvantageous position.

Under the numerous watching gazes in the distance, Ning Mo slowly rose into the air, hovering just outside the valley as he toyingly looked towards the interior of the Genesis Rune boundary and said, “Why must you be so stubborn Jin Zhang. If you obediently hand over all the Mythic Genesis essence in your hands, we will let you guys leave safely.”

“Stop dreaming Ning Mo. If you want our Mythic Genesis essence, you’ll have to try breaking through my boundary first!” A deep voice sounded from inside the valley, belonging to the chief disciple of the Spirit Rune Peak, Jin Zhang.

Ning Mo mockingly shook his head upon hearing this. “As the saying goes, one will not cry until one sees the coffin. Since that is your choice, we will have no option but to take it from the corpses of your Cangxuan Sect disciples.”

“Ning Mo! You’ve already  killed several dozen of my fellow disciples. This is a debt that I, Jin Zhang, will not forget!” Jin Zhang's voice was filled with endless rage.

“The strong prey on the weak. Since you guys are not good enough, isn’t it very logical to be killed by us?” Ning Mo laughed. He did not speak any further with Jin Zhang, and instead returned to his spot on the mountain top. Ning Mo seated himself once more as his cold eyes stared at the Genesis Rune boundary around the valley.

“Let’s see how long you guys will last.”

With a wave of his sleeve, nearly a hundred Sacred Palace disciples on the surrounding mountains attacked. Powerful blasts of Genesis Qi whistled through the air, and bombarded the Genesis Rune boundary, causing numerous ripples to appear.

Numerous gazes looked over from far away. They secretly shook their heads at the sight of the trapped Cangxuan Sect disciples in the valley, as whispers and conversation soon began to spread.

“Looks like misfortune is going to befall this Cangxuan Sect team soon.”

“Yeah, who could have expected that there would be two Sacred Palace chief disciples in this area. Wang Yuan and Ning Mo are both amongst the upper ranks of the ten chief disciples of the Sacred Palace, and are not to be trifled with.”

“I’ve heard that many Cangxuan Sect disciples have already died at the hands of these two chief disciples earlier.”

“Tch tch, there really is a death grudge between these two overlord sects. They are basically going straight for each other’s throats the moment they meet…”

“Hehe, how can there be a peaceful meeting between the old and new overlords? It’s all about strength at the end of the day. If the Cangxuan Sect team is wiped out here, it would be quite a substantial blow to their reputation.”


Though the various factions were commenting on this matter, all of them had the attitudes of a watching bystander. This situation was actually good for them, because when these two overlord sects clashed, the other factions would be able to take advantage of the chaos to steal a little benefit for themselves.

As such, time swiftly flowed under the besiegement of the Sacred Palace and the indifferent eyes of the other watching factions.

Two days later.

The sound of bombardment continued to echo across the mountain range, while the Genesis Qi boundary around the valley violently rippled. The boundary currently looked much thinner than before.

From the looks of it, the boundary was clearly about to reach its limits.

Ning Mo laughed as he watched this scene. “Jin Zhang, this is your final chance. If you still refuse to be cooperative, don’t blame us for starting a massacre once the boundary is broken.”

The only response from the valley was silence.

Ning Mo’s slender fingers gently tapped his sleeves as he nonchalantly said, “Do you think I do not know why you’re trying to buy time? Aren’t you just waiting for your fellow disciples to come to your aid?”

“With the exception of the Cangxuan Peak’s Tan Muxin and the Lightning Prison Peak’s Xie Yan, all the other chief disciples of this generation in your Cangxuan Sect are honestly weaker than usual. According to our information, Tang Muxi nand Xia Yan are currently locked in battle with the other chief disciples of our Sacred Palace in other districts, making it impossible for them to rush here.”

“Hence, even if someone does come, it will merely be the other chief disciples. However, they will only be sending themselves straight to our doorstep.”

His eyes were filled with ridicule, and had clearly already seen through Jin Zhang’s intentions. However, instead of panicking, he was more than happy to continue waiting here, because they were also using Jin Zhang’s group as bait.

If they could lure another Cangxuan Sect team over and wipe them out, the former would surely obtain a good amount of Mythic Genesis essence.

Jin Zhang was seated on a boulder inside the valley. His expression was currently fluctuating indeterminately, evidently not expecting Ning Mo and gang to be so greedy, and actually use them as bait.

There were several dozen Cangxuan Sect disciples around Jin Zhang, but they were currently in low spirits, while some were even injured.

A disciple asked in a low voice from the side, “What do we do chief disciple Jin Zhang? The Genesis Rune boundary won’t be able to hold out for long.” 

Jin Zhang gazed at the disciples that were anxious looking at him, before he took in a deep breath and slowly said, “When the boundary is broken later, I still stay behind to stop them, while you guys immediately scatter and find the other chief disciples.”

The expressions of the disciples changed upon hearing this, clearly realizing that Jin Zhang intended to sacrifice himself.

“There is no need for further discussion. As a chief disciple, it is my duty to protect you  guys. It was my carelessness that allowed them to ambush us, causing us to lose many of our fellow brothers and sisters.” Jin Zhang’s stern voice interjected before any of the disciples could speak.

The crowd was silent, but their eyes were filled with sorrow.


A cracking sound was suddenly heard from the boundary at this moment, causing the expressions of the Cangxuan Sect disciples to change. They abruptly lifted their heads, only to see cracks appearing on the boundary.


In the end, the cracks rapidly extended as the giant boundary finally reached its limit and exploded with a boom.

The individuals inside the valley were immediately exposed under the numerous tiger like gazes.

In the air, Ning Mo chuckled as he watched this scene, before he said with a sigh, “What a pity, it seems that your tortoise shell is no longer able to protect you guys. Jin Zhang, your Cangxuan Sect is really growing worse and worse with each generation.”

Powerful Genesis Qi began to surge from his body, accompanied by a tremendous pressure.

He was obviously getting ready to attack.

Inside the valley, Jin Zhang took in a deep breath, as Spirit power begant gather between his brows. A Genesis Rune Brush appeared in his hand as he shouted, “Prepare to scatter!”

“Hehe, do you really dare to fight me in that condition? Well don’t blame me for showing no mercy then.” A mocking smile rose from the corners of Ning Mo’s mouth.

A chilling expression rose in his eyes, as he began to take a step forward, no longer wasting any time talking.


However, the piercing sound of rushing wind was suddenly heard at this moment. A flash of black seemed to pierce through space itself, directly shooting towards Ning Mo in a crafty and ruthless manner.

Ning Mo’s pupils shrank slightly as he immediately pulled back his foot.


The flash of black brushed past this body, the piercing sound of whistling wind making one shiver inside.

“Who?! A dark look flashed across Ning Mo’s face as he raised his head and looked towards the west. The numerous gazes in the area also looked over in shock, clearly not expecting someone to daringly stroke the tiger’s whiskers at this juncture.

Under the many watching eyes, a somewhat ethereal figure slowly appeared on a lonely peak near the valley.

He extended a hand and made a grabbing motion, causing the flash of black to shoot back and return to his hand. It was a mottled black brush, its snow-white hairs shaped like the tip of the spear as it pointed towards the ground.

In the valley, Jin Zhang and the other disciples also cast their gazes over, only for their eyes to rapidly fill with astonishment. None of them had expected that the one to come would be him...

Ning Mo’s stared chillingly at the figure in the distance and said, “Where did this fool come from, are you so intent on rushing to your death?”

On the lonely peak, the figure first cast a glance at Jin Zhang and the rest inside the valley, before he turned towards Ning Mo and grinned, revealing a full set of white teeth. The words that left his mouth, however, caused the entire mountain range to fall silent.

“That bastard over there from Sacred Palace… do you really think there’s no one in my Cangxuan Sect who can teach you a lesson?”

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