Chapter 567 Urgent Assistance Token

The Mythic Genesis essence deposit in the mountain was fully depleted by Zhou Yuan and his team after two days.

Although many groups were still drawn over by the commotion over this period, no one attempted to challenge Zhou Yuan’s team like Lei Qinghai and gang had done previously.

Evidently, news of the battle from two days ago had already spread, allowing all of the various factions in the area to understand that the seemingly weak chief disciple of Cangxuan Sect’s Saint Genesis Peak was in truth a ferocious individual that surpassed everyone’s imagination.

Hence, after rationally weighing the situation, the various factions withdrew their greedy gazes, turning their sights towards other targets instead. As a result, the harvesting process went very smooth over these two days.

After the collection of Mythic Genesis essence was done, Zhou Yuan found himself with a surprising haul. The Mythic Genesis essence he had gathered had condensed into a Divine Establishing Treasure.

“Eh, chief disciple Zhou Yuan has condensed a Divine Establishing Treasure?”

On the mountain top, the other disciples noisily swarmed over upon hearing the news, as they cast their curious gazes towards the figure at the very center.

Zhou Yuan extended his hand at this moment. Light gathered on his palm, slowly coalescing into a round and smooth baby fist sized orb. Three different colored halos rotated above the orb, creating an exceptionally mystical sight.

“Is this a Divine Establishing Treasure?” The disciples stared at the glowing three-color orb in excitement. They could feel the Qi Dwelling in their bodies trembling with extreme desire.

Zhou Yuan chuckled in surprise as he stared at the orb in his hand. He had originally believed the Mythic Genesis essence here would not have been enough to support him till he managed to condense a Divine Establishing Treasure. Who could have expected that he would end up succeeding?

It must have been because he had grown more proficient in the latter stages, allowing him to increase his effectiveness in harvesting Mythic Genesis essence. Moreover, as someone whose Spirit was at the advanced Corporeal stage, he undoubtedly had an advantage over the others.

However, Zhou Yuan was only a little amazed by this result, and not overly happy. A three-color Divine Establishing Treasure was after all something he should be excited over.

His goal was to reach a seven-color Divine Establishing Treasure after all!

Even so, this was still better than nothing. What’s more, any other Divine Establishing Treasures he found could be fused with this one, creating an even higher level Divine Establishing Treasure.

Zhou Yuan grasped his hand, causing the three-color orb to disappear, and return to his Qi Dwelling.

He rose to his feet and looked towards the other disciples.

“Let’s go, the Mythic Genesis essence here has already been completely extracted. We’ll head to our next location.”

Golden Genesis Qi had already begun rising from under his feet. After briefly confirming the location, he began flying towards another location on the map that should contain Mythic Genesis essence.

Since he now had a three-color Divine Establishing Treasure, he should be trying to raise it to the four-color level as soon as possible. According to the information from Lei Qinghai, one needed a four-color Divine Establishing Treasure in order to withstand the repulsive force in the deeper area of the six color treasure location. Without one, no one would be able to approach.

The numerous disciples excited followed, clearly already itching to condense their own Divine Establishing Treasures.


Over the subsequent ten days, Zhou Yuan and his team searched four locations in succession. However, two of the locations were found to be duds, with no sign of any Mythic Genesis essence. As for the remaining two, one contained two-color Mythic Genesis essence, while the other contained three-color.

However, the amount of Mythic Genesis essence found was less compared to the first location. It appeared that Mythic Genesis essence was indeed quite rare in the Mythic Utopia.

Hence, Zhou Yuan’s three-color Divine Establishing Treasure ultimately did not upgrade to the four-color level over this period… there was after all a big gap between three and four-color, a gap could not be filled even by the fusion of two three-color Divine Establishing Treasures. 

However, Zhou Yuan was not worried. The Mythic Utopia was extremely vast, and the current district they were currently in was merely the tip of the iceberg. Even so, he was still far from fully exploring the entire area.

There was still much to explore in this district, and there would surely be some undiscovered places that contained Mythic Genesis essence.

Over these ten days, Zhou Yuan and his group encountered several other teams that had ill intentions, making battles unavoidable. However, Zhou Yuan and his team were ultimately the ones to prevail. 

Since all the Chosens were currently heading to the deeper regions, there were not many individuals in the outer regions that Zhou Yuan would be wary of.

After several repeated victories, the team led by Zhou Yuan became the little overlord of this district that no one dared to challenge.

Of course, the main reason why they had so easily dominated the district was because none of the teams from the other five hegemon level sects had appeared here.

The outer regions of the Mythic Utopia were far too vast, as such, the chief disciples of the various sects were likely scattered across several districts.

However, they would eventually meet as they pushed towards the inner regions. When that happened, numerous fights and battles were naturally unavoidable.



A few dozen figures sent out blasts of Genesis Qi at a certain clif wall. The wall immediately exploded, causing boulders to tumble downwards. Light appeared from some of these boulders, and a figure soon dashed forward to shatter these glowing boulders, causing a fist sized rock to fly out from within.

The rock looked like a gem, and gave off a halo of light.

The group collected all of these gems, before sending them to Zhou Yuan, who was vigilantly scanning the area for any signs of activity from a high point.

Gu Hongyi wiped her face and said, “This is the last batch.”

They were currently at the final target that had been marked out on their map. The three-color Mythic Genesis essence here had been found in the form of those gem like rocks from earlier.

After three days of excavating, they had finally managed to completely clean out this location.

Zhou Yuan nodded and said, “Go and distribute them.”

Gu Hongyi gave a faint nod in response, and began instructing the others to distribute the gems to the disciples that had been hard at work for the past half a day. Of course, the biggest share was left for Zhou Yuan, because it was his right as the leader of their team.

Zhou Yuan did not bother to be polite. Genesis Qi surged out from between his palms, and sucked up all the gemstones on the ground. The Genesis Qi crushed the gems, turning them to dust, as strands of three-color Qi rose from within, flowing into Zhou Yuan’s body through his palms and ultimately landing in his Qi Dwelling.

The glowing three-color orb in his Qi Dwelling absorbed all of the three-color Qi.

After absorbing one round of three-color Mythic Genesis essence, the colors of the Divine Establishing Treasure clearly grew even deeper. However, the fourth color Zhou Yuan was looking forward to still did not emerge.

Zhou Yuan opened his eyes and regretfully shook his head. From what he could tell, the current three-color Divine Establishing Treasure was a tiny bit away from advancing to the four-color level.

However, it would come soon.

But there was one problem. They had already searched all of the marked Mythic Genesis essence locations in this district, so if they wanted to continue, they would have to head to other districts.


While Zhou Yuan was planning on instructing the team to prepare to set off again, the sound of rushing was suddenly heard, before he saw a figure rush over from far away and land in front of him.

It was Lu Yan, who should have been standing guard in another location. However, her pretty face was currently filled with worry.

“What is it? Have another group of idiots come?” Zhou Yuan immediately asked upon seeing this.

Lu Yan hurriedly shook her head, and extended her hand, as a blood-red token rose into the air.

“The chief disciple urgent assistance token?!”

The expression of the surrounding disciples changed at the sight of this blood-red token, and even Zhou Yuan’s pupils abruptly shrank as his expression turned grave.

This token was the urgent assistance token of their Cangxuan Sect that only the chief disciples could use. When activated, it would immediately find the nearest Cangxuan Sect disciple.

However, it was a very precious item that would not be used unless absolutely needed.

Zhou Yuan did not dare to tarry, he immediately grabbed the token and poured Genesis Qi into it.

The token flickered, as an urgent voice sounded, “I’m the chief disciple of Spirit Rune Peak, Jin Zhang. My team was ambushed by disciples of the Sacred Palace, so we retreated and are using a Genesis Rune boundary to defend ourselves. The other side has two extremely powerful chief disciples!”

“Thirty members of my team… have already been killed by them.”

The last few words were clearly filled with deep anger.


The eyes of Gu Hongyi, Zhou Tai, Lu Yan and the others instantly turned red when they heard this, while their faces turned green with rage.

This was their first time hearing about the deaths of their fellow disciples!

“Whoever receives this distress call please assess your abilities first and act accordingly. If you guys are not strong enough, immediately find and join up with other teams. We can still hang on a little longer…”

The last few words were much softer, as the light on the token slowly dimmed.

Zhou Yuan reached out and grabbed the token as he lifted his head, his expression unchanged as he looked towards the other disciples. All of them were clearly seething with rage.

Only now did they finally realize the cruelness inside the Mythic Utopia.

“Zhou Yuan, what do we do?” Gu Hong’s bright eyes stared directly at Zhou Yuan. Although she was filled with anger, she still managed to retain some rationality. Jin Zhang had said in his message that the two chief disciples on the other side were extremely powerful.

If they rashly went into this, they may end up making things worse instead.

The gazes of the other disciples also converged towards Zhou Yuan, especially the dozen or so disciples from Spirit Rune Peak. They knew that Zhou Yuan had the right to refuse this cry for help because he also needed to be responsible for the members here.

The place was silent, and even the air seemed to solidify.

Zhou Yuan looked at the token in his hand with a calm and expression as he mumbled, “The token came from the west…”

With a wave of his sleeve, Genesis Qi whizzed out and turned into a map. His gaze slowly moved, before coming to a stop as he pursed his lips. The token came from the same direction as the six color treasure location obtained from Lei Qinghai...

“Why does Sacred Palace have two chief disciples there… do they also know about the six color treasure location?” Zhou Yuan’s gaze flickered in thought.

He waved his hand, causing the Genesis Qi map to dissipate, before raising his head to look at the numerous disciples that were looking at him with anxious expressions.

At this current moment, even Gu Hongyi’s hands were tightly clenched as she stared at Zhou Yuan and waited for his decision. Although she would understand if Zhou Yuan chose not to go to their aid, it would still be quite hard to accept.

Zhou Yuan glanced at them and chuckled. Genesis Qi rose from under his feet, and lifted him into the air.

“What are you guys still standing around for…”

“Let’s go, how can we not help our fellow disciples when they’re in trouble?”

Although there were often conflicts between the various peaks in the sect, once outside, all peaks ultimately belonged to the Cangxuan Sect. Zhou Yuan had a very favorable opinion of the sect, and it was a place where he had grown substantially. In his eyes, it had already become his second home after the Great Zhou Empire.

All of the Cangxuan Sect disciples that had entered the Mythic Utopia would share both glory and hardships. If Jin Zhang was allowed to be killed by Sacred Palace, it would also be a huge blow to the reputation of the Cangxuan Sect.

“Sacred Palace chief disciples huh…”

“I do want to find out what’s so amazing about them.”

Zhou Yuan’s voice faintly echoed as he flew away on his Genesis Qi.

The disciples on the mountain finally returned to their senses at this moment. None of them had expected Zhou Yuan to be so decisive. One must know that the Spirit Rune Peak had even set a Genesis Rune Boundary to try and stop Yaoyao last year.

The Spirit Rune Peak disciples felt somewhat ashamed, but as they looked at Zhou Yuan’s back, respect unknowingly arose in their eyes.

“This fellow…” Gu Hongyi pursed her lips and smiled faintly, her eyes gleaming as she looked at Zhou Yuan’s back.

“He’s pretty handsome when he tries to act cool.”

However, worry soon emerged on her pretty face.

These were chief disciples of the Sacred Palace after all...

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