Chapter 565 Steamrolled


Thunder shook the land, as the lightning seal between Lei Qinghai’s palms suddenly shot forth like a roaring lightning dragon. Lightning flashed across the sky, as the seal charged towards Zhou Yuan with terrifying destructive force.

In the distance, worry flitted across the eyes of Zhou Tai, Lu Yan and the others. The strength displayed by Lei Qinghai was even greater than Baili Che during the Genesis reservoir ceremony.

Although they knew that Zhou Yuan had grown much stronger after the nine dragons baptism, there had been no chance for him to fight for real recently. As such, they were quite unclear about his true battle power.

If Zhou Yuan ended up being suppressed in this fight with Lei Qinghai, it would be a substantial blow to the former’s reputation.

He was after all a chief disciple of the Cangxuan Sect, while Lei Qinghai was merely from the Little Thunder Gate.


Under the numerous watching gazes, the roaring lightning seal arrived, leaving a glowing trail of lightning light behind it as it mercilessly began to crush downwards upon Zhou Yuan’s location.

In the next instant, Zhou Yuan’s figure was drowned in a resplendent lightning glow.

Lei Qinghai proudly stood in the air, an eerie chillingness in his eyes as he stared at the dazzling scene. “Arrogant fellow, to think that you actually dared to directly take on my Thunder King Seal!”

“Since you’re so insistent on courting death, don’t blame me for not showing any mercy.”

This Thunder King Seal of his was a Genesis technique unique to the Little Thunder Gate, and was incomparably domineering in nature. Even he did not know how many people had fallen to it in battle.

Currently, it appeared as if Zhou Yuan would soon become the latest addition to his illustrious battle accomplishments.

Under the many watching gazes, lightning glowed resplendently for quite some time, before fading away little by little. Next, the scenery within began to be revealed.

Lei Qinghai immediately looked over. No matter how strong Zhou Yuan’s body was, he would surely be gravely injured after being struck by the former’s Thunder King Seal, and a seriously injured Zhou Yuan was obviously not going to be Lei Qinghai’s match.

While such thoughts swirled in Lei Qinghai’s head, his eyes slowly widened when he saw the slim young figure that was silently standing amidst the receding light.

There did not appear to be any injuries on his body.

The smile on Lei Qinghai’s lips slowly turned rigid.

A flickering Thunder King Seal hovered above Zhou Yuan, while golden Genesis Qi filled the area behind him, seemingly forming a thousand foot wide starry sky in which golden stars twinkled.

Powerful Genesis Qi undulations pulsed from the starry sky, pushing back against the descending Thunder King Seal, and making it impossible for it to fall any further.


The various watching factions immediately burst into an uproar, as they stared in shock at the starry sky.

“That is… that is the Genesis Qi starry sky phenomenon?!” They ultimately cried out in shock. They knew this phenomenon only appeared when the Genesis Qi stars in one’s Qi Dwelling reached the crazy number of ten thousand.

Only prided geniuses with very strong foundations would be able to achieve ten thousand Genesis Qi stars when ascending to the ninth layer.

Take Lei Qinghai for instance. Although he had stepped into the ninth layer, his Genesis Qi foundations were merely at the level of nine thousand Genesis Qi stars. Hence, they could not comprehend how the Genesis Qi foundations of the clearly seventh layer Genesis Qi cultivation Zhou Yuan could reach such a terrifying level.

He was basically a monster!

Compared to the others, Lei Qinghai was undoubtedly the most shocked at this moment, giant waves churning wildly in his heart, as he blankly stared at the Genesis Qi starry sky. In fact, he had even previously concluded that Zhou Yuan had barely used Genesis Qi because it was his weak point.

How could Lei Qinghai have possibly imagined that Zhou Yuan’s Genesis Qi foundations had actually passed the ten thousand mark...

Zhou Yuan should have been relying on his strong physical body! Who could have expected that his Genesis Qi foundations were in truth even more terrifying than his physical prowess!

“How can this be?! His body cultivation is already so formidable, how can his Genesis Qi foundations be so superb as well?!” Roared Lei Qinghai inside. He was considered a genius in the Little Thunder Gate, but the gap between himself and Zhou Yuan was just too cruel.

However, Zhou Yuan obviously would not care even if he knew what Lei Qinghai was bellowing about inside. The former slowly rotated and cracked his neck. After the earlier testing, he could feel that his physical power seemed to have risen substantially. Otherwise, he would not have been able to rely merely on physical force and very minute amounts of Genesis Qi to evenly match Lei Qinghai in battle.

However, Zhou Yuan also understood that though his physical abilities were strong, it would take a very long time for him to defeat Lei Qinghai in this manner, time which Zhou Yuan clearly did not intend to waste on the latter.

Zhou Yuan extended his hands, his skin flickering with jade light, while silver light flashed and surged in his bones. In a flash, his figure appeared in front of the thunder seal like a phantom.

His hands abruptly swatted downwards, golden Genesis Qi surging forth to trap the thunder seal. The Genesis Qi and physical power in his body exploded at full force, as his hands slowly closed around the seal.


The space between his hands began to warp and distort, as faint spatial cracks appeared.

Lightning frantically blasted out from the thunder seal, but it was completely unable to escape. It could only release hair-raising cracking noises as the hands gradually closed around it.

Zhou Yuan’s hands finally closed around the seal, causing it to shatter and transform into silver specks of light.

Shockwaves spread from the epicenter, but were forcefully contained by Zhou Yuan’s hands.

As such, Lei Qinghai’s strongest Genesis technique was forcibly destroyed by Zhou Yuan’s hands...

Zhou Yuan offhandedly dusted off his hands, before turning his gaze towards the new deathly pale Lei Qinghai with a wide grin, “Didn’t you want to see how much I was hiding earlier? Are you satisfied now?”

Lei Qinghai’s lips quivered for a moment, but was unable to utter even a single word. Dread slowly crept out in his heart as he gazed at Zhou Yuan’s indifferent eyes

The ease in which Zhou Yuan had destroyed Lei Qinghai’s most powerful technique was more than enough to tell him the difference between them.

At this very moment, Lei Qinghai’s courage had already completely dissipated.

As such, he had zero intention of replying, and instead immediately turned tail and ran amidst the terrified gazes of the various factions, his figure rapidly fleeing like an illusory bolt of lightning.

Lei Qinghai had finally realized that the Cangxuan Sect chief disciple had merely been toying with him earlier. When the latter became serious, Lei QInghai had no choice but to admit that he was far from the latter’s match.

If the battle continued, it would very likely end in his death.

Lei Qinghai’s escape caused the various factions to fall into chaos, especially the members of the Little Thunder Gate, who immediately began running, not daring to linger even a single second longer.

The attacking factions were instantly defeated, suffering heavy losses to the chasing Cangxuan Sect disciples.

“How decisive.” Zhou Yuan chuckled softly as he watched the lightning glow streak across the sky. However, there was a rather chilling expression in his eyes.

“Thinking of running after starting this?”

“I can only say that you’re too naive.”

With a wave of his sleeve, a flash of black light abruptly shot out and rapidly grew as it shot through the air, revealing itself to be the Heavenly Yuan Brush. The brush seemed to pierce through space itself, like a shooting star across the night sky.


Zhou Yuan’s formidable Genesis Qi had been infused into the brush, bestowing it with deadly power.


The already far away Lei Qinghai tried to defend, but all he could do was release a miserable shriek when the Heavenly Yuan Brush finally arrived...

Zhou Yuan stood in the air with a calm expression as he beckoned with his hand.

The Heavenly Yuan Brush swiftly returned, towing a bounded bloody figure behind it. In the end, the brush hung the figure in front of Zhou Yuan.

Lei Qinghai’s bloody face was deathly pale. “Brother Zhou, I failed to recognize your greatness earlier, but there should be no need to exterminate us to the last man, right? Though our Little Thunder Gate cannot compare to your Cangxuan Sect, isn’t it better to have one less enemy in this place?”

Zhou Yuan smiled. “You didn’t care about the Cangxuan Sect when you attacked earlier, so why should your Little Thunder Gate matter to us now?”

His eyes were ice-cold as Genesis Qi gathered in his hand, before thrusting it forward, intending to deal the finishing blow.

As deadly force rushed towards him, Lei Qinghai was so terrified that he shrieked in a piercing voice, 

“Stop! Don't kill me, I will trade information about a six color treasure location for my life!”

Zhou Yuan’s palm stopped inches before Lai Qinghai’s body, the residual force blowing away the blood on the latter’s face. Zhou Yuan’s eyes rippled for a moment, as he stared at Lei Qinghai and slowly asked, “A six color treasure location?”

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