Chapter 564 Thunder King Seal

In the sky, the army surrounding the mountain top was actually divided into many smaller groups from the various factions. Fear and shock was currently visible on their faces as they stared at the figure standing in the air nearby. The lightning quick strike from the latter earlier had indeed been very intimidating.

No one had expected that a seventh layer expert would be crushed by Zhou Yuan in a flash.

At this juncture, only a fool would still treat Zhou Yuan as an ordinary seventh layer.

“Humph, so you’re actually a tiger pretending to be a pig. No wonder you were so arrogant!” Lei Qinghai’s gloomy voice sounded at this moment, as he stared in anger at Zhou Yuan.

He had erred in his judgement earlier, and taken Zhou Yuan as an ordinary seventh layer, which in turn led to Lei Qinghai’s overbearing attitude. However, it was now evident that Zhou Yuan had been intentionally hiding his strength.

Even with this revelation, Lei Qinghai did not panic, as he was still confident in his strength. Although he had recently stepped into the ninth layer, he strongly believed that his Genesis Qi foundations would not lose to some of the Cangxuan Sect chief disciples. The Little Thunder Gate was after all a first class faction in Cangxuan Heaven, and were not weak at all.

Though the Cangxuan Sect disciples here were elites, the ones of Lei Qinghai’s side were no pushovers. Moreover, they had the superior numbers. As such, no one could say for sure who would emerge the victor if a battle were to break out.

Most importantly, his name reputation would explode like a cannon if he somehow managed to win. After all, defeating a chief disciple of the Cangxuan Sect would make him very famous in the Shengzhou Continent.

Of course, he could also end up becoming a stepping stone for Zhou Yuan instead.

The desire in Lei Qinghai’s eyes burned increasingly bright as he imagined such a scene. Powerful Genesis Qi rose from his body as he stared at Zhou Yuan, giving off an endless pressure as they towered like enormous thousand foot tall lightning pillars.

His display of power caused the somewhat nervous factions on his side to breathe a small sigh of relief.

“Everyone, I shall deal with Zhou Yuan, while you guys concentrate on attacking the mountain. I can say with certainty that the three-color Mythic Genesis essence deposit there will not disappoint us.” Said Lei Qinghai in a low voice, his words filled with temptation.

He knew that the disciples of the Little Thunder Gate alone would not be a match for the Cangxuan Sect team here. Only by coercing the other factions along would they be able to pose a threat towards the latter.

Greed instantly flowed out in the eyes of the over hundred figures in the sky. They were no strangers to violence or fighting, and would often kill for the sake of even a small gain. In the Shengzhou Continent, they would perhaps practice a little more prudence when they encountered Cangxuan Sect disciples, but this was the Mythic Utopia, a place where everyone was prepared to risk their lives. If the Cangxuan Sect failed to defend their Mythic Utopia essence, it would only mean that they were undeserving, and the Cangxuan Sect could not say anything even if all their disciples were wiped out here.

Hence, after briefly hesitating, the various factions cast their ominous gazes at the Cangxuan Sect disciples.

In the Mythic Utopia, some could even betray their fellow disciples for the sake of obtaining Mythic Genesis essence, let alone a few Cangxuan Sect disciples.

Since their side did not appear to be weaker than the Cangxuan Sect team, worst comes to worst, they would scatter and run after obtaining the Mythic Genesis essence. They believed that the Cangxuan Sect Chosens would not be able to do anything even if they found out.

“All disciples prepare to meet the enemy, no need to show any mercy!”

On the mountain top, Gu Hongyi took over the commander position. Although she was a little weaker than everyone else, her words did have some sway over the group. Hence, iciness flashed in the eyes of the few dozen disciples from the various peaks, as powerful Genesis Qi slowly rose around them.

“Attack! Since they intend to obstruct us, there’s no need to show any mercy either!”

In the next instant, the two sides shot forward at the same time. Berserk Genesis Qi dashed into the sky, as over a hundred figures clashed in battle, the aftershocks causing the surrounding Genesis Qi to fall into a frenzy.

Zhou Yuan glanced at the battlefield. Although the Cangxuan Sect disciples were outnumbered, each individual was clearly superior in strength, allowing them to not fall into a disadvantageous position.


A torrent of berserk Genesis Qi that was charged with lightning suddenly blasted at Zhou Yuan with unmatched ferocity.

Zhou Yuan’s figure took half a step back, causing the lightning torrent to brush past his body, as the deafening sound of thunder nearly burst his ear drums.

His expression remained calm, while his gaze turned to find Lei Qinghai slowly walking over in the air as lightning Genesis Qi cackled around him, creating a very oppressive presence.

An icy look was revealed on Lei Qinghai’s face as he stared at Zhou Yuan and said, “Zhou Yuan, I gave you a choice, but you refused my kind intentions, and instead caused the situation to devolve into its current state.”

“Now, it’s already too late for regrets!”

Lei Qinghai’s hands suddenly clapped together, as flickering lightning Genesis Qi roared out of his body. With a stomp in the air, the Genesis Qi rapidly converged behind him, transforming into a sky full of silver lightning spikes.

Dazzling lightning arced across the spikes in a mesmerising manner. 

“Since you like to hide so much, go ahead and show me how much ability you’ve concealed. I hope that you will not disappoint me!”

“Lightning Spike!”

Lei Qinghai waved his sleeve. In the next instant, all the silver lightning spikes shot forth, accompanied by the rumble of thunder and countless flashes of lightning. In the blink of an eye, every spike had already bombarded Zhou Yuan’s location.

Boom! Boom!

Berserk lightning devastated the surroundings, causing even the fabric of space to ripple violently.

An icy smile appeared on Lei Qinghai’s face. “Arrogant fool, to think that you actually dared to…”

Before he could finish, however, a streak of light shot out from the dazzling lightning, and appeared in front of him as if teleporting. A fist that glowed with jade light and was infused with berserk power swiftly punched towards Lei Qinghai’s chest like a thunderbolt.

The reflection of the fist rapidly grew in Lei Qinghai’s pupils, causing them to shrink slightly. He could not detect much Genesis Qi undulations from Zhou Yuan’s deadly punch.

In other words, it was purely physical power.

“Can’t believe his physical body is so strong.” Lei Qinghai was rather alarmed. He did not have a powerful physical body, and naturally did not dare to receive the attack directly. His hands immediately thrust forward as Genesis Qi surged out, transforming into a foot long lightning mirror that gave off a lightning glow.

“Lightning Mirror!”


Zhou Yuan’s fist slammed into the mirror, causing it to ripple violently. Only calmness could be seen in his rippleless eyes, as countless punches poured out like a storm.

Clang! Clang!

In a few breaths, the lightning mirror shattered under the onslaught, as countless lightning fragments shot outwards.

As glowing lightning fragments danced in the air, a slender hand reached forward, leaving a trail of after images behind it as it mercilessly grabbed at Lei Qinghai’s neck.

Li Qinghai’s expression changed slightly as he swiftly made a seal with his hands. “Illusion Lightning Art!”

A lightning glow surged on his body as it began to fade away.

Zhou Yuan’s hand swiped past, but caught only air. He raised his gaze to find a figure clad in a lightning glow shooting away like a ghost, its speed akin to rushing lightning.

A faint sliver of surprise flitted across Zhou Yuan’s eyes. Lei Qinghai was a rather detestable person, but he was very resourceful indeed. No wonder he had dared to take them on.

However, it was not so easy to escape from Zhou Yuan.

“Ethereal Form!”

Zhou Yuan’s figure rapidly turned ethereal as he shot forward, closely following Lei Qinghai like a shadow, while countless punches and kicks mercilessly rained down upon the latter.

Two blurry glowing figures flickered about in the sky, leaving loud booms in their wake.

The duo exchanged several hundred blows in a short few minutes. However, Lei Qinghai was growing more and more alarmed as the fight went out. He had realized that Zhou Yuan’s attacks were mainly physical in nature, while using Genesis Qi as support. The onslaught was extremely fierce and violent, causing Lei Qinghai to gradually be suppressed.

The flames of frustration rose in his heart.

Zhou Yuan’s attacks were akin to a torrential storm that left one no time to even catch a breath. However, it was impossible for him to truly defeat Lei Qinghai in this manner. The only purpose it served was to make the latter’s situation very miserable.

“Get lost!”

Lei Qinghai gnashed his teeth as berserk Genesis Qi swept out from his body without reservation. Zhou Yuan’s onslaught was stopped for a brief moment, allowing Lei Qinghai to create some distance between them.

He darkly stared at Zhou Yuan as his hands formed a seal and abruptly slammed together.

Berserk Genesis Qi frantically gathered between his palms, as dark clouds appeared above him, faintly stirring the surrounding Genesis Qi.

It appeared that Lei Qinghai could not take it any longer, and was going to use his trump card.

“Does your confidence stem from the power of your body? If so, your Genesis Qi cultivation is indeed only at the seventh layer!” Lei Qinghai laughed in a sinister manner.

Zhou Yuan had barely used any Genesis Qi in their fight earlier. As such, Lei Qinghai was certain that Genesis Qi was the former’s weak point.

“Unfortunately for you, no matter how strong your body is, one’s Genesis Qi foundations are still the most important!”

Lei Qinghai let out an icy laugh. He currently had eight thousand Genesis Qi stars in his Qi Dwelling, which was also the source of his confidence. On the other hand, he estimated that the seventh layer Zhou Yuan would possess at most five or six thousand Genesis Qi stars.


Black clouds churned above him as lightning bolts descended, striking the spot between Lei Qinghai’s palms. Lightning light madly surged, as a silver lightning seal slowly rose from within.

A heart-palpitating undulation pulsed from the seal.

Lei Qinghai howled at the heavens, drawing numerous gazes from the fight below. Their expression immediately changed at the sight of the silver lightning seal, evidently sensing the terrifying power contained within it.

Such power had indeed begun to match the various chief disciples of the Cangxuan Sect.

“Haha, Zhou Yuan, watch as I blast your prided body to ashes!”

“Have a taste of the secret art unique to my Little Thunder Gate!”

“Thunder! King! Seal!”

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