Chapter 563 Swatted to Death in a Single Palm

“Get rid of him!”

When Zhou Yuan’s calm voice sounded, sinister looks instantly appeared in the eyes of the many surrounding disciples. It had already been a while since they began finding Lei Qinghai to be an eyesore due to his attitude.

Your Little Thunder Gate is merely a first class sect, and yet dare to act like you’re something in front of our Cangxuan Sect? Do you really think we’re pushovers?


Berserk Genesis Qi erupted from their bodies, suring forth a split second later. Blasts of Genesis Qi tore through the air, and swiftly bombarded Lei Qinghai’s figure.


A terrifying shockwave of Genesis Qi unfurled, ripping up the surrounding ground.

Gaze after gaze looked towards the middle of the destruction. Though Lei Qinghai was powerful, there was no way he would be able to withstand the combined attacks of so many individuals, right?

The dust gradually scattered, as the expression in the numerous gazes that had converged towards the spot suddenly changed.

Lei Qinghai’s figure was nowhere to be found. All they could see was a silver ball that flickered with lightning as it hovered above the torn ground. The metal ball was covered in cracks, and soon dimmed as it fell, before turning into dust.

Zhou Yuan’s expression remained composed from start to end. His brows arched slightly, as he lifted his head and looked at the sky. “No wonder you dared to come alone. It turns out that you’re pretty capable.”

Gu Hongyi, Zhou Tai, Lu Yan and the others followed his gaze, and saw silver light flicker in the air, as Lei Qinghai’s figure appeared. However, his expression was rather dark at this moment.

Lei Qinghai remarked in a chilling voice, “Hehe, what a Cangxuan Sect. To think that one of the six overlord sects doesn’t even care about face?”

He never imagined that Zhou Yuan would order the disciples to target fire him. Did this guy not realise he was a chief disciple of the Cangxuan Sect?

Zhou Yuan swept a glance at the former as he shook his head, not bothering to even reply. Since Lei Qinghai dared to set his sights on them, there was no need to give any of the so-called ‘face’.

Zhou Yuan was not an inflexible person. If it were possible to eliminate Lei Qinghai in the most simplest fashion, the former would naturally not bother coming up with other tactics. It was either you or me in the Mythic Utopia after all.

However, it was a little regretful that they had failed to finish off Lei Qinghai.

But it did not matter much anyways, he was merely a fellow that had recently stepped into the ninth layer after all...

At the sight of Zhou Yuan’s uncaring appearance, Lei Qinghai’s face turned somewhat green with anger. Something kept telling him that Zhou Yuan did not really view him as a serious threat.

“Although I do not know how you managed to become the chief disciple of Saint Genesis Peak, how dare you act so pleased in front of me with the mere strength of the seventh layer? Do you really believe that your status as chief disciple will have much use in the Mythic Utopia?!” Lei Qinghai clenched his jaw, his tone eerily chilling.

He was completely under the impression that Zhou Yuan’s confidence stemmed from his status as a chief disciple of the Cangxuan Sect.

“I originally hoped to give face to the Cangxuan Sect and come to an agreement with you. But it seems that all you want to do is spit in my face!”

“Since that is the case, don’t blame me for not giving face to the Cangxuan Sect!”

Thunder rumbled the instant his words rang out, as powerful silver Genesis Qi rose from the top of his head, turning into silver clouds that flashed with the glow of lightning.

The already impatiently waiting factions at the foot of the mountain immediately saw the rising silver Genesis Qi. This was the signal they had agreed on earlier.

The negotiations between Lei Qinghai and Zhou Yuan appeared to have failed.

“Humph, it appears that the Saint Genesis Peak chief disciple believes he can rely on the reputation of the Cangxuan Sect in the Mythic Utopia.” Someone sneered as an ominous light rose in his eyes.

“What a naive kid. The only thing useful in the Mythic Utopia is one’s fists. No matter what background he has, he will only be torn to shreds if he does not possess sufficient power!”

There was an unspoken rule of survival of the fittest in the Mythic Utopia. If a great sect like the Cangxuan Sect were to fall inside, it would only mean that this generation of disciples were no good. When word of this spread, it would only draw mockery from the other factions, and damage the former’s reputation.

After all, the six overlord sects were superior in both quantity and quality. If they were to lose to other factions even with such advantages, they would have no one to blame but themselves.

Swoosh! Swish!

The various factions rose into the sky on their Genesis Qi and spread out, surrounding the mountain top. It was a pretty intimidating sight.

Only the prided geniuses nurtured by the various factions could enter the Mythic Utopia after all, and though there may be a gap between them and the elites of the Cangxuan Sect, it would not be too big. With the numbers advantage added in, the other factions no longer had anything to fear, allowing them to stare unbridledly at the solemnly waiting Cangxuan Sect disciples.

Grave expressions appeared on the faces of the numerous disciples on the peak as they gazed at the figures surrounding them. The other party’s numbers had clearly surpassed their expectations.

“We’ve unknowingly attracted so many huh…” Zhou Yuan frowned a little. It seemed that the disturbance caused by the Mythic Genesis essence had not been small.

However, go ahead and come at us! Zhou Yuan had already realized that it was impossible for them to peacefully harvest Mythic Genesis essence in the Mythic Utopia, unless one displayed power overwhelming enough to deter anyone with ill intentions.

Since that was the case, Zhou Yuan had no choice but to build a reputation for his team.

Lei Qinghai and his gang would be the stepping stones used to achieve this.

In the sky, Lei Qinghai gazed at the tightly surrounded figures on the peak as a sneer emerged on his face. Soon after, he stared at Zhou Yuan and said, “Zhou Yuan, I’ll give you one final chance. Allow us to ascend the mountain and harvest the Mythic Genesis essence. Plus, you have to hand over seventy percent of the Mythic Genesis essence you collected earlier!”

On the mountain peak, anger flashed on the faces of all the Cangxuan Sect disciples.

“This guy is too much!” Snarled Gu Hongyi through gnashed teeth.

“He really thinks I’m a seventh layer Alpha-Origin.” Zhou Yuan chuckled. Lei Qinghai was obviously being so overbearing because he believed Zhou Yuan to only have the strength of the seventh heaven.

He shook his head and rose to his feet. With a grasp, the Heavenly Yuan brush appeared in his hand.

The black brush rapidly grew, its sharp tip pointed towards the ground at an angle.

Zhou Yuan raised his head and stared at the greedy looks of the numerous figures surrounding them. In the end, his gaze paused on Lei Qinghai as he indifferently said, “I’ll also give you one last chance. Leave now if you know what’s good for you. Although the Cangxuan Sect does not take advantage of our status to bully others, if you insist on being a fool, don’t blame us for showing no mercy.”

Mocking laughter immediately rang out in the sky, as someone said, “Kid, if it was the chief disciple of the Cangxuan Peak or Lightning Prison Peak saying such things, their words would at least have some weight. But a mere seventh layer like you should just stop making a fool of yourself!”

Zhou Yuan’s expression remained unchanged, unangered by the ridicule from the other party. He merely nodded faintly with indifference in his eyes.


His figure suddenly began to etherealize at this moment as he took a step forward.

The expression of the one that had mocked him immediately changed, because Zhou Yuan’s figure had appeared in front of the former like a phantom.

“You’re courting death!”

The individual bellowed, neither afraid nor alarmed. Instead, robust Genesis Qi whizzed out around him, revealing that he was also a seventh layer expert.

He sent out a punch accompanied by surging Genesis Qi and an alarming pressure.

However, Zhou Yuan did not even bat an eyelid, as a jade glow emerged from his skin and silver light flickered in the depths of his body. He raised a hand and gently swung it as if chasing away a fly.


As Zhou Yuan’s hand met the punch, both sides froze slightly for a brief moment. In the next instant, a piercing sonic boom sounded as the air exploded. Everyone watched in shock as the seventh layer expert let loose a blood curdling shriek, while his entire arm exploded into a bloody mist. In the end, his body plummeted from the sky like a bird whose wings had been broken, and crashed into the forest...

The entire place fell silent at this moment.

Astonishment and fear rose in the many gazes as they stared at Zhou Yuan’s figure. They never imagined that Zhou Yuan would be able to easily swat away a seventh layer expert without even circulating any Genesis Qi?!

Their hearts shivered at the sight of Zhou Yuan’s indifferent expression, while a faint sense of unease rose within them.

What should have been merely a seventh layer Saint Genesis Peak chief disciple was clearly not as simple as they had thought...

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