Chapter 561 Gathering

Tri-colored light rose from the remains of the Mythic Copper Worm Tree, making the air seem a little more colorful, while a strange fragrance filled the area.

Gu Hongyi, Zhou Tai and the other disciples stared at the tri-colored light with happiness in their eyes, while stirring restlessly as if unable to control themselves.

Fortunately, they did not allow their rationality to be washed away, and instead turned their gazes towards Zhou Yuan. He was currently their leader, and they would await his instructions.

In addition, if not for Zhou Yuan’s lightning quick attack earlier that had slayed the worm hidden inside the copper tree, it would have been really difficult for them to destroy it.

Zhou Yuan watched the tri-color light continuously flow out from the broken trunk, as amazement flitted across his eyes. His Qi Dwelling had started to tremble in desire the moment the light appeared.

From this, one could see just how attractive the Mythic Genesis essence was to the Qi Dwelling.

“Everyone split into seven groups to collect the Mythic Genesis essence, while one group stands guard. The guard shift will rotate amongst all the groups.” Zhou Yuan looked at the many disciples and said, “The Mythic Genesis essence will surely cause quite a disturbance, and may draw prying gazes.”

The other disciples' expressions shivered when they heard this. There were indeed several factions in the area, and if the Mythic Genesis essence was discovered by them, the Cangxuan Sect disciples would have to face some trouble.

The Mythic Genesis essence was just far too valuable in the Mythic Utopia, and everyone would definitely compete for it.

After a brief discussion, about ten figures flew out from the big group and landed on various spots in the vicinity, before vigilantly watching the surroundings for any signs of activity.

Upon seeing this, Zhou Yuan nodded and said, “Go ahead and start collecting, as for how much each of you will collect, that will depend on your own abilities.”

The moment his words rang out, all of the remaining disciples began to split up, each finding a spot for themselves, before Genesis Qi began rising from their heads to gather the tri-color flowing light.

Zhou Yuan sat down near the broken trunk, where there was obviously the highest concentration of Mythic Genesis essence. He did not bother trying to act modest. As the leader, he was the strongest individual here and had the right to enjoy the best treatment.

Golden Genesis Qi rose from the top of Zhou Yuan’s head, forming a glowing ball that began to spin. A suction force emerged from a hole on the top portion of the ball, absorbing strand after strand of tri-color light.

The tri-color light was not pure Mythic Genesis essence, and had to be constantly compressed and refined while being collected to become true Mythic Genesis essence. This was the only way to create a Divine Establishing Treasure.

Though it was a tedious and slow process, Zhou Yuan did not show any impatience. He calmly gathered the tri-color light for an incense stick of time, before beckoning with his hand.

The golden light ball slowly descended as the bottom split open, revealing a resplendent tri-color glow.

The other disciples looked over in envy. They were only half way, while Zhou Yuan had already succeeded. One could see that there was indeed quite a gap in power between the two parties.

The refined tri-color light was somewhat viscous as it quietly swirled on Zhou Yuan’s palm. It gave off a cooling sensation akin to jade, and Zhou Yuan could feel a mysterious power within it. His Qi Dwelling shuddered as the ten thousand Genesis Qi stars inside twinkled brightly.

“So this the true Mythic Genesis essence…”

Zhou Yuan concentrated on the viscous tri-color light in his hand as a sliver of desire flitted across his eyes. Next, he opened his mouth and swallowed it in a single gulp.

The viscous tri-color light flowed into his body, heading straight into the Qi Dwelling, before slowly swirling about within it.

A tri-color glow spread, dying the Genesis Qi stars as they quietly grew brighter as if being refined.

However, this little bit of Mythic Genesis essence was clearly far from enough to create a Divine Establishing Treasure.

Zhou Yuan had already anticipated this, and was thus not disappointed by this result. With a wave of his hand, the golden Genesis Qi ball rose once more, hovering above the broken tree trunk as it continued to absorb the tri-color light that spurted out, and slowly refining it into Mythic Genesis essence...

From how it continued to spurt out, the Mythic Genesis essence here should be enough to last them several days. All they needed to do now was to calmly collect.

Zhou Yuan peered into the distance as he mumbled to himself, “I hope that we’ll be able to peacefully harvest the Mythic Genesis essence over the next few days.”

However, he also understood that it was most likely wishful thinking. After all, the disturbance created by the spouting Mythic Essence was not small, and there was even a strange fragrance spreading. It was basically impossible for them to hide it.

There were several factions roaming about in the area, and they would most definitely move if they found Zhou Yuan and his team.

Iciness flashed in Zhou Yuan’s lowered eyes. He had occupied this location, and if any blood fool wanted to snatch the Mythic Genesis essence away, they would have to first ask his Heavenly Yuan Brush if it agreed.


Nothing much happened on the first day, allowing Zhou Yuan and the rest to harvest the essence in peace for a day. However, this peace was broken on the second day.

It was exactly as Zhou Yuan had predicted. Figures began to appear one after another in the vicinity of the mountain.

They were the various factions that had been drawn to this place by the disturbance and the peculiar fragrance.

The figures hid away in groups of two and three, greed flashing in their eyes as they stared at the tri-color light spouting from the mountain top. They could naturally tell that this was three-color Mythic Genesis essence!

A grade of essence that was extremely rare in the initial exploratory stage of the Mythic Utopia!

The best they had found during the entire first day was two-color Mythic Genesis essence, so it was a little hard to believe there was so much three-color Mythic Genesis essence in this place. One could easily imagine how huge of a deposit it was.

With greed urging them on, several restless individuals attempted to slip into the mountain. Fortunately, the guards on duty immediately discovered these individuals and swiftly chased them off.

Under Zhou Yuan’s directions, a disciple’s thunderous shout rumbled in warning, “This excavation site was discovered by our Cangxuan Sect. If anyone dares to trespass, don’t blame us for showing no mercy!”

Hearing the Cangxuan Sect’s name managed to intimidate some individuals. Moreover, they could also see that there were many Cangxuan Sect disciples on the mountain, a force that was indeed rather powerful. With so few members, there was no way that the former would be able to even bargain for a slice of the pie.

However, they did not give up just like that, and instead began to spread the news. As such, more and more factions began to appear in the surroundings over the brief span of half a day.

The gradually gathering factions began to put some pressure on Gu Hongyi, Zhou Tai, Lu Yan and the rest of the disciples. They could likewise tell that the Cangxuan Sect’s name was not enough to suppress the greed of these people.

Fortunately, although more and more people were gathering in the vicinity of the mountain, all of them clearly belonged to smaller factions. No party would submit to another, making them akin to scattered sand, refusing to cooperate.

However, a change finally occurred on the third day.

A team of over thirty people arrived.

This team gave off a powerful presence, and was clearly very different from the others. They were from the Little Thunder Gate, a first class faction of the Shengzhou Continent. Although there was still a gap between them and the Cangxuan Sect, they were quite renowned in the Shengzhou Continent.

When the members of the Little Thunder Gate appeared, the scattered groups in the vicinity of the mountain were quickly recruited. As a result, the gathered force at the foot of the mountain finally became a real threat to the Cangxuan Sect disciples.

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