Chapter 560 Mythic Copper Worm Tree

Swish! Swish!

Several dozen glowing figures zipped past in the air above the land filled with a primal aura. They did not take any breaks, heading straight towards the southwest direction.

At the very front of the group, Zhou Yuan was leading the pack.

His gaze constantly scanned the surroundings to check that they were on the right path. As they flew, he could also sense several gazes look towards them from hidden places, gazes that were not very friendly at all.

No one knew just how many factions had flooded into the Mythic Utopia, but it was certain that all of them were doing everything they could to collect Mythic Genesis essence. As such, conflicts were naturally inevitable.

In this place, even the name of the six overlord sects was not going to be enough, and the most useful thing was still the size of one’s fist. If a Chosen from the six sects was somehow separated from the group while not in optimal condition, he or she would likely draw numerous wolf-like gazes. These wolves would pounce without any hesitation to rip their prey apart once any opening or chance was found.

Fortunately, everyone had only just entered the Mythic Utopia, and were still very empty-handed. Hence, though people were spying on Zhou Yuan and this team along the way, no one was foolish or daring enough to come forward and stop them.

After half a day, Zhou Yuan and his team finally approached the flashing three-color dot on the map...


Several dozen figures landed atop an enormous ancient tree as they looked towards their front, where a mountain had appeared within their sights. It was not a very majestic or tall mountain, and Zhou Yuan and the rest could make out a faint glowing rune on one of the cliff walls.

The glowing rune was the seal of their Cangxuan Sect.

“This should be the place.” The seal made it certain that they were not in the wrong location.

Joy appeared on the faces of the other disciples.

“But it seems to be a little too quiet…” Muttered Gu Hongyi in a puzzled manner. On the way herer, they had encountered several Genesis Beasts that were native to the Mythic Utopia. These Genesis Beasts were ginormous, and it looked unwise to provoke them. Hence, the group had avoided any encounters.

However, would a place where three-color Mythic Genesis essence was hidden be so quiet?

Zhou Yuan nodded in agreement. “We’ll split into parties of ten and scout the area first. Send out the signal if anything unexpected happens.”

The disciples who could obtain spots to enter the Mythic Utopia were elites of the Cangxuan Sect. Thus, they quickly began to split up after hearing Zhou Yuan’s instructions, before swiftly shooting forward and landing on the mountain.

Zhou Yuan said to Gu Hongyi, Zhou Tai, Lu Yan and a few others nearby, “You guys will follow me.”

His figure dashed forward, leading the group into the mountain. They weaved through the mountain forests, swiftly heading towards the peak.

The entire group maintained their vigilance, Genesis Qi swirling around their bodies, ready to do battle at any moment.

However, Zhou Yuan and the rest were rather surprised, because they had encountered zero obstructions all the way to the peak. It appeared that there were no Genesis Beasts in this mountain.

On the mountaintop, the other teams arrived one after another, shaking their heads to indicate that they had discovered nothing out of the ordinary along the way.

Zhou Yuan frowned a little. Were there really no Genesis Beasts here?

By the side, Zhou Tai hesitated for a moment, before he said, “I don’t sense any strange undulations here, and there seems to be no Mythic Genesis essence.”

The other disciples were somewhat disappointed. Looks like their luck was no good. Although there was once three-color Mythic Genesis essence here, it appeared that none had been born this time.

Zhou Yuan did not say anything, and instead raised his head to observe the surrounding mountain peak. Rocks were scattered all over, making the place appear rather desolate. Only a single ancient tree towered amidst the rocks, but it appeared to be in a withered state. Countless branches and leaves weakly lay on the ground, as if completely drained of energy.

He could not sense any strange undulations, and the place seemed to be covered in an aura of lifelessness.

Zhou Yuan’s eyes narrowed slightly as he suddenly began a slow walk towards the withered tree. With a grasp of his hand, the Heavenly Yuan Brush appeared and rapidly enlarged.

The tip of the brush dragged along the ground, leaving a trail of sparks.

The other disciples were somewhat bewildered by Zhou Yuan’s actions, as they cast puzzled gazes towards the withered old tree. Was there a problem with this tree?

But no matter how hard they tried, they could not sense anything from the withered tree.

Zhou Yuan ignored them, continuing to stare at the tree as he slowly approached. Genesis Qi rose around his body, a sign that he was intending to attack for real.

He grew closer with each step, and was soon a dozen feet from the withered ancient tree.

However, just as he was about to take another step, the weakly lying branches on the ground suddenly shot forth, gleaming with a night-like glow as they tore through the air and viciously thrust towards Zhou Yuan.

Such an attack would really catch one unprepared.

The surrounding disciples cried out in surprise. To think that there was indeed a problem with the withered old tree.

Clang! Clang!

Snow-white hairs zipped forward, clashing with the countless branches like metal striking metal. Sparks flew in all directions as the berserk undulations blew away the scattered rocks on the ground.

Zhou Yuan’s footsteps stopped, wielding the Heavenly Yuan Brush as its hairs reached forward to defend against the deadly onslaught of the numerous branches. He stared in indifference at the withered old tree and said, “You concealed yourself very well, but it’s a shame that you weren’t smart enough. All I did was try to scare you a little, and you already revealed yourself.”

The withered old tree’s concealment abilities were indeed top class, and even Zhou Yuan had not been able to sense anything. However, this was also the reason why he had begun to suspect that something was amiss.

An ordinary tree would give off very weak traces of Genesis Qi even in a withered state. And yet, this old tree before them did not give off even a hint of Genesis Qi. It would have been surprising instead if there was nothing amiss.


The old tree released a piercing hiss. The withered look on its branches rapidly faded, replaced by a copper like sheen that flickered icily under the sunlight.


In the next instant, sharp tree branches filled the sky, like a million swords as they charged towards Zhou Yuan with unmatched ferocity.

“Go, help chief disciple Zhou Yuan!” The other disciples immediately yelled when they saw this, as they unleashed a power barrage of Genesis Qi attacks that clashed with the innumerable branches.


Berserk Genesis Qi undualtions swept outwards, disintegrating the many scattered rocks on the ground.

With the fierceness of their attacks and their advantage in numbers, it was not surprising that the disciples took the upper hand, and forced back the copper branches. However, the old copper tree clearly possessed extremely unique abilities. The branches that had been blasted apart quickly regrew, while Genesis Qi surged out to block the attacks of the Cangxuan Sect disciples.

Zhou Yuan watched this scene in astonishment. One must know that these disciples were the elites of the Cangxuan Sect, and were genius level individuals even if placed somewhere else.

And yet, their combined might did not seem to be of much use against the old copper tree?

However, he could also see that the old copper tree’s regenerative abilities were amazing. It managed to swiftly recover no matter how much damage it sustained, while also having an endless supply of Genesis Qi.

Without the other disciples to take some of the pressure off him, Zhou Yuan would have likely been beaten black and blue in a one on one fight.

Gu Hongyi suddenly appeared beside Zhou Yuan and said in a low voice, “Zhou Yuan, this is likely a Mythic Copper Worm Tree.”

“Mythic Copper Worm Tree?” Zhou Yuan was taken aback.

“It’s a very peculiar Genesis Beast. The tree on the outside is merely a shell, while its true face is the Mythic Copper Worm hidden within. If the worm is not killed, the copper tree will be akin to an immortal and can keep fighting indefinitely.”

“However, the Mythic Copper Worm is extremely skilled at hiding itself, and has basically fused with the tree, making it impossible to find.” Worry appeared on Gu Hongyi’s pretty face. If they failed to find the Mythic Copper Worm, even a Chosen would not be able to kill this creature.

Zhou Yuan frowned slightly. He had not expected to encounter such a troublesome opponent in their first battle. 

Gu Hongyi hesitated for a moment, before she said. “My advice is to retreat to prevent needlessly exhausting our energy here. There’s after all many factions in the area, and if we deplete too much of our energy, others may take advantage.”

Zhou Yuan slowly said, “But there’s at least an eighty percent chance that there will be three-color Mythic Genesis essence here.”

Gu Hongyi gently bit into her red lips. The appearance of the Mythic Copper Worm Tree was indeed a sign that this was no ordinary location. Hence, it was highly likely that there was indeed three-color Genesis essence here.

“But the Mythic Copper Worm Tree is too difficult to deal with…” She smiled bitterly.

Zhou Yuan’s eyes narrowed slightly, his fingers rhythmically tapping the Heavenly Yuan Brush as he muttered, “Good at hiding itself huh…”

After a dozen breaths, his fingers suddenly paused as a smile appeared from the corners of his mouth.

His eyes closed for a moment, before opening again a split second later.

“Decoder Saint Rune!”

The world before him instantly began to change. Zhou Yuan’s gaze locked onto the old tree, as it began to transform. Next, he saw a green foot long worm appear, lazily lounging about at a certain spot on the tree.

It was absorbing Genesis Qi from the earth through the tree branches, and then pouring it into the tree that was still fighting against the numerous disciples.

However, it suddenly jerked at this moment, as it lifted its eyes to look in Zhou Yuan in shock and fear, evidently sensing that its body had been detected.

A feeling of dread enveloped it as it quickly shuttled downwards, intending to flee into the ground.


Zhou Yuan’s figure abruptly etherealized as he dashed forward.

Countless copper branches stabbed towards him, but were unable to touch even the corner of his clothes. Under the astonished gazes of the numerous disciples, he appeared directly in front of the tree trunk.

“Genesis Breaker!”

The Heavenly Yuan Brush’s white hairs rapidly took on a pitch-black luster, gleaming with peerless unstoppable sharpness.


All everyone saw was a flash of black that thrust towards a certain spot on the copper tree.


Black light easily pierced the tough copper bark, before suddenly sweeping to the side. The entire trunk seemed to have been cut into half.

However, the tree trunk did not regrow anymore, because a miserable shriek rang out when the brush tip swung to the side. All the disciples saw a green foot long worm being lifted by the brush, violently struggling before its life force slowly faded.


In the wake of the green worm’s death, the old tree crumbled with a loud rumble.

Bzz bzz!

When the ancient tree fell, strands of light suddenly rose from its remains.

Three colors could be seen in the light as it swirled mysteriously. It was as if it was born from the earth, and gave off a mystical sensation.

Everyone’s gazes were glued to the light. In the next instant, ecstasy began to flood their faces.

All of them knew exactly what it was… it was the very thing they yearned for the most in the Mythic Utopia...

Mythic Genesis essence!

And it was even tri-colored!

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