Chapter 559 Team


Countless streaks of light suddenly appeared out of nowhere on a misty land, shooting across the sky like comets, before landing on vast earth...


A glowing figure fell from the sky, crashing into the top of a hall. The entire hill immediately collapsed, creating quite a din as boulders tumbled down.

A sharp gaze shot out from the dust, quickly scanning the surroundings.

“Is this the Mythic Utopia?” Zhou Yuan lifted his head, as he observed his surroundings with caution.

The color of mist entered his eyes. He realized that everything here seemed exceptionally big, the ancient trees towering like giant pillars, while the forests appeared old and majestic.

One felt exceptionally small in comparison, causing a feeling of respect for the land to involuntarily rise from within.

An ancient and primal aura filled the place.

“The Genesis Qi here is so pure and concentrated…” Zhou Yuan took in a deep breath. The surrounding Genesis Qi immediately turned into a wisp of white Qi that was sucked into his nose. The Qi was refined, before being sent into his Qi Dwelling.

Zhou Yuan was instantly surprised to discover that after refining this breath of Genesis Qi from the Mythic Utopia, the Genesis Qi stars in his Qi Dwelling seemed to grow a tiny bit brighter.

Zhou Yuan gasped, believing it might have been a mistake as he quickly shut his eyes to take a closer inspection.

A long while later, he opened his eyes again, the shock within them growing even greater than before.

“To think that the Genesis Qi here has the effect of refining one’s Genesis Qi stars.” Muttered Zhou Yuan in surprise. Although the refining effect was weak, prolonged periods of peaceful cultivation in the Mythic Utopia would likely allow one to raise the quality of one’s Genesis Qi.

“It really is a treasure wonderland…”

Zhou Yuan could not help but utter some praise. His gaze did another sweep of the surroundings again, before he made a grabbing motion, as a tiny lantern appeared in his hand. His Genesis Qi poured in, causing the lantern to swiftly rise into the sky.

The tiny lantern rapidly grew as it rose into the air, while giving off intense rays of light, allowing it to be clearly seen from far away even during the day.

This was one of the communication tools used among the Cangxuan Sect disciples, and could be detected within a radius of several hundred miles.

While the lantern rose, Zhou Yuan seated himself amidst the scattered rocks, closed his eyes and waited. Meanwhile, he began to absorb the surrounding Genesis Qi to refine the Genesis Qi stars in his Qi Dwelling.

After half an incense stick of time.

The sound of rushing wind continuously rang out, as figure after figure zipped across the sky, ultimately landing near Zhou Yuan’s location.

“Greetings chief disciple Zhou Yuan!”

When they saw Zhou Yuan’s figure, they immediately cupped their fists without any hesitation.

Zhou Yuan’s eyes swept over, as he gave a faint nod, before he paused on a familiar figure in red. The latter beamed as she looked back.

“Hongyi?” Zhou Yuan was quite surprised.

The figure in red was Gu Hongyi. Zhou Yuan had not expected that she would also end up in the same area as himself.

“Chief disciple Zhou Yuan, I pulled some strings to get in here so I’ll be counting on you to take extra care of me.” Gu Hongyi’s lovely smile drew numerous stealthy glances from the nearby male disciples.

Gu Hongyi was rather famous in the Cangxuan Sect. She was pretty and had a strong background in the sect, causing countless male disciples to show interest towards her.

There were a few other little senior sisters from the Cangxuan Peak beside Gu Hongyi, who were each beauties in their own right. Their appearance immediately caused the surrounding male disciples to become quite excited.

Zhou Yuan chuckled as he gazed at the smiling Gu Hongyi. The two of them had always been on friendly terms in the outer mountains, and he was naturally elated to meet again.

“Don’t worry, there’s alot of heroes here waiting to save a damsel in distress.” Zhou Yuan chuckled.

To be honest, Gu Hongyi was indeed slightly weaker than the others, but it was as she said, though she was a little lacking in strength, her ties were powerful enough.

As such, she naturally managed to secure a spot to participate in the Mythic Utopia.

This was something that everyone knew, but when they saw how Gu Hongyi openly admitted it, none of them felt any resentment towards her, her frankness instead eliciting a chuckle from them inside.

Zhou Yuan calmed everyone, before he said, “We’ll wait a little longer to see if any other disciples landed in this area.”

The group of disciples nodded in acknowledgement, before seating themselves down nearby.

Gu Hongyi also sat down with her fellow sister disciples, her lips pursing a little as she looked towards Zhou Yuan. Compared to a year earlier, Zhou Yuan had clearly become even more reliable. After becoming a chief disciple, his presence also invoked more confidence than before.

His growth over the past year had undoubtedly surpassed everyone’s expectations.

“Hee hee, is love beginning to stir in your heart?” A little senior sister playfully poked Gu Hongyi’s slender waist.

“Hongyi, you’re our Cangxuan Peak’s steaming bun, and who knows how many guys have their eyes on you. If you’re stolen away by another peak, those guys will become so miserable.” Another female disciple teased with a cheeky grin.

Gu Hongyi blushed a little as she said, “What nonsense are you guys spouting!”

Another cool-headed female disciple earnestly said, “But Hongyi, chief disciple Zhou Yuan is really not bad. Though it’s been less than two years since he joined the sect, there is already no one who dared to doubt his talent and capability. Although there’s many outstanding individuals in our sect, they are indeed somewhat lacking when compared to chief disciple Zhou Yuan.

She was clearly trying to incite something.

Gu Hongyi rolled her eyes at these girls who clearly only wished for chaos. “Stop trying to steer me around. If you little hussies have fallen for him, go head and chase him for yourselves.”

These words drew another round of giggles from the group.

By this time, a whole incense stick had passed. In the end, about ten disciples hurriedly rushed over from all directions. What surprised Zhou Yuan was that Zhou Tai and Lu Yan just so happened to be amongst them.

“Junior brother Zhou Yuan!” The two were also elated and surprised upon seeing Zhou Yuan, evidently expecting themselves to be separated. He was after all the chief disciple of Saint Genesis Peak, and it would obviously be more comfortable for them to follow him.

Zhou Yuan grinned at the two of them, before looking towards the other disciples as he slowly said, “Senior sister Li Qingchan has already explained earlier that the teams will be led by the chief disciples. Since you guys have met up with me, I’ll be leading this team. Anyone who has any objections should raise them now.”

There were over seventy disciples here, consisting of members from all seven peaks, including Sword Cometh Peak.

Zhou Yuan was already used to Saint Genesis Peak being nit-picked by the other peaks, thus, he naturally had to first establish himself in order to properly lead the team.

However, he was slightly surprised, because not a single disciple raised any objections. Even the Sword Cometh Peak disciples had remained silent.

The disciples cupped their fists together and respectfully said, “We’ll follow chief disciple Zhou Yuan.”

Zhou Yuan was a little amazed by this response. He had after all gotten used to petty criticism from the other peaks, even towards a chief disciple like himself.

However, he had forgotten somewhat that the current Saint Genesis Peak was no longer the same entity it had been in the past, and he was not an untried new chief disciple either, as he had already proven his abilities in the Genesis reservoir ceremony.

Everyone knew that Zhou Yuan was top three among the seven great chief disciples, and possessed strength that more than qualified him to lead them. Hence, rather than objecting, they were instead quite happy that they had the fortune of meeting him here.

Since the process went smoothly, there was no need for Zhou Yuan to do anything else.

Zhou Yuan stood up and cast his gaze towards the southwest direction. “Since everyone is here, follow my lead as we head in that direction. There’s a three-color Mythic Genesis essence deposit there, which shall be our first target. If anyone tries to stop us…”

“We’ll let them experience the might of our Cangxuan Sect.”

“Let’s go!”

He took the lead as his figure shot forth.

Swoosh! Swish!

Behind him, several dozen disciples from the seven peaks closely followed.

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