Chapter 558 Assignments

Inside the spatial passage.

A Genesis Qi cloud whizzed past. Atop the cloud were numerous excited and nervous Cangxuan Sect disciples, clearly all looking forward to the Mythic Utopia that was about to appear before their eyes.

Li Qingchan turned around, her bright eyes looking at the many disciples as her red lips parted slightly, “Everyone, the Mythic Utopia will be filled with danger. Although there’s also opportunity within, you won’t be able to bring it out if you’re dead so I hope that everyone will exercise plenty of caution.”

With a wave of her hand, flashes of light shot out of her sleeve one after another and landed in front of the many disciples.

Zhou Yuan caught the object, and found that it was a jade strip.

“An incomplete map of the Mythic Utopia has been recorded in these jade strips, information that was gathered by disciples who previously entered the Mythic Utopia. The spots indicated by glowing dots indicate locations where Mythic Genesis essence can usually be found. If we head to these locations, we will likely be able to collect some Mythic Genesis essence.”

Excitement rose on the faces of the disciples when they heard this, as they grasped the jade strips and sent their senses in.

Zhou Yuan likewise curiously grasped the jade strip and lightly shut his eyes. Information began flowing into his head, taking the form of a map. The map was quite crude, and several glowing dots could be seen on it.

Zhou Yuan took a closer look and discovered that these dots had different colors. Some were a mix of two colors, while others were three...

“What do these different colors represent?” Asked Zhou Yuan.

Li Qingchan explained, “A two-color dot means that a disciple managed to gather two-color Mythic Genesis essence, while three colors represents three-color Genesis Mythic essence. Of course, take it with a pinch of salt, because the information was from the previous appearance of the Mythic Utopia, and things may have changed since then.”

“The higher the number of colors, the more valuable the Mythic Genesis essence. For example,three-color Mythic Genesis essence can be used to create a three-color Divine Establishing Treasure, while you’ll need much more two-color essence to achieve the same result.”

Zhou Yuan nodded in understanding.

“Next, the various chief disciples shall form their own teams, and head to these marked areas to gather all the Mythic Genesis essence there.”

“Please remember that numerous Cangxuan Sect disciples paid a huge price in order to obtain this information. Although these locations have been marked with the symbol of the Cangxuan Sect, the Mythic Genesis essence is far too tempting, and the other factions may also discover these locations. In the face of greed, these people might not care that we’re from the Cangxuan Sect.”

“After all, even if you die here, no one will know who did it.” At this point, Li Qingchan’s pretty face had turned rather hard and cold.

The numerous disciples shivered faintly, before they nodded in acknowledgement.

“What about you guys?” Zhou Yuan suddenly asked. Li Qingchan had only mentioned the chief disciples, and had said nothing about the Chosens.

“Us Chosens will be heading towards the deeper regions of the Mythic Utopia to scout and pave the way for you guys. Once you’re done with the locations on the map, you guys will head east and slowly group up.” Explained Li Qingchan.

Zhou Yuan nodded with a thoughtful look. The Chosens were likely heading straight into the depths of the Mythic Utopia, because they did not want to vie with the other disciples for Mythic Genesis essence here. They were after all much stronger, and had the qualifications to fight for higher quality Mythic Genesis essence in the deeper areas.

It was easy to imagine how the quality of the Mythic Genesis essence would increase the deeper on ventured. Of course, it must be said that one would also have to face greater challenges.

Part of the reason why the Chosens were leaving first was to help pave the way for the rest of the disciples, while another part was naturally to obtain higher quality Mythic Genesis essence.

Li Qingchan looked towards Zhou Yuan and said, “This district is far bigger than you can imagine, and there is a substantial amount of Mythic Genesis essence here. It would be a huge haul if you guys manage to collect them all. Of course, you guys should also not underestimate the competition here.” 

She was under the impression that the Mythic Genesis essence here was unable to enter Zhou Yuan’s eyes, and thus tried to elaborate.

Zhou Yuan merely smiled and nodded. In truth, he was not trying to bite off more than he could chew and immediately head towards the deeper areas. After all, the Mythic Utopia was still far too unfamiliar, and he personally felt that it would be best to take it slow.

Li Qingchan breathed a sigh of relief when she saw this. She then turned towards Yaoyao and said, “However, I hope that Yaoyao and Tuntun will follow us Chosens for the time being.”

Those who had the guts to head into the deeper areas at this time were obviously not going to be simple individuals. Hence, even Li Qingchan and the other Chosens did not dare to let their guards down. Since Yaoyao and Tuntun were as strong as the Chosens, it would undoubtedly be a huge boost to their power if these two could come along to scout the deeper areas.

Yaoyao’s brows wrinkled slightly when she heard this, as she glanced at Zhou Yuan. The Mythic Utopia was filled with danger and she was clearly worried about leaving him.

At the sight of Yaoyao’s reaction, Li Qingchan unhappily rolled her eyes at Zhou Yuan and said, “He’s not a little kid, and doesn’t need you to babysit him all the time.”

The other disciples grinned as they glanced over with peculiar looks in their eyes. However, the majority were rather envious. After all, who would not wish for such a gorgeous beauty to be constantly thinking about you? Moreover, she was even such a powerhouse!

Behind Li Qingchan, Chu Qing steathily pulled Ye Ge over and said, “What a miracle, the little devil girl actually knows how to show concern for someone?”

However, Ye Ge was clearly in a depressed mood as he watched with a complicated expression, while completely ignoring the former.

Zhou Yuan ignored everyone’s gazes, as he smiled and nodded at Yaoyao. “Don’t worry.”

With his current strength, he would not suffer much as long as he did not encounter any Chosens level individuals. Moreover, these Chosen level individuals were likely all headed towards the deeper regions, and he should not have any chance to meet them for the moment.

In addition, he also understood that the Mythic Utopia was going to be a training experience for them. If Yaoyao was constantly following at his side, he would likely be incapable of fully immersing himself in this experience. Having someone protecting you at all times would surely make you subconsciously relax a little.

To grow stronger, one needed to repeatedly breakthrough one’s limits. Even the tiniest bit of relaxation inside would surely prevent one from reaching one’s limits.

The intelligent Yaoyao naturally understood Zhou Yuan’s intentions. After a brief silence, she faintly nodded in acknowledgement. To be honest, she did admire Zhou Yuan’s aspiration to grow stronger.

She too did not wish for his blade to dull due to her protection.

Yaoyao instructed, “Make sure to be extra careful.”

Zhou Yuan smiled and nodded.

Li Qingchan breathed a deep sigh of relief. Although Zhou Yuan was top three among the current chief disciples, there was still some gap between him and the Chosens. As such, it would honestly be a waste of Yaoyao’s astonishing battle power if she were to follow him instead.

While they were talking, the spatial passage around them started to fade away, allowing them to make out the faint silhouette of a distorted landscape.

“Get ready.” Li Qingchan’s expression turned serious.

Zhou Yuan and the other chief disciple stood up, followed by numerous disciples from the various peaks.

“My fellow disciples, please be careful…” Li Qingchan fell silent for a moment as she looked at everyone, before she said, “I hope that not a single one of you will be missing when we meet up again.”

Everyone also fell silent. In a place like this, no one would dare to guarantee that no accidents would occur even in a team lead by Chosens.

“Take care.”

The numerous disciples cupped their fists together.

Zhou Yuan and Yaoyao’s gaze met for a moment, before he cast aside all hesitation as Genesis Qi flooded out from his body. He took a step forward, and his body began to rapidly plummet downwards, passing right through the walls of the spatial passage upon contact.

His eyes were tightly shut.

Here I come Mythic Utopia.

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