Chapter 556 Gathering Clouds

Shengzhou Continent, the south sea.

It was a vast, endless sea, which was dotted by innumerable islands. Some of these islands were enormous, spanning an area that did not lose to some empires. The sea was also filled with countless deep sea Genesis Beasts that wielded terrifying power. Even Divine Dwelling stage practitioners would not dare to venture too deeply.

The south sea was also home to an extremely hostile environment. Numerous natural disasters would often occur, and anyone who was caught in one would most likely meet their demise.

This hostile environment led to the south sea becoming a danger zone of the Shengzhou Continent. Normally speaking, only desperate fugitives who had offended powerful sects would be forced to escape here if they had no other option.

However, the south sea had recently become the focus of the entire Shengzhou Continent, and even all of Cangxuan Heaven.

The reason behind this was naturally the resurfacing Mythic Utopia.

The Mythic Utopia was a place of great opportunity that was unique to Cangxuan Heaven. For countless years, no one knew how many prided geniuses from the Shengzhou Continent had benefited from it. One could say that most of the current leaders and masters of the various factions in the Shengzhou Continent, had once entered the Mythic Utopia in their youth, and obtained great blessings from within. In fact, it could even be said that they would not have come so far without the Mythic Utopia.

As such, the Mythic Utopia had grown increasingly famous as years passed, becoming the greatest desire of innumerable prided geniuses.

However, the appearance of the Mythic Utopia was always rather random, and no one could predict when it would resurface again. Hence, some luck was required for a practitioner to encounter it. After all, once a practitioner advanced to the Divine Dwelling stage, he or she would forever lose their chance to enter.

Therefore, the current generation of geniuses were clearly quite fortunate.


At a certain location in the south sea.

Wind blew, while clouds gathered as if a storm was approaching. The Genesis Qi in the area seemed to be in a constant state of boiling, while giant waves rose from the sea below.

In the sky above the sea, countless glowing figures were swarming over from all directions, before ultimately coming to a stop and hovering in the air.

The various factions that had heard of the Mythic Utopia’s appearance had clearly dispatched their prided geniuses here in hopes of obtaining the chance of leaping through the dragon’s gate inside.

For factions other than the six overlord sects, it was very rare for their genius disciples to achieve six heaven Divine Dwellings, and anything above was basically never heard of.

As such, the return of the Mythic Utopia gave them a lot of hope. As long as one was able to grasp enough opportunities within, and collect sufficient Mythic Genesis essence, one would be able to create a Divine Establishing Treasure that may even reach the seven-color level if they were lucky. In other words, a seven heaven Divine Dwelling practitioner.

Any disciple that could achieve this would surely become an extremely important seedling to the sect, and subsequently receive only the best grooming. It could be said that such an individual had ascended the heavens in a single step.

Hence, the countless factions of Cangxuan Heaven would always move when the Mythic Utopia resurfaced.

The many groups that had arrived stared towards the front with heated gazes, where the fabric of space was distorting. A spatial crack seemed to blink in and out of existence as exceedingly pure Genesis Qi leaked from within.

This spatial crack was most certainly the path into the Mythic Utopia.

With many factions gathered, it made the place appear akin to a tightly secured location. Some of the more powerful factions occupied spots nearer to the front, while the weaker factions had no choice but to be pushed further away.

However, the spots at the very front were already taken. Genesis Qi light spread, seemingly forming a boundary of sorts that disallowed entry from the other factions.

Such an act could only be described as tyrannical.

Despite this, the many factions in the area did not dare to show the slightest bit of dissatisfaction, because the four great factions at the very front were members of the Cangxuan Heaven’s six overlord sects.

The Sword Seeker Sect, the Heavenly Ghost Sect, the Hundred Flowers Fairy Palace and the North Sea Dragon Subduing Hall.

These were true titans that could easily sweep through the other factions of Cangxuan Heaven.

The Sword Seeker Sect members were gathered on a giant sword floating in the sky. Peerlessly sharp and deadly sword Qi faintly pulsed from the sword, causing the space around them to continuously be torn apart.

The Heavenly Ghost Sect gave off an eerie sensation. A flood of black mist surged around them, blotting out the sun, while piercing hisses continuously sounded from within. The hisses also made the Genesis Qi in one’s body become a little erratic.

The Hundred Flowers Fairy Palace group was the most attention grabbing. A brightly colored flower boat was suspended in the air, with all kinds of dainty birds flying around it. However, although their members were all beautiful young ladies, no one dared to underestimate them in the slightest. The fact that the Hundred Flowers Fairy Palace could become one of the six overlord sects was already more than enough evidence of their capabilities.

On the North Sea Dragon Subduing Hall’s side was an enormous ship that was being pulled by eight green serpents. Astonishing Genesis Qi undulations pulsed from the body of each serpent, clearly showing that they were no ordinary beasts.

Each of these four overlord sects had powerful presences that were far greater than any of the other factions.


The sound of rushing wind was suddenly heard at this moment. Countless gazes could only watch as the surrounding Genesis Qi rippled, before a giant ship broke through space itself and appeared at the center of the place.

The ship eventually came to a halt right before the distorting space.

Meanwhile, four mighty gazes looked over from the Sword Seeker Sect, Hundred Flowers Fairy Palace, Heavenly Ghost Sect and North Sea Dragon Subduing Hall.

Peak master Lianyi’s figure appeared on the bow of the ship. She looked towards the locations of the other four overlord sects and said with a smile, “Everyone has arrived rather early.”

The figures of the numerous Cangxuan Sect disciples were revealed behind her, as they curiously gazed at their surroundings.

“There’s still half a day before the Mythic Utopia opens. Peak master Lianyi has arrived at quite an appropriate time.” A figure appeared from the direction of the Sword Seeker Sect and smiled.

The figure was dressed in a simple hemp garment, and had a head of silver hair. His face was exceptionally handsome, with skin that looked as soft and fair as a baby’s. There was a smiling expression in his eyes as he looked towards peak master Lianyi.

Peak master Lianyi was slightly taken aback by the sight of him, before she quickly responded, “Valley master Yin Xiao.”

The Sword Seeker Sect had six valleys, and their valley masters were akin to the peak masters of the Cangxuan Sect.

The smiling valley master Yin Xiao clearly wanted to chat, but peak master Lianyi immediately turned away, causing him to let out a bitter laugh, before softly sighing in melonchanic manner.

Behind him, the Sword Seeker Sect disciples stared at this scene in astonishment. One must know that valley master Yin Xiao was famously indifferent to those of the opposite sex in their sect. Yet, why was he being so friendly towards the Cangxuan Sect’s peak master Lianyi? There must be an old story behind this.

Although they were curious, it was clear that none of them dared to ask valley master Yin Xiao about it.

At this moment, the representatives from the Heavenly Ghost Sect, Hundred Flowers Fairy Palace and North Sea Dragon Subduing Hall also appeared, and called out their greetings to peak master Lianyi.

Peak master Lianyi naturally responded in turn.

Amidst the crowd, Zhou Yuan looked towards the four other overlord sects as he mumbled, “I wonder if Qingyu, Luluo, Li Chunjun and the others are also here.”

The group of them had split up after arriving at the Shengzhou Continent. With the exception of Zuoqiu Qingyu, Zhou Yuan had yet to meet the others, and naturally wondered if they were present in a gathering of the many sects like this. 

His eyes scanned the four sects, but was unable to find anyone familiar due to the great distance between them. In the end, he could only withdraw his gaze. If they were indeed here, they would likely meet soon inside.

After peak master Lianyi and the others greeted each other, their gazes turned back towards the increasingly distorted space.

It would evidently not be long before the Mythic Utopia fully reappeared in this land.

Time swiftly passed under countless expectant gazes.

Peak master Lianyi lifted her head to look at the sky, as she muttered, “Look at the time, can’t believe Sacred Palace still isn’t here yet. Are they really going so pompous that they will appear only at the very last moment?”

Hints of mockery could be heard in her voice.

The other factions did not comment, clearly knowing the grudge between the Cangxuan Sect and Sacred Palace.


A loud boom suddenly sounded the moment these words left peak master Lianyi’s lips. Next, everyone watched the space to their front begin to crumble as a giant hand slowly reached out. The hand carried a white mountain, on which numerous figures could be seen.

Under the attention of countless  gazes, a figure in black at the top of the mountain opened his eyes. His eyes were akin to a bottomless abyss, and seemed to contain a terrifying earth-shattering power as they looked towards peak master Lianyi.


The space around the Cangxuan Sect ship instantly began to crumble, as a destructive force surged over from all directions with unstoppable momentum as if wanting to crush the boat. The expression of the numerous disciples atop the boat rapidly changed, clearly not expecting such an important figure from the Sacred Palace to attack without any warning.

At the same time, an indifferent voice sounded from the figure seated atop the mountain.

“Hehe, peak master Lianyi is still so impatient after so many years. However, the current Cangxuan Sect is no longer the same sect it once was in the past, so shouldn’t you learn to restrain yourself a little? Never mind, allow me to teach you some proper manners today.”

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