Chapter 555 Setting Off

Before the main entrance of the Cangxuan Sect.

Jade-like stone stairs spread upwards as if piercing into the mists. A giant stone pillar towered at the end of the steps with the two words Cangxuan Sect deeply engraved into it, while a faint but terrifying power spread.

The pillar was clearly a frightening Genesis treasure that would suppress any living creature that showed hostility towards the Cangxuan Sect.

At this current moment, there were numerous figures gathered on the plaza in front of the main entrance, distinctly divided into their own groups.

These figures gave off extraordinary auras, powerful Genesis Qi surging around them. At closer inspection, one would discover that the heads of each group were the Chosens and chief disciples of the seven peaks.

All of the Cangxuan Sect disciples were present nearby, their crazy numbers nearly hiding the sky. Countless gazes looked towards the figures in front of the main entrance in respect and envy.

Zhou Yuan and Yaoyao were also part of the entrance group, while Zhou Tai, Lu Yan, Zhang Yan and five other Saint Genesis Peak disciples stood a little behind the duo. The latters’ faces were currently filled with excitement and flushed with emotion.

Because they would soon leave for the Mythic Utopia as representatives of the Cangxuan Sect.

This was the first time they were entitled to such an amazing opportunity ever since becoming disciples of the Cangxuan Sect. Of course, they also know full well that they had Zhou Yuan and Yaoyao to thank for this chance.

If not for Zhou Yuan leading Saint Genesis Peak to first place in the Genesis reservoir ceremony, Saint Genesis Peak would have likely ended up with at most two or three spots, which in turn would have dashed any hopes of them going to the Mythic Utopia.

Zhou Yuan’s expression was surprisingly calm, though some anticipation still flowed out in the depths of his eyes. He was clearly also rather curious about the famous Mythic Utopia.

Most importantly of course, within the Mythic Utopia lay the chance for him to establish a seven heavens Divine Dwelling when he ascended to the Divine Dwelling stage...

Since Yaoyao had already seriously warned him about it, Zhou Yuan would naturally make it his chief mission.

The disciples on plaza distinctly stood in their different groups. Compared to then ten members from Saint Genesis Peak, the teams from the other six peaks were clearly much more impressive, making Saint Genesis Peak’s line-up appear a little shameful in comparison.

However, no mocking gazes were cast towards them, the disciples from the other peaks looking at them with friendliness instead.

Even the Sword Cometh Peak disciples were trying to avoid looking over, no trace of the provocative gazes they always had before.

Because many of the spots for the Mythic Utopia had been given to the other six peaks by Saint Genesis Peak, a debt that none of the other six peaks would reject.

There was a tall raised platform at the very front of the numerous disciples, where sect master Qing Yang and the peak masters stood with their hands behind their backs.

“The Mythic Utopia will soon resurface in the south sea. You guys are the most outstanding individuals of this generation in our Cangxuan Sect. Hence, do your best to protect yourselves after entering the Mythic Utopia, but also do not bring shame to the name of our Cangxuan Sect.” Sect master Qing Yang’s gaze swept across the crowd as his grand voice rang out in every disciple’s ear.

Zhou Yuan and the others respectfully acknowledged.

“Many prided geniuses that the countless factions of Cangxuan Heaven have poured all their effort into nurturing will be gathered in the Mythic Utopia. Do not be arrogant because you come from the Cangxuan Sect, and always practice prudence and caution.”

“For this trip, Chu Qing shall be your captain, while Kong Sheng and Li Qingchan will take on the roles of vice-captain. Everyone else shall follow these three.” Sect master Qing Yang’s gaze looked towards the three figures at the head of the numerous disciples.

Upon hearing this, a bitter look immediately appeared on Chu Qing’s handsome face as he could not help but blurt out, “Senior sister Qingchan is the best at such matters, I wish to let her take my position instead.”

Sect master Qing Yang sent a vicious, flesh cutting glare at him, the former’s stern gaze immediately causing Chu Qing to sullenly shut his mouth.

However, sect master Qing Yang both loved and hated this disciple of his. There was nothing to say about the brat’s talent, but his character was too cheeky and lazy, making it very difficult for anyone to picture him as the leader of the Cangxuan Sect’s ten great Chosens.

Li Qingchan and Kong Sheng did not act out like Chu Qing. Both of them stepped forward and respectfully said, “Disciple accepts.”

Chu Qing had no choice but to grudgingly step forward to accept as well.

“Peak master Lianyi shall accompany you guys on this trip to the south sea, and will be stationed there until all of you are out.” Said sect master Qing Yang.

By his side, the beautiful and rather sexy peak master Lianyi softly chuckled in her palace garb like attire. Her gorgeous face was not the least bit inferior to Li Qingchan, while also exuding a mature charm.

Zhou Yuan was quite surprised by this information, clearly not expecting that the Cangxuan Sect would send a peak master along. From this, it was clear just how important the Mythic Utopia was to the sect.

Yaoyao explained in an unhurried manner, “There will surely be intense struggles inside the Mythic Utopia, and though the painstakingly natured geniuses may enter, it is not certain if they will be able to leave. When the time comes, some of the other factions may be unable to control themselves, and be driven towards taking desperate actions. To guard against such a situation, we will naturally need the presence of a genuine heavyweight as a form of deterrence and to help wrap things up.”

“Though ordinary elders are Heavenly Sun stage experts, they will likely be insufficient in a stage like this where the countless factions of Cangxuan Heaven will be gathered. Only the few peak Nascent Source stage experts, or even those that have managed to establish a pseudo law domain will be qualified for such a position.”

Zhou Yuan nodded, before taking a look at Yaoyao. He both envied and admired her for knowing the abilities of an expert like peak master Lianyi.

After all, the only thing he could sense was an immeasurable feeling from peak master Lianyi, let alone anything else.

“It’s about time. Peak master Lianyi, you should also prepare to get moving.” After giving all his instructions, sect master Qing Yang looked towards peak master Lianyi.

Peak master Lianyi nodded faintly. With a wave of her hand, a wave of light swept forth, and rapidly expanded, turning into a ship that hovered in the sky.

Color seemed to flutter on the surface of the ship, making it appear extremely beautiful. Ancient patterns also adorned its body, as it seemed to breathe in the surrounding Genesis Qi.

It was evidently a Genesis treasure that functioned as transport.

“Get on little ones.” Peak master Lianyi smiled, endless grace pulsing from every movement she made.

However, the numerous disciples did not dare to let their eyes linger on her, as they rose into the sky on their Genesis Qi and boarded the boat one after another.

Zhou Yuan, Zhou Tai and the rest of the Saint Genesis Peak disciples looked towards Shen Taiyuan. The latter smiled warmly at them and said, “Go, but be careful. Although an opportunity like this is rare, your lives are still the most important thing.”

Zhou Yuan and the rest smiled as they cupped their fists together. In the end, they also rose on their Genesis Qi and landed on the boat.

In a short few minutes, all of the disciples in front of the main entrance had boarded the ship.

“Senior brother sect master, I’ll be going now.” Peak master Lianyi notified sect master Qing Yang, before she too appeared atop the ship.

Behind them, the innumerable disciples of the Cangxuan Sect cheered at this sight, “Senior brothers and sisters, we will be waiting here for your triumphant return! Show everyone the might of our Cangxuan Sect!”

The young disciples waved their hands excitedly.

Some disciples also waved back from the boat.

Peak master Lianyi smiled slightly, before she flicked her slender finger.


A light screen rose above the ship. In the next instant a torrent of Genesis Qi gushed out, the ship transforming into an after image, as it instantly streaked across the sky, and swiftly flew away.

In a short span of a few breaths, it disappeared from everyone’s sights.

As he watched the departing ship, sect master Qing Yang sighed softly, before he said, “We always lose some disciples whenever the Mythic Utopia resurfaces, I hope that the little ones will return safe and sound this time.”

By the side, peak master Ling Jun was silent for a moment, before he said, “I’m afraid the Sacred Palace will not let them return so easily.”

Icy light flashed across sect master Qing Yang’s bottomless eyes as the temperature around them lowered.

“Let them try. The disciples of our Cangxuan Sect are not weaker than anyone else. If they view they intend to view our Cangxuan Sect disciples as prey, the Sacred Palace should be prepared to suffer serious losses!”

“We’ll see exactly who will be devouring who in the end!”

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