Chapter 554 Task

The northern area of the Shengzhou Continent, Sacred Palace.

Majestic white buildings adorned the mountain ranges like snowflakes, while a feeling of high security enveloped the area.

Mist swirled around a cliff where a figure was seated. A large robe was draped over his body, revealing only his silver hair and silver pupils that made him appear mysterious and unfathomable.

It was palace master Sheng Yuan.

He was currently holding a bamboo pole that stretched over the edge of the cliff, while a white thread hung from it.

Below the cliff was a great violently churning river. The river had a dusky hue, and a baleful aura rose from it. One would just barely be able to make out enormous black shadows streaking past below the surface. However, when these menacing black shadows zipped past below, they seemed to sense a terrifying all-powerful aura from above, causing them to shiver and not dare to make even a squeak.


The sound of rushing wind suddenly rang out as three figures descended from the sky. They landed behind palace master Sheng Yuan and respectfully said, “Greetings palace master.”

The trio consisted of two males and a female.

The leader was a handsome young man, his white hair tied up behind him. Two strands hung from the side of his head, stringing through two blood-red beads that gave off a faint blood-red glow.

He wore a cheerful smile, making him look extremely friendly, approachable and kind when paired with his slightly long and  narrow eyes.

However, regardless of whether it was in the Sacred Palace or the Shengzhou Continent, the mention of his name would make the expressions of countless prided geniuses change.

Sacred Palace, Jiang Taishen.

The rank one Chosen on the Shengzhou Continent’s Chosen rankings.

This number one position had not been kindly bestowed to him by someone, but something that he had personally earned over the years by wading through seas of blood and stepping over mountains of corpses...

Beside Jiang Taishen was a slender young lady in black. Her features were delicate and extremely pretty, giving her an enchantingly alluring aura especially when paired with those bright red lips.

A pair of fair and slender long legs grew from under her black skirt in a domineering fashion.

Her skin was snow-white, so white that it made her look a little sickly and weak. Her pupils were exceptionally unique, containing a blood-red tint within them.

She gave off a gentle and soft aura as she quietly stood there, yet also strangely alluring at the same time.

However, not a single disciple in Sacred Palace dared to hit on her, because she was called Zhan Taiqing, and was an existence second only to Jiang Taishen in Sacred Palace. She also occupied the third spot on the Shengzhou Continent’s Chosens ranking, and most of the opponents she fought would end up as dried husks.

The final member of the trio was a tall young man. He had a head full of bright golden hair, and revealed a set of sinisterly white teeth when he smiled. His pupils were also golden like his hair, but did not contain a single shred of emotion, making anyone who saw them shudder inside.

Jin Chanzi, fifth on the Chosens ranking.

The three of them were the most outstanding individuals among the current younger generation of the Sacred Palace.

Each one was already a well known figure in the Shengzhou Continent.

Palace mater Sheng Yuan continued to hold his bamboo pole, as he turned his head and looked at the trio with a faint smile. “In a few days, the Mythic Utopia should resurface in the south sea. The participating disciples of the Sacred Palace have already been decided, and you three will be leading them.”

Jiang Taishen, Zhan Taiqing and Jin Chanzi respectfully nodded in acknowledgement. Though they were talented geniuses, they also understood that the one before them was a true overlord existence that could mostly do as he pleased in Cangxuan Heaven.

There was still an unimaginable gap between them and him.

“Every time the Mythic Utopia resurfaces, the prestige and reputation of the various factions will be affected. I hope that even more people will know of Sacred Palace’s might in the future.”

Palace master Sheng Yuan smiled faintly as he said, “After all, there are still many who feel that Sacred Palace is not the number one sect in Cangxuan Heaven.”

Jiang Taishen’s long eyes narrowed, elongating them even more as he smiled and said, “Does palace master feel that the more Chosens from other sects die the better?”

“Do as you see fit.” Palace master Sheng Yuan did not seem overly concerned. In his eyes, all of these so-called Chosens did not have the qualifications to earn his attention.

He paused for a moment, before his silver pupils rose slightly. “Those Chosens are of little importance, however, there is a task I need the three of you to accomplish.”

“Please instruct us palace master.”

“There’s a chief disciple of the Cangxuan Sect called Zhou Yuan, who should be participating in the upcoming Mythic Utopia. You three will find a way to capture him and bring him back here.” Palace master Sheng Yuan continued to watch the raging river below, the bamboo rod in his hand swaying gently as if fishing.

This time, Jiang Taishen, Zhan Taiqing and Jin Chanzi could not help but be taken aback, even individuals like them a little shocked. The trio exchanged a look, seeing the slight dismay in each other’s faces.

Given palace master Sheng Yuan’s status, even the Chosens of the various sects would not be able to enter his eyes. In fact, even the three of them were merely passable seedlings in his view.

Hence, they were unable to comprehend what was so special about this chief disciple from the Cangxuan Sect that he would catch palace master’s attention.

Palace master Sheng Yuan concentrated on the raging river, as he slowly said in a neutral voice, “Will you three be able to do it?” 

Jiang Taishen nodded. “Does palace master want him dead or alive?”

Palace master Sheng Yuan lazily replied, “Alive will be best, but if you’re forced to, a corpse is also okay.”

Shen Taiyuan nodded again as he committed this mission to memory. Although he was surprised that palace master would personally mention this individual, Zhou Yuan, he was merely a chief disciple that should be easily dealt with.

Palace master Sheng Yuan gave a few other instructions, before waving his hand for the trio to withdraw.

After the Jiang Taishen trio departed, another figure appeared behind palace master Sheng Yuan. A black robe was draped over this figure, but when he lifted his head, a familiar face was revealed.

It was Wu Huang.

Palace master Sheng Yuan did not turn around, merely smiling as he said, “Wu Huang, though you currently have the Blood Asura Body, you are too important to the Sacred Palace, and I really cannot risk letting you go out.”

“That’s why I will help you deal with that foe of yours. Of course, the most important thing is to extract the sacred dragon blessing from his body and infuse it back into yours.”

Wu Huang lowered his head. Although it was somewhat unfortunate that he could not personally take revenge on Zhou Yuan for destroying his body, he did not dare object in the face of palace master Sheng Yuan, and thus respectfully acknowledged.

Palace master Sheng Yuan did not care about what Wu Huang thought. The pole in his hand suddenly shook slightly.


The raging river below was abruptly torn open as a thin white string was hoisted upwards. A ten thousand feet large blakc shadow was forcefully dragged out from the water, frantically struggling as a torrential baleful aura devastated the surroundings.

“Hehe, how can a prey I’ve captured possibly run?” Palace master Sheng Yuan softly chuckled. The white fish line swiftly bounded the enormous shadow, before gently tugging.


With a miserable shriek, the ten thousand foot shadow burst into pieces. All of the chunks of flesh and blood rapidly began to melt, ultimately transforming into a stream of blood-red Qi.

Palace master Sheng Yuan’s mouth opened slightly, and swallowed the blood-red Qi stream in a single gulp.

He glanced at Wu Huang, who was still behind him, before smiling faintly as he turned towards the sky.

Once that portion of sacred dragon blessing was retrieved, he would be able to use it to scope the land. When that happened, the Cangxuan Saint Stamp patriarch Cang Xuan had painstakingly hidden for several hundred years would finally be found.

“Cang Xuan…”

“You still make me uncomfortable even in death. When I become the new heaven master, I will naturally exterminate that distasteful Cangxuan Sect of yours…”

“When that happens, all your disciples and grand disciples will be able to accompany you in the afterlife. You can take it as a final gift from myself to you.”

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