Chapter 553 Divine Establishing Treasure

In the discussion hall.

Sect master Qing Yang was not surprised when he heard Zhou Yuan’s question. The latter was after all not someone from the Shengzhou Continent, and naturally knew very little about the Mythic Utopia.

“The Mythic Utopia is an independent domain that contains a land within it, and is extremely ancient. There are numerous wonders and mystical places inside that bestow all kinds of blessings. Amongst them, there is something known as the Mythic Genesis essence.”

“Mythic Genesis essence?” Mumbled Zhou Yuan to himself.

“Mythic Genesis essence is unique to the Mythic Utopia, and is an exceptionally magical item that can be used to create a Divine Establishing Treasure.”

At the words Divine Establishing Treasure, Zhou Yuan felt the eyes of the Chosens in the hall heat up in desire.

A puzzled Zhou Yuan continued to ask, “What is a Divine Establishing Treasure?”

Sect master Qing Yang chuckled softly, before he patiently explained, “If Mythic Genesis essence is absorbed into the body, it will accumulate and slowly condense, before ultimately taking a certain form known as the Divine Establishing Treasure.”

“When one advances to the Divine Dwelling stage, the Divine Establishing Treasure will fuse into the Qi Dwelling as it evolves into a Divine Dwelling… and greatly aid in the establishment of heavens.”

Sect master Qing Yang extended a hand. Light flashed on it, before Zhou Yuan saw a flower bud appear within. The flower bud was extremely lifelike, and flowed with vibrant colors. An incomparably pure aura spread from it, as a strange fragrance circulated.

A five-color aurora hung above the bud.

As Zhou Yuan gazed at this object, his Qi Dwelling released a slight tingling that seemed to faintly resemble the desire when a starving man saw food.

“This is a five-color Divine Establishing Treasure that was obtained by a disciple of the sect the last time the Mythic Utopia was open. An unfortunate accident occured during his training, causing him to lose his life before reaching the Divine Dwelling stage, leaving this object behind.”

“As long as one assimilates this object when advancing to the Divine Dwelling stage, even if one’s Genesis Qi foundations are only enough to establish a three heavens Divine Dwelling, the five-color Divine Establishing Treasure will help one achieve a five heavens Divine Dwelling.” Explained Sect master Qing Yang.

A trace of shock arose in Zhou Yuan’s eyes. Was this Divine Establishing Treasure really so miraculous? To think that one only needed to assimilate it to reach the five heaven Divine Dwelling numerous disciples desired.

“In the Mythic Utopia, the Divine Establishing Treasures come in nine levels that are categorized according to color, and the highest level is the legendary nine-color Divine Establishing Treasure.”

“In theory, a nine-color Divine Establishing Treasure should be able to help one establish the highest grade nine heavens Divine Dwelling. Unfortunately, no one has ever heard of a nine-color Divine Establishing Treasure appearing for tens and thousands of years.”


Zhou Yuan gasped as his heart churned violently, clearly viciously shocked by the nine-color Divine Establishing Treasure. He never imagined that such a magical object would exist.

“Simply put, your most important mission in the Mythic Utopia is to gather Mythic Genesis essence, and create your own Divine Establishing Treasure.” Said sect master Qing Yang with a smile.

“However, there is one point you should take note of. Divine Establishing Treasures can be forcibly taken away, and if that happens, all your previous efforts will be wasted.”

Sect master Qing Yang’s expression turned grave as he continued, “Hence why there is always killing in every corner of the Mythic Utopia. With the exception of your fellow disciples, anyone could be eyeing your Divine Establishing Treasure, and some may even resort to unscrupulous tactics to take it away.”

Zhou Yuan’s face shivered. To think that the Divine Establishing Treasure could be forcibly taken away. This alone was enough to create an extremely cruel atmosphere in the Mythic Utopia.

Think about it. Rather than painstakingly collecting Mythic Genesis essence, wouldn’t it be much more effective to snatch away already formed Divine Establishing Treasures?

Countless geniuses from the various factions of Cangxuan Heaven would soon gather in the Mythic Utopia. When all of them were gathered and aiming to create a higher level Divine Establishing Treasure, the Mythic Utopia would undoubtedly become a bloody meat grinder.

Only the true prided geniuses would be able to wade through the sea of blood, and climb the mountain of corpses with their resplendent multi-color Divine Establishing Treasures, return to the Shengzhou Continent, and complete it all by successfully ascending to the Divine Dwelling stage.

Zhou Yuan’s eyes turned grave. He had little understanding about the Mythic Utopia previously, but at this current moment, he could already smell the storm of blood that would soon occur.

This was no longer the training and practice duels within the sect, but a true battle of wits and deception on which one’s life was at stake.

The danger and cruelness lurking within the Mythic Utopia had far surpassed Zhou Yuan’s imagination.

However… the Divine Establishing Treasure really was very alluring.

Zhou Yuan stared at the five-color flower bud in sect master Qing Yang’s hand, as desire rose in his eyes. He was naturally not aiming for a five heavens Divine Dwelling, but he could create a seven-color Divine Establishing Treasure in the Mythic Utopia, a seven heaven Divine Dwelling would be a done deal.

The Mythic Utopia was indeed an amazing opportunity. To think that one would be able to obtain a miraculous treasure like the Divine Establishing Treasure.

Sect master Qing Yang kept the five-color flower bud, and looked towards Zhou Yuan and the other Chosens. In the end, his gaze paused on Chu Qing as he slowly said, “I’ve heard that all sixteen Chosens from the ten halls of Sacred Palace will be present.”

“I’m sure you guys are not strangers to the three leaders of Sacred Palace, Jiang Taishen, Zhan Taiqing and Jin Chanzi.”

The expression of Li Qingchan, Kong Sheng and the other Chosens changed slightly upon hearing these three names. Even the lazy aura Chu Qing usually gave off receded, replaced by a rarely seen seriousness.

However, these names were very unfamiliar to Zhou Yuan.

At the sight of his lost appearance, Ye Ge said in a low voice, “Jiang Taishen, Zhan Taiqing and Jin Chanzi are the most outstanding Sacred Palace disciples of this generation, and are ranked highly on Shengzhou Continent’s Chosen rankings.”

“Jiang Taishen is the most frightening of the trio, and is ranked one on the Chosen rankings… Chu Qing fought him before, but ultimately lost by small margin, leaving him at number two. Of the current younger generation in the Shengzhou Continent, everyone acknowledges that Jiang Taishen is the strongest.”

“As for Zhan Taiqing and Jin Chanzi, they are no pushovers either, and are ranked third and fifth respectively.”

Zhou Yuan’s heart shook a little. Among the ten great Chosens of the Cangxuan Sect, even Yaoyao had judged that though Chu Qing appeared lazy, his strength was rather unfathomable. It was hard to imagine that the Sacred Palace’s Jiang Taishen would be even more formidable. Just how terrifying was this individual?

There was also the highly ranked Zhan Taiqing and Jin Chanzi…to think that Sacred Palace was occupying three out of the top five spots on Shengzhou Continent’s Chosens ranking. Such strength was indeed alarming.

Zhou Yuan glanced at the Chosens, sensing the pressure they were beginning to feel. Cangxuan Sect was the former number one sect in Cangxuan Heaven, a position that had now been replaced by Sacred Palace.

As new and old interweaved, there would surely be countless battles that reeked of blood.

If both parties were to meet in the Mythic Utopia, neither would show any mercy if given the chance. A war was basically unavoidable.

Sect master Qing Yang slowly said, “When the Mythic Utopia opens, the countless factions of Cangxuan Heaven will turn their attention towards it. I hope that all of you will not shame the name of our Cangxuan Sect.”

The current Sacred Palace was like a rising sun in Cangxuan Heaven, while the Cangxuan Sect was gradually falling behind.

Although the Mythic Utopia was merely a struggle between the younger generation, on a certain level, it also represented the tug of war between the various factions.

Everything that transpired in the Mythic Utopia would be magnified and transmitted to all of Cangxuan Heaven, and become yardstick used by the hegemon level sects to measure the prestige of their sects.

The Chosens expressions became solemn.

“We will do our best to live up to sect master’s expectations!”

Zhou Yuan also cupped his fists together. He knew that a fight between the Cangxuan Sect and Sacred Palace was unavoidable in the Mythic Utopia.

The Mythic Utopia was really becoming more and more dangerous.

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