Chapter 552 Utopia Opens

On a tall cliff within Saint Genesis Peak.

Shen Taiyuan stood with his hands behind his back as he gazed upon the cultivation arenas amidst the mountains below, where numerous boys and girls were causing quite a din.

The current Saint Genesis Peak was slowly becoming filled with life.

“Zhou Yuan, it’s mostly thanks to your timely appearance in the new disciple recruitment. Or else, Saint Genesis Peak would not have managed to recruit so many good seedlings.” Shen Taiyuan turned his head to the side to look at Zhou Yuan and smiled.

Zhou Yuan shook his head. “I’m the chief disciple of Saint Genesis Peak. Recruiting disciples and strengthening Saint Genesis Peak is part of my responsibilities.”

He paused for a brief moment, before he asked, “Teacher Shen, do you know when the Mythic Utopia will open?”

After the conversation with Yaoyao yesterday, Zhou Yuan had become truly concerned about the Mythic Utopia. Like Yaoyao had said, he needed to at the very minimum establish a seven heavens Divine Dwelling when he advanced to the Divine Dwelling stage.

If not, his Ancestral Dragon Scripture would be stuck at the second level in the future.

The Ancestral Dragon was a first class Qi cultivation method. Since Zhou Yuan was blessed enough to obtain it, there was naturally no way he would allow it to be stuck at grade 7.

However, he also understood that a seven heavens Divine Dwelling was not easy to establish, and required unimaginable Genesis Qi foundations. Among the current ten Chosens of the Cangxuan Sect, Zhou Yuan estimated that not a single one of them would dare to proclaim with confidence that they would be able to establish a seven heavens Divine Dwelling when they ascended to the Divine Dwelling stage.

If even the likes of them were unable to achieve it for the time being, it would be even more impossible for someone like Zhou Yuan.

There was still a tremendous gap he had to cross to reach that level of Genesis Qi foundation, a gap that was essentially impossible to overcome with ordinary training.

It was precisely this reason that the ten great Chosens would often leave the sect to search for opportunities outside. Only by repeating this process would one be able to continuously strengthen one’s Genesis Qi foundations.

The soon to open Mythic Utopia was one of the biggest opportunities in Cangxuan Heaven.

It was likely that the many prided geniuses from the various factions in Cangxuan Heaven were already eagerly waiting for the Mythic Utopia to resurface. From what Zhou Yuan knew, even someone as mischievous and lazy as Chu Qing, was being forced to train and adjust his condition by sect master Qing Yang in preparation for the Mythic Utopia.

Upon hearing this, Shen Taiyuan replied in a soft voice, “The prided geniuses from the various factions of Shengzhou Continent are already stirring restlessly. According to my estimates, the Mythic Utopia is already very near.”

“As for the exact timing, I do not know either.”

Zhou Yuan nodded. He could only calm himself down for the time being.

“On the topic of the Mythic Utopia, you led Saint Genesis Peak to first place in the Genesis reservoir ceremony, and as a result obtained the most quotas for us. However, I ultimately kept only ten of the quotas, and gifted the rest to the other six peaks.”

Shen Taiyuan sighed deeply, before he continued, “I do want to give more opportunities to the disciples, but the Mythic Utopia is filled with untold perils, and even the Chosens’ lives will be at risk. You should also know about the current situation in Saint Genesis Peak, and without sufficient strength, one will only be a liability inside.”

“Rather than sending our disciples to a certain death, won’t it be better to give away some of the quotas and let the other peaks owe us a favor.”

Zhou Yuan was not unhappy with this decision, but instead deeply in approval. This was quite cunning of Shen Taiyuan, and it was great that he had not lost his composure after obtaining so many quotas. After all, the current Saint Genesis Peak could not dispatch so many qualified disciples to the Mythic Utopia, and would only suffer tremendous losses if they forced their way.

This would instead incur resentment from the other peaks, as it would be a blatant waste of quotas.

“Teacher Shen has made a wise decision.” Remarked Zhou Yuan.

Shen Taiyuan nodded with a smile. Given his position, there was actually no need for him to share such information with Zhou Yuan. However, Shen Taiyuan regarded Zhou Yuan very highly, and did not view him as an ordinary disciple.

Dong! Dong!

While the two were conversing, the sound of an old bell suddenly rang out across the land, unhurriedly echoing within the mountains.

Shen Taiyuan was slightly surprised by the sound, before he said, “Eh? This bell... sect master wants us to head towards the official discussion hall. Something big has likely happened.”

“You’ll come along with me.” He looked towards Zhou Yuan.

Zhou Yuan naturally had no objections.

Shen Taiyuan waved his sleeve as Genesis Qi surged out from below his feet. It swiftly brought them into the air and flew straight towards the official discussion hall in Cangxuan Peak.

When they landed in front of the hall, they found that the other peak masters had also rushed over, accompanied by the Chosens of the various peaks.

Upon meeting them, Zhou Yuan discovered that the other peak masters were looking at Shen Taiyuan with faint smiles, while the Chosens behind them nodded towards Zhou Yuan in a friendly manner.

Zhou Yuan realized that this was likely the result of Shen Taiyuan gifting away the quotas.

The crowd entered the hall, and sat according to their positions, while Zhou Yuan and the other Chosens stood behind their respective peak masters.

Sect master Qing Yang gazed at everyone present from above. His expression became a little more focused as he said, “News just arrived earlier. There has been a disturbance in the Genesis Qi within the south sea of the Shengzhou Continent. If my guess is correct, the Mythic Utopia will open in the south sea.”

The Mythic Utopia was an independent domain, and did not have a fixed location. As such, no one would be able to detect it before any signs appeared.

These words immediately caused the Chosens faces to flush with excitement. The Mythic Utopia was indeed about to resurface!

If one were to wonder who was most expectant towards the Mythic Utopia, it would most definitely be the Chosens. They had both talent and ambition, and would never be satisfied with a low quality Divine Dwelling. Hence, they needed fortunate encounters to strengthen their Genesis Qi foundations.

The Mythic Utopia was the biggest opportunity for those at their current level.

Though there was previously some initial news about the Mythic Utopia, all of them could only breathe a sigh of relief after hearing proper confirmation.

Behind Shen Taiyuan, Zhou Yuan also breathed a deep sigh of relief. Without the Mythic Utopia, he would have to leave the sect, and search for opportunities to increase his foundations outside, because it was basically impossible to establish a seven heavens Divine Dwelling with ordinary training, even in a hegemon level sect like the Cangxuan Sect.

However, blindlessly searching in that manner would surely use a large amount of time and effort, making it far less effective than the Mythic Utopia. Of course, the competitiveness inside the latter would definitely be nothing like he had ever experienced before.

“If I’m not wrong, the Mythic Utopia will fully open within five days.” Sect master Qing Yang’s gaze swept towards everyone below. “Peak masters should quickly decide on their participating disciples, because they will begin heading towards the south sea in two days.”

The various peak masters nodded in acknowledgement.

Zhou Yuan hesitated slightly when he heard this.

Sect master Qing Yang was very observant, immediately catching it as he looked over with a faint smile. “Zhou Yuan, do you have something you want to ask about?”

Zhou Yuan cupped his fists together and answered, “Disciple does not have much of an understanding of the Mythic Utopia. I hope to inquire about what kind of special things there are inside that are able to satisfy our needs to grow stronger.”

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