Chapter 550 Recruiting New Disciples

As Zhou Yuan’s voice rang out across the plaza, countless gazes immediately converged towards Baili Che.

Baili Che’s expression fluctuated rapidly under their watching eyes. The anger in his heart urged him to go for it, though his rationality told him that it would not be a wise decision to fight Zhou Yuan now.

That’s right. He had indeed grown stronger over the past two months, but Zhou Yuan’s progress had clearly been even more terrifying!

Previously, Zhou Yuan’s Genesis Qi foundations had been his weak point when facing veteran disciples like Baili Che, but things were obviously different now. Zhou Yuan’s Genesis Qi foundations had genuinely surpassed Baili Che’s.

Therefore, Zhou Yuan’s current battle power had likely reached a pretty astonishing level.

No matter how much Baili Che refused to face reality, he had no choice but to admit that the once 

Baili Che’s expression changed rapidly, his lips quivering in Zhou Yuan’s tsunami like Genesis Qi pressure, unable to utter a single word, as his face turned purple with rage.

In the end, a single sentence escaped from between the crevices of Baili Che’s teeth, “Don’t be too happy Zhou Yuan! When my Devil Sweeping Sword Orb technique has been properly mastered, I will naturally come to seek guidance from you!”

These words made his answer clear.

The previously overbearing and bossy to the extreme chief disciple of Sword Cometh Peak had chosen to back down!

Countless disciples sucked in breath of cold air, their hearts surging as they gazed at the young figure. The chief disciple of Saint Genesis Peak had used his presence to force back the chief disciple of Sword Cometh Peak, making the latter no longer dare to act arrogantly.

Moreover, the most shocking thing was that Zhou Yuan had only joined the inner mountains a little over a year ago. In such a short span of time, he had grown by leaps and bounds, and overcome numerous trials. Now, even the chief disciple of Sword Cometh Peak did not dare to be too domineering in front of him.

How much swag was this!

Feverish looks rose in the eyes of the countless new disciples when they saw this, while Mu Xiaoman’s eyes were practically glowing. Only someone like this was worthy to be her goal that she would work hard to surpass.

Behind Zhou Yuan, Zhou Tai and Lu Yan also felt a rush of emotions. A feeling of pride rose within them as they looked at Baili Che, who did not dare to challenge Zhou Yuan due to his overwhelming presence.

In the past, Saint Genesis Peak had been insignificant in Sword Cometh Peak’s eyes, and Baili Che had always looked down on Saint Genesis Peak. However, such a situation would never occur again after today.

“All of you stop!”

The steward finally rushed over at this moment, his shout scattering the hostile atmosphere.

Zhou Yuan swept a nonchalant glance at Baili Che, before withdrawing his Genesis Qi. After such a huge boost in power, the former no longer viewed the latter as a threat.

Zhou Yuan shifted his gaze, turning towards the numerous new disciples on the plaza as he could not help but reminiscence for a moment. Last year, he had been one of the new disciples standing here.

Even the him from back then would not have imagined that he would become the chief disciple of Saint Genesis Peak a year later, and a rather famous figure in the Cangxuan Sect.

He sighed, before he chuckled and withdrew his emotions. He looked at the numerous excited eyes of the new disciples and said in a clear voice, “Saint Genesis Peak has reopened not too long ago. Although our numbers cannot compete with the other peaks, as long as you have talent and are willing to work hard, Saint Genesis Peak will give you support and cultivation resources. We will not let any pearl collect dust in a corner.”

“Hence, if any of you guys have ambition and aspiration, Saint Genesis Peak’s gates will always welcome you.”

Zhou Yuan clearly understood the importance of new blood to Saint Genesis Peak. It had recently reopened, and these new disciples were exactly what it needed to slowly grow stronger and regain its former glory.

As the chief disciple, he had a duty to help recruit disciples for Saint Genesis Peak.

On the plaza, the numerous new disciples felt their hearts tingle in excitement. Of course, it was mainly because of how Zhou Yuan had intimidated Baili Che through sheer presence alone earlier.

From what they could see, though Zhou Yuan’s own talent did play a part in his amazing achievements over the past year, it also spoke volumes about how one would not be neglected in Saint Genesis Peak as long as one was capable.

In addition, they also understood that Saint Genesis Peak was in its growth period, and an equally talented disciple would probably receive more cultivation resources in Saint Genesis Peak than if placed in any of the other six peaks.

Various thoughts swam in the heads of the disciples. Although they were somewhat tempted, no one responded for a time. After all, it was ultimately only a conjuncture, and investing themselves into Saint Genesis Peak was undoubtedly still riskier than the other six peaks.

Everyone hesitated, causing the atmosphere to turn a little rigid.

At the sight of this, the ugliness on Baili Che’s face receded a little, as he sneered and swept a glance at Zhou Yuan. So what if the winds are blowing in your favor now? It will not be easy for a single chief disciple to change the image of Saint Genesis Peak. 

Zhou Yuan likewise felt a little awkward. He never expected that his dashing entrance, and impressive intimidation of Baili Che would fail to make the masses respond to him. It seems that Saint Genesis Peak’s reputation was pretty terrible.

“Senior brother Zhou Yuan, if I join Saint Genesis Peak, will I be able to become the chief disciple in a year?” A clear voice rang out all of a sudden, causing Zhou Yuan to be taken aback. He looked over to find a young lady in blue standing in front of the stage, her large eyes shining as she looked at him.

“Eh, you’re really ambitious.”

He was overjoyed when he heard this question. Looks like the new batch was even crazier than the previous. He had never even thought about becoming the chief disciple after passing the peak selection ceremony last year.

Lu Yan moved over to quietly whisper into his ear at this moment.

“Oh? The champion of the peak selection ceremony?” Surprise appeared on Zhou Yuan’s face, before properly observed the girl called Mu Xiaoman. Becoming the champion was more than testament of her talent. No wonder she was so ambitious, it turns out that she did have the potential.

Zhou Yuan chuckled. He could feel the other six chief disciples looking at the girl in blue, evidently after her talent. As such, his eyes spun in thought for a moment, before he unhurriedly said, “Becoming the chief disciple in a year is not that easy.”

“Since senior brother Zhou Yuan could do it, why can’t I?” Mu Xiaoman earnestly asked, her bright eyes filled with an unwillingness to back down. She was even more competitive than some of the guys.

Lu Yan hurriedly shot Zhou Yuan a look, clearly hoping that the latter would trick the girl into Saint Genesis Peak. After all, Mu Xiaoman was currently the most sought after disciple by all the peaks.

However, Zhou Yuan ignored the former, and nonchalantly said, “Because if you enter Saint Genesis Peak in hopes of becoming the chief disciple, you’ll have to take it from me next year, and I don’t think that you’ll be able to do so.”

Lu Yan covered her face with her hands. Can’t you try to sweet talk this little lady instead, why do you have to say such things.

Mu Xiaoman britled as she glared at Zhou Yuan. However, she soon laughed and said, “Senior brother Zhou Yuan, I know that you’re trying to get me riled up.”

She cocked her head to the side, her bright eyes staring at Zhou Yuan as she said, “But I’m not going to fall for it, because if you can do it, I refuse to believe that I can’t!”

“I’m joining Saint Genesis Peak!” Her voice was clear and firm.

Zhou Yuan stared at her in interest. The girl’s stubbornness and unbending character was indeed quite respectable.

“Then you’ll have to work hard… by the time you’re able to challenge me, I may have already been promoted to a Chosen.” Zhou Yuan grinned. If he could motivate her, he did not mind becoming her target and goal to surpass.

Mu Xiaoman made a funny face. “Chief disciple, you’d better not brag too much!”

As Mu Xiaoman made her decision, the disciples on the plaza began to stir restlessly. They soon surged over like a wave, as they yelled.

“I’m also joining Saint Genesis Peak!”

“I’m following senior sister Xiaoman!”


Zhou Yuan could not help but softly chuckle at this scene.

This was where Saint Genesis Peak would begin to grow.

The future Saint Genesis Peak was something he looked forward to seeing.

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