Chapter 549 Genesis Qi Materializing into Stars

A golden figure descended from the sky, Genesis Qi rising around him as he stepped forward, instantly pulverising the Genesis Qi pressure from Baili Che’s body.

Every gaze in the plaza looked towards the figure that had fallen from the heavens like a god in astonishment.

“Chief disciple Zhou Yuan?!”

When they saw his face, gasps of surprise immediately rang out one after another.

No one could have expected that after nearly two months in the nine dragons baptism, Zhou Yuan would finally complete it at this moment, and descend from the sky.

“Junior brother Zhou Yuan!” Zhou Tai and Lu Yan were stunned for a moment, before bursting into joy.

Below the stage, the young lady known as Mu Xiaoman widened her eyes in curiosity, as she gazed upon the youth who was giving off an astonishing presence.

On Sword Cometh Peak’s side, the numerous disciples froze for a moment upon seeing Zhou Yuan appear, before beginning to panic. They could not help but feel the urge to step back, fear clearly beaten into them after the events of the Genesis reservoir ceremony.

Baili Che’s expressions turned even darker at the sight of this. He turned towards Zhou Yuan and sneered, “What bold words. You only found an opening previously due to my worry for the trapped to Sword Cometh Peak disciples.”

Although Zhou Yuan’s appearance was rather surprising, Baili Che was not alarmed but elated. He was currently at the peak of his strength after recently advancing to the ninth layer Alpha-Origin, making his self-confidence higher than it ever was.

Baili Che believed that if Zhou Yuan dared to fight again, only a crushing defeat would await him that would wipe away all of Baili Che’s previous shame!


As he spoke, surging Genesis Qi abruptly exploded from his body once again, rising into the air like a column of smoke. It filled the surroundings, accompanied by an extremely powerful Genesis Qi pressure.

Cracks even began to appear on the stage below his feet.

Baili Che disdainfully stared at Zhou Yuan. After stepping into the ninth layer, the Genesis Qi in his body had rapidly multiplied, the number of Genesis Qi stars in his Qi Dwelling reaching over nine thousand!

He was at a completely different level from two months ago!

Silver snow like Genesis Qi rose into the sky, turning the air ice-cold. Baili Che’s gaze locked onto Zhou Yuan as he icily said, “Zhou Yuan, do you dare to fight me again?!”

The numerous disciples in the vicinity were unable to withstand such Genesis pressure and quickly backed away one after another, fearful respect in their eyes as they looked towards Baili Che’s figure.

Even Zhou Tai and  Lu Yan’s expressions changed slightly, as their eyes filled with fearful weariness. No wonder Baili Che was so arrogant, he had indeed grown much stronger since the Genesis reservoir ceremony.

Surprise flitted across Zhou Yuan’s eyes as he felt the surging Genesis Qi undulations, likewise somewhat amazed by Baili Che’s growth. Although the latter was quite a loathsome person, one could not help but admit that he was pretty outstanding.

However, though Baili Che had grown over the past two months, Zhou Yuan had not let himself stagnate either. Otherwise, it would be too disrespectful towards the nine dragons baptism.

“So this is the source of your confidence…”

Zhou Yuan seemed to smile as he fearlessly faced Baili Che’s astonishing Genesis Qi. He calmly took a step forward, welcoming the earth-shaking Genesis Qi pressure that flooded towards him.


Golden Genesis Qi suddenly erupted at this moment, dashing through the clouds like a giant pillar of light, as an extremely powerful ripple unfurled.

Golden Genesis Qi filled the area, seemingly transforming into a sky of stars!

An extremely alarming Genesis Qi pressure overwhelmed the surroundings.

Under this pressure, everyone saw the silver snow Genesis Qi from Baili Che slowly being pushed back!

Baili Che’s Genesis Qi was being forcibly suppressed!

At this moment, not only did the expressions of the numerous disciples change, even the pupils of the chief disciples shrank a little, as they stared in shock at the dazzling starry sky that had appeared above Zhou Yuan.

Golden stars shined within it, a scene of magnificent beauty and power.

The chief disciples of the various peaks involuntarily cried out in alarm, “This… this is Genesis Qi materializing into stars?”

When one’s Genesis Qi foundations grew to a certain point, if the Genesis Qi one released was not restrained, a strange phenomenon would occur. This phenomenon was known as Genesis Qi materializing into stars!

It was estimated such a situation would only occur when the number of Genesis Qi stars in one’s Qi Dwelling exceeded ten thousand.

“Genesis Qi materializes into stars… that’s a sign that one’s Genesis Qi stars has broken the ten thousand mark…” The Cangxuan Peak chief disciple Tang Muxin’s mouth hung slightly ajar as dazedly stared at Zhou Yuan’s figure. Who could have imagined that Zhou Yuan’s Genesis Qi foundations would soar to such an alarming extent in a short two months.

Such Genesis Qi foundations was already top three amongst the chief disciples.

The chief disciples of the various peaks were silent, as they looked towards Zhou Yuan with complicated expressions in their eyes. One must know that though his battle power had been pretty overwhelming previously, his Genesis Qi foundations were still rather lacking in comparison to the rest of them. Who could have anticipated that their only advantage over him would vanish after the nine dragons baptism.

“This guy! How much did he grow in the nine dragons baptism?!” The same questions flashed in all the chief disciples’ hearts.

The giant plaza was wrapped in silence, every disciple staring at the rising Genesis Qi from Zhou Yuan’s in complete shock.

The silver snow like Genesis Qi continuously shrank back like a wolf that had encountered a tiger, losing all of its earlier impressiveness.

Baili Che also stared blankly at this scene, as a chill rose from the depths of his heart. The Genesis Qi stars were dazzlingly painful to view.

That confidence that had arisen from his Genesis Qi foundations instantly crumbled at this moment.

In the Genesis reservoir ceremony, his Genesis Qi foundations had been greater than Zhou Yuan’s, but he had still lost in the end...

Now, Zhou Yuan’s Genesis Qi foundations had surpassed his own.

With his only advantage gone, how was his going to compete with Zhou Yuan?

Zhou Yuan calmly stared at Baili Che. He had indeed obtained unbelievable growth due to the nine dragons baptism. The number of Genesis Qi stars in his Qi Dwelling leaping directly from five thousand to ten thousand...

Even ordinary ninth layer practitioners would not be able to much such foundations.

Zhou Yuan’s Genesis Qi cultivation had skipped past the sixth layer, directly ascending to the seventh layer!

He had clearly grown much much stronger after two months of baptism.

When they previously fought, Baili Che had some advantage in the aspect of Genesis Qi foundations, but if they were to fight again now, Zhou Yuan would let the former have taste of how it felt t be suppressed in the area of Genesis Qi!

Amidst the countless astonished gazes, Zhou Yuan stared at Baili Che in indifference and said, “Although you’ve grown stronger over these past tow months, unfortunately for you, my growth has been even greater than your own!”

“Now then…”

He stared piercingly at Baili Qi, his eyes filled with a heart-palpitating pressure.

“Do you still want another duel with me?!”

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